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Charanamrit/Panchamrit – A main Prasad for Satyanarayan Pooja

Yogurt or let us call it by the Indian terminology – Curd is one by product of milk which has been prescribed in Ayurveda for centuries!And because it is mentioned in ancient Ayurvedic texts,we can safely infer that it was used millions of years ago,especially during Satyug,Tretayug and Dwaparyug!It was used by the Queens to give a spoonful(they used to shape wood into crude but intricate spoons those days) to their kings before they went for their battles.When refined sugar was not known,the Vedic Indians used to mix honey and yogurt and have it to keep the heat away!This delicious mixture was also offered to important guests like in laws or children who came to visit after they got married!Lord Krishna (an Avatar of Lord Vishnu) loved butter churned from fresh milk and so we can infer that butter and buttermilk were common those days.Fresh butter was clarified and turned into Ghee which was used for good health as well as in important Poojas conducted by powerful Rishis (ascetics who had developed supernatural powders through strict penance and meditation)!

However when we mention a powerful Pooja (a prayer session for a particular God in India),it dates back to years immemorial!Charanamrit is derived from two words : Charan – Referred with devotion to someone elder or God’s feet and Amrit – Meaning an elixir or Nectar.It is customary in India to fall at an elder’s feet or touch them as a mark of reverence.The same applies to God!There is a Trinity of powerful Gods in Indian Mythology who are :

1.BRAHMA – The Creator

2.VISHNU – The Preserver

3.SHIVA – The Destroyer of Evil

For each of these Gods there are prayer sessions called Pooja which are very powerful and free people from evil influences,divert the family from impending disasters and dangers and bring peace to shattered souls and frustrated minds.It is customary to prepare Prasad or an offering to the Lord which is distributed to friends,family,neighbours and every person known to the family irrespective of their status.

Satyanarayan Katha is a prayer session for Lord Vishnu and is done once every year per family in North India to purify souls,alleviate suffering and bring peace and prosperity.Katha means story and the priest recites lovely incidents which actually happened millions of years ago where the Almighty Lord came to the assistance of suffering people and reinstalled humanity and peace on Earth!We did this Pooja as well and were blessed enough to share the Prasad with many people we knew.

Food forms an important part of every Pooja and in Satyanarayan Katha there are 3 main Prasad items :


A delicious wheat flour and powdered sugar preparation which is had as a powder.It is mixed with Foxnuts.See the link for the recipe here :

Panjiri (Prasad for Indian Pooja)


A lip smacking combo of many natural and auspicious items which is offered to the Lord.It is said that those having this will be blessed with good health,long life and will attain salvation!


Any kind of dry dessert – It could be a Halwa like Semolina (Sooji) Halwa or Gram Flour (Besan) Halwa or Laddu like Besan Laddu,Boondi Laddu or Motichoor Laddu.

I prepared Motichoor Laddu!

Motichoor Laddu(I prepared it without artificial colour)

Check the recipe for Motichoor Laddu here :

Motichoor Laddu

Charanamrit is also prepared on auspicious days like Janamashtami,Navratri,Diwali and on Trayodashi fasts!It is delicious and healthy as well!

I served the Charanamrit in a beautiful footed bowl which my grandma received from her brother many years ago!

This recipe was entered in the 141st FoodieMondayBloghop where the theme was YogurtBased Recipes!

Preparation Time – 15 minutes

Makes : 700ml Charanamrit


500 gms freshly prepared and cold Yogurt (preferably from toned milk)

100 ml cold full cream milk

150 gms powdered sugar

2 tsp Cardamom Powder (Elaichi)

1 tbsp honey

20 – 25 Foxnuts/Lotus seeds (Makhana)

5 – 6 washed Tulsi Leaves (Holy Basil)

1 tbsp ghee

3 – 4 tbsp Gangajal (the Holy Water of the Ganges/Ganga – the most auspicious river of India)

1/4 cup Chironji/Charoli Nuts

1/4 cup Golden Raisins

1/4 cup Cashews – coarsely chopped

1/4 cup Almonds – coarsely chopped

NOTE : You can obtain items like Gangajal from any Indian special stores where they sell Pooja items).Try and use pure Gangajal!It will add a great taste to the Charanamrit apart from purification at the spiritual level!


Take the yogurt in a large bowl.Add the cold milk and whisk well with a balloon whisk.Add the sugar whisking continuously till completely dissolved.Add the cardamom powder and whisk again.Add the honey,ghee and Gangajal and whisk again till creamy and amalgamated.

Now add all the other ingredients – the Foxnuts,the raisins and nuts.Whisk well to combine.Keep the Charnamrit refrigerated overnight for the Foxnuts to absorb the delicious liquid!

Offer to the Lord Almighty and serve chilled!

Charanamrit served in earthenware Kullars (small cups) and the flavour is enhanced multifold!

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Charanamrit/Panchamrit – A main Prasad for Satyanarayan Pooja


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