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Stews and Stuff

I know this is a rarity to get three posts in a row from me. I guess somewhere in blog etiquette I'm not supposed to post too much. Since I am not much for blog etiquette and I know that I need to write as the inspiration hits me, sometimes there are three posts in a row. Sometimes writer's block cripples me and it's weeks until I am heard from again unless I post something on my Facebook page, which is growing slowly but surely and I like interacting with everybody. Point is, I have to strike while the old iron is hot.
Anyway, it's time for another Family Circle Illustrated Library of Cooking book, aka the Series That Never Ends, It Goes On and On My Friends. 

Volume 16 Stu-Veg includes:

STEW: Great Recipes from At-Home and Abroad--I like stew. It is one of the few dishes where I can throw things in my Crock Pot and it comes out perfect. 

VARIETY AND SPECIALTY MEATS: Sausages, Cold Cuts, Liver, and Kidney--I'm sure this was the go-to back in the day. All four of them can be combined to make a giant sausage and nobody would be any worse for the wear. 

 VEGETABLES AND THEIR VARIATIONS: Fresh, Frozen, Canned, and Dried. I can imagine this wouldn't be too popular amongst the vegetarian crowd considering they would have to thumb through stews and variety meats first.

MASTER INDEX TO ALL 16 VOLUMES: Yes there is an end after all!! Except of course I did all the books out of order so I think I have 3 or 4 left.

Family Circle Illustrated Library of Cooking, Volume 16, 1972 Ste-Veg. This couldn't be made into a word.
Vegetarians and just plain vegetable lovers. This is your book. Recipes start with A for artichoke and Z for Zucchini and out of a 2,045 page book series, gets a generous 55 pages devoted to your dietary needs. Sure you have to get through the other 15 volumes and 2 sections, but there is a place for you in 1972 cookbooks. Albeit small.
I have nothing bad to say about stew. As long as it doesn't have rabbits or squirrels or guinea pigs in it. Or don't tell me if there are rabbits or squirrels or guinea pigs in it.
Beef Jardinière with Marrow Dumplings. You had me at beef and you lost me at marrow. How quickly I turn.

Veal Ragout. It's so chunky it looks like cat Food. I am expecting to see a fluffy, pampered, fat cat bounding towards this bowl.
Lamb Burgandy, trimmed with fluted mushrooms. I just need to know if any of those things actually move because they look glued or shellacked in place.
Dutch Pork Hot Pot. Another shiny, happy, never moving food. I am aware I am incapable of appreciating the beauty and simplicity of food. I know there always has to be a negative. Because there always is!
"Ham and yams mingle in piquant Louisiana Hot Pot." While the olives cut in and crash the party.
Keilbasa and Kraut. Food with balls. Sure it might wreak havoc on your gut for a few days, but I bet you feel badass eating it. How can you not? All that kraut and sausage? Pat that bloated belly and be proud.
Who wants a sandwich?
The versatility of cold cuts. Bologna (horse cock, R.I.P. Dad) wrapped around potato salad. Maybe it's to protect the potato salad from the overgrowth of bacteria and inevitable food poisoning.
"Ever thought of grilling cold cuts and serving them hot? Try grilled jumbo cold cuts for a real treat." Never crossed my mind. I don't think LIKE THAT!
Liver Ragout. If you just have no ideas on how to prepare that beef or calf's liver. I have no ideas but if I did, it would not be disguised as a pot roast. I have children to feed, not scare them from the one thing they actually eat.
Or if just plain Liver and Onions won't suffice, dump a bottle of French Dressing and simmer until bubbly. Just remember while the onions are cooking to snip out the veiny parts and skin from the liver. Would I have thought of it? Absolutely not. We all would be eating veiny liver and onions in Catalina. GAH I don't want my food touching like that!!
Okey Dokey Artichokey. Because I had absolutely nothing to say about this dainty Ruffled Artichoke Cup. Except maybe that's about all I would know what to do with an artichoke.
Asparagus Pinwheel Pie. This is an uncomfortable close up of something I don't want to see up close and personal.
Green Beans, Celery Crescents, and Crisp Bacon Crumbles. This looks like it would make a difficult jigsaw puzzle. And the crazy thing is I would probably put one like this together. I might even glue it and put it in my room.
Orange Spiked Carrots Elegante and Broccoli Crown. Egh why does everything have to be full of mayonnaise? Not saying I would eat the broccoli crown. The knowledge of mayonnaise has me even fearing the tomatoes on top.
Sweet Sour Cabbage. While there is nothing wrong with red cabbage it's the description saying it is "laced with grenadine syrup" that piqued my need to include this. "Laced" makes it seem like something was put in there that shouldn't be and an ill effect will be the result.
Carrots and Golden Raisins. Another jigsaw puzzle moment. I think all that orange cut up into 1,000 pieces would make me crazy. And it would be cut to where the inside pieces look like the border pieces.
"Herbed Carrots and Celery, one of the happier vegetable marriages." Of course it's going to show it in front of lima beans, waxed beans, and green beans. They must make themselves look good, you see.
Is the Help-Yourself Platter really in a good spot? It's on a seat which could have had someone's sweaty ass in it before the picture was taken, maybe some birds crapped on it too. I just can't think I would want to eat where someone's sweaty ass was perched. Do I overthink? Hell yeah. I have to in this dirty world.
Creamed Celery. If you were Amish, something like this would be served at your wedding. Probably wouldn't have a picture taken of it in 1972 pre-Instagram though.
Dinner Stuffed Onions. Maybe if it looked less like a Muppet clam. Maybe not. 

And so another Family Circle Illustrated Library of Cooking is put to rest. We're getting there. Lame titles and all :)

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Stews and Stuff


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