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Incunabuli Blog
Incunabuli is a tome of Gothic-fantasy lore for tabletop role-playing games and lovers of curious tales.
Every Wriggling Worm
2018-02-10 03:14
Something slithered in the underbrush. A bobbing shadow pursued it, fast and methodical over duff and scattered twigs. A scaly tail flicked, disappeared under a drift of rotten leaves… Read More
2018-01-21 00:11
"Don't like this very much, Scotloff" muttered Karl. He sniffed the bitter air, wiped his nose. "Not many possibilities for what could've happened. I don't like any of them.""Aye" agreed Sco… Read More
The Worth Of Salt
2018-01-21 00:11
Many hundreds of ribbons fluttered in the summer air. Ribbons, tied to the spikes of a hundred soldiers’ helms. Armored men and women grumbled, queued under the swelter. Rough hands fa… Read More
All The Money In The World
2018-01-11 21:57
The consortium doors banged open. Noses lifted from oaken counters, distracted from their paper-stamping and coin counting. Three pairs of boots stamped in, trailed mud and snow. They clicke… Read More
Wolf Spider
2018-01-06 19:23
Chips of sticky bark scattered on the snow. Hod wrenched his axe from the fir trunk, hoisted it. His shoulders knotted, lifted under furs and wool. Steel bit deep again into white wood. Hod… Read More
All Are Writ In Blood
2017-12-29 16:12
The dormitory door creaked. Stocking feet pattered in the dark. Nightgown skirts whipped softly about small ankles. A pigtailed shadow crossed the moonlit window, clutched something heavy i… Read More
Necrocyte Phage
2017-12-29 14:18
"Don't like this very much, Scotloff" muttered Karl. He sniffed the bitter air and wiped his red nose. "Not many possibilities for what could've happened, and I don't like any of them.""Aye"… Read More
Dvergr, Or Homunculite
2017-12-28 03:17
If, while delving in a deep cave, you find a large, red gemstone under some moldy bones and an old woolen hat, know that you have found a dverg.Simply pick it up (taking care, it's likely as… Read More
All In The Golden Afternoon
2017-12-28 03:12
Dawn breaks over the purple hills. Warmed by the light, iris buds twitch atop leggy stems. They bloom luxuriantly, stretching soft limbs and delicate, violet petal-wings. Tiny white hands ba… Read More
Where Darkness Has Lease
2017-12-28 03:12
Shawn licked a handful of gravel, spat. He held a lantern to the grit. "Marble and mold" he said, licking his palette. "We'd best watch out." He scattered the tiny stones. They clattered on… Read More

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