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The Seven Sex Slaves Of Duncan Gold by Lex Valon

Book One: Duncan Gold loves having sex slaves. He loves having men to order around, use however he likes, and punish whenever he wants too. Turning these men into slaves and using them however he wants turns him on. Whether they're straight, hung, muscular, or manly, Duncan can turn any man into his submissive slave. Having all of these submissive men under his control is how he likes things. He's rich, he's powerful, he's handsome, he's hung, and now he's looking for a new man to dominate.

Book Two: Duncan Gold is excited to train his new eighteen year old sex slave. Already locked away in his slave cage, it's time for Duncan to train another one of his sex slaves. Using bondage, discipline, sex toys, and even his other sex slaves, Duncan needs to let this barely legal sex slave know who's boss.


Hot damn, but this was one hell of a read! Duncan Gold is precisely the kind of Master who makes me weak in the knees - wealthy, dominant, charismatic, well-hung, and insatiable. You might think that maintaining a household of Seven Sex Slaves would get to be tiring, or perhaps even tiresome, but he maintains just enough turnover to ensure that there is always fresh flesh, preventing anyone from becoming complacent in their submission.

Becoming a slave of Duncan Gold is no small commitment, but it is one that comes with its rewards (the tune of tens of thousands of dollars!). As this book begins, one slave has just been released, so it is time to recruit his replacement. Over breakfast, Duncan challenges his six remaining slaves to mount a two-foot dildo, with the two men who take it deepest winning the right to join him. I tell you, breakfast at my house was never that much fun, although my counter never got quite that dirty.

It's when we meet Bobby, the horny boy celebrating his 18th birthday at the gay strip club, that things get really interesting. I don't know what kind of candles he's been wishing on, but I've been blowing in all the wrong places, because this is a wish come true! The public sex acts in the club are hot, and the sampling of Duncan's dominance on the drive home is even hotter, but I needed a cold shower after they made it home and Bobby got his birthday bukkake.Talk about your icing on the cake!

Training His Sex Slaves picks up the action immediately, with Bobby waiting in the cage while Duncan Gold makes plans for his training. What could easily be a case of sensory overload is saved by Bobby's uninhibited hunger. He's a young man who wants to try everything. Nothing that he sees the other gay sex slaves doing turns him off in the slightest, and there's not one command he's not eager to obey. Even in my wildest fantasies, I'm not sure I could be that perfect, but we can all dream.

Much to my delight, Bobby is a foul-mouthed boy who is very, very vocal about his pleasure. He's not cheesy or dramatic about it, but he has no reservations about sharing his excitement. There is so much in this second story to love, but the two slaves pushing themselves together on the double-ended dildo may be the highlight . . . which tells you all you need to know about my own bottom tendencies.

Where the story gets really interesting is when Duncan begins to discover feelings for Bobby that go beyond Master/slave, but I have to admit to being a bit disappointed when the story went in a different direction than I wanted, training Bobby to be dominant as well. It's hot as hell, don't get me wrong, and I loved how quickly he took to ordering men around for his own pleasure, but I just think he would have made a better sweet submissive, bottom boyfriend. I wanted to be him, and dominance is just not something I'm capable of (or interested in).

I do hope this is not the end of Duncan Gold's adventures, because I want to see more of this incredible sex-fueled family. Actually, while that's true, what I really want is for Lex Valon to tie up loose ends - there was a glass full of cum introduced in the first book that is just waiting for someone to drink it up, and I'm first in line.

Kindle: 85 pages
Published: February 21st & 27th, 2017

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The Seven Sex Slaves Of Duncan Gold by Lex Valon


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