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The Hit By David Baldacci

The Hit by David Baldacci







I.  Murder Book Summary:

When people are murdered, there usually is a clear cut reason for taking the life.  Money, sex, and power are the familiar reasons.  Even serial murderers will fall somewhere within the boundaries of these motives (usually it’s about having power over the victim). 

So, why was Doug Jacobs killed?  His murder appeared to make absolutely no sense what-so-ever. 

And the irony of his killing was that he was responsible for assigning and “handling” top-level assassins to eliminate America’s enemies. 

Needless to say “The Agency” that employed him was baffled when Mr. Jacobs was shot dead by one of his own hired killers. 

Suspicion falls on Jessica Reel, one of The Agency’s top assassins.  After all, Jacobs was her handler and he was shot while overseeing an assignment that Reel was supposed to have fulfilled. 

The only female assassin The Agency employs, Reel is considered excellent in her craft.  Extremely intelligent, she’s incredibly fit, an expert in martial arts, and a crack shot.

Because Jessica Reel is so competent in her field, The Agency’s number 2 man, Jim Gelder assigns the very best killer they have;  Will Robie.

The mission:  to find and bring to close, any and all activities of one, Jessica Reel. 

The meaning is clear.  Jim Gelder wants Reel terminated, and to hell with the motivation behind her actions. 

Unfortunately, even The Agency’s number 2 man isn’t safe from Jessica Reel’s special brand of justice.  Jim Gelder will not live long enough to see Will Robie carry out his mission.

Not that Robie’s success on this mission is assured.  Will Robie is a man with issues.  He’s a killer with a conscience.  There are people in his life that he deeply cares about.

People like Special Agent Nicole Vance of the FBI, and a 14 year old, sharp-tongued orphan name Julie Getty.  Robie met both of these ladies during a previous assignment and became attached.

At best, such attachments can be distracting.  At worst, such attachments can be down right dangerous for all the parties involved.

To complicated matters, there is something “fishy” about the entire affair.  Professional assassins are not easily “turned” and Jessica Reel is one of the best in the business. 

She may be as good as Robie himself, and she appears not to be cursed with any of Robies “weaknesses”. 

She comes from a dysfunctional family, and doesn’t seem to have any friends or ties to the “normal” world. 

Then again, we all know that appearances can be very deceptive. 

The hits on Jacobs and Gelder seem almost…well…personal!!

What could possibly provoke a seasoned professional like Reel to turn on her own kind and start murdering them?

Will Robie needs to tread lightly here.  His natural curiosity and reluctance to end Reel’s activities “with extreme prejudice” could lead to his undoing. 

There are powerful forces that have a vested interest in silencing Jessica Reel.  And those forces will silence Robie as well if he becomes too inquisitive.

His new found compassion for others could get him killed.

II.               Murder Book Judgment

When I read a David Baldacci thriller book, I am always

impressed by his knowledge of the Washington scene.  I always

feel that I’m right there hovering over the shoulders of the

“movers and shakers” that get things done. 

I know what you’re thinking.  Does anyone ever get anything

done in Washington today?  Well, I think that depends on which crowd you’re talking about.

If you’re talking about the Congress, then you have good reason to be skeptical.   

And yet, I do believe that there are backrooms where secret deals are made, and vast sums of money and other resources are transferred from one place to another.  And yes, I do believe that in some of those secret rooms, plans to eliminate the enemies of the state are formed and stamped for approval.

Apparently so does David Baldacci.  And that is why his thrillers are so believable.

I think the really great thriller novels and political espionage tales are sprinkled with the grains of truth.  And I’d say that millions of Baldacci fans would agree with me.  That is why his novels are so immensely popular.

And this book is no different.

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The Hit By David Baldacci


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