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Withdrawing Into Sanity

This is likely to be my most unpopular post for I don’t Support Trump. I don’t support Biden. I don’t support vaccine promoters. I don’t support pro-health people. I don’t support those for lockdowns … or those against them. I don’t support left, right, communists, capitalists or any in between.

I just support you. And I support me, which is the same thing.

See, we’re all looking for a saviour, someone out there who will make our insane world sane – someone else who will give comfort, certainty and caring.

In our desperate need for this other, this hallowed and perfect human, we’ll latch on to any passing story that gives us the three Cs.

There’s horror Stories about what Biden will do. There’s glorious stories about what Biden will do. There’s stories that the political war with Trump is not over and that he will rise again, like another saviour, after days and nights of darkness, on 22nd of March.

Of course, any and all of these stories might come about. Or they might not … a definite maybe!

However, right now, they’re no more than stories and our tragic need for someone else to save us has turned the stories into reality, so much so that people are taking to the streets and taking up arms as if they were real.

They are just stories, fables and fairy tales, right now, people!

And, if it wasn’t the Trump/Biden divide, it would be the Catholic/Protestant, male/female, black/white/yellow or some other divide.

We’re all trying to make sense of an insane world and we’re all trying to turn insanity into sanity. We will never succeed. This world has always been insane and it always will be. No amount of shifting in our seats will make this chair more comfortable. The world will never become comfortable. It’s not built for comfort and it’s not changing.

No one else can make it comfortable or sane for us. The only saviour out there is in here – in our comfortable, certain and caring heart. That, my friend, is the only saviour you have and the only saviour you need. There is no other choice, no matter how much we would wish otherwise.

The other non-choice is that there is no future. There’s no he’s going to do this or she’s going to do that or this will happen or I’ll end up doing that. Stories of the future are simply stories … until they happen.

The only Truth is this precious moment, seen through the caring eyes of your own heart. That is the only lens to peace and sanity – YOU in this NOW. That is all you know and it’s all I know.

As I step back from stories of past and future horrors and sink into the kindness of my heart’s knowing, I feel nothing but peace. And peace is the only sanity.

This is not withdrawal from the insane world. It is withdrawal from predicted horrors that won’t happen. This is not a denial of what is. It is acceptance of what is, HERE and NOW. Not over there. Not some other time. Here. Now. This tiny space and time. The smaller space and time we choose, the more peace and sanity will descend.

I know that desperate, flailing people want me to support their side, their story, their philosophy. However, I cannot … well, I could if I wanted to but I have tasted too much of peace to choose anything but that.

All I can do is support your heart’s view and my heart’s view, knowing they both see the same sweet peace and sanity.

How could we support anything else?

This post first appeared on Philip J Bradbury – Wordsmith | For Writers And, please read the originial post: here

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Withdrawing Into Sanity


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