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Dietary Considerations for the Weight Watchers (Recipe Cards #27)

I've pulled out some more of these odd Weight Watchers 1974 cards for the occasion when I don't think my arduous daily four mile walk is enough. When cutting the soda and fast Food isn't enough. When I jump on the scale every week and see the number has barely moved. I know I make the BMI charts go apeshit because my height/weight ratio isn't what it should be. When the USAF doctor who barely is able to count his pubes says "Looking at your weight.." After looking at these "foods", I can think to myself maybe I am doing enough. I don't have to resort to these cards for low calorie, devoid of nutrition, Generaly Recognized As Foods to get the impression of weight loss. I think I would starve and let my kidneys shut down before I attempted to eat any of this. I think I'd gain back the weight I have lost and am continuing to lose. 

Yes it's that bad. And I've included the recipes of the worst ones so you can see how odd these really are. 

What this lasagna is missing is noodles. As long as it makes the one eating it "think" he or she is eating lasagna, I am sure it is so tasty the noodles would not even be missed.

The pepper makes it authentic Southwestern style cooking. When there is no substance, always add enriched White Bread to the dietary food. I see nothing but good coming out of it. Because white bread is enriched with all sorts of nutrition. Am I right?

Napoleon complex food. Must compensate for something. And here we are introduced to something far more terrifying than little man food. Celery Rice. That ought to fool 'em.

A jambalaya for those who don't know what a jambalaya is. Maybe betwixt the alcohol, cigarettes, valium, quaaludes, the 1974 weight watcher can trick herself into thinking it's jambalaya. I know after I've had an Ambien, I can trick myself into thinking my textured ceiling is moving.
This is to replenish the lost iron from trying to eat this and lose weight at the same time. One is bound to become deficient in a few essential nutrients somewhere along the way. Though I'm guessing if noodles or rice can't be eaten, liver is not going in the mouth either.

I'm confused. Is it Baked Apples Princess or should it be Baked Apples, Princess. Or how about getting the "princess" out of the title and just say they are baked apples cooked until not being mushy in diet ginger ale, artificial sweetener because two wrongs don't make a right. Fake margarine? And 8 teaspoons of it? Where did we go wrong? I can't lay the guilt on my shoulders because I only spent 4 months and 7 days of 1974 breathing air. I wasn't even walking the earth yet. I was crawling.
More royalty. More bread. More ick factor.
GRRRRWWWOOOLLLL for that feisty dieter. Those look like the little air freshener balls. I'd want to eat that. HISSSSSSSS

Veal and Curry. It just HAS to go together. Don't question the combination. Just be glad you can eat it if you are dieting. Seems like pretty small portions compared to the size of the pepper rings. Even that has to be too much.
It just looks so red and so splayed out with what looks like parsley pubes under it and the wings in a sultry pose. Weight Watchers, you are so dirty.
If you are in the bayou and this is your pride and joy, kindly go back to the swamp.

It doesn't need to be either/or. It's tuna fish.

Or stuffed eggplant if you don't want to be too technical.

Who would have thought a rolled up piece of bread could be the same as a spring roll? Really, WW, you are trying too hard.

I think I lost a few pounds reading the recipe. It took away my will to want to eat. Note the vegetables that might have nutrition are an afterthought with no actual measurement. Just garnishes. Who would actually EAT radishes and watercress when they can eat gelatin and cottage cheese?

When you have to add red and green food coloring to make brown and give the impression of eating a chocolate cake when it's really just smushed white bread, you are doing it all wrong. Artificial sweetener to equal 12 TABLESPOONS OF SUGAR? Am I the only one to catch that? Since there are 3 teaspons in 1 tablespoon, we are looking at 36 tsps of fake sugar. Seems light and healthy.

When my dietary regiment consists of fake margarine and white bread, crumbed then it's time to just give up.
 Diet and exercise. I'll stick to that.

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Dietary Considerations for the Weight Watchers (Recipe Cards #27)


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