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Masochistic Machismo

There are those who want to get high, and those who want to go low. One generation, above all others, ideologically sandwiched between its polar opposites, has taken up the mantle of emotional martyrdom. For many of their number, caught up in the tangled web of interconnectivity, there’s no choice. Acknowledging their awareness of cultural prescience is as important to them, if not more so, than true personal experience. Those amongst their peers fortunate enough to be born into comparative privilege, are expected to beg for forgiveness, whilst those who are not, are seen fit to administer their own particular brand of justice at will.

A plague is coming, a plague of doubt, a highly infectious depression so many secretly hold at bay. When those far younger than me, who believe it is their time to alter the course of history, are finally beaten down by the immoveable establishment, they’ll take it far more personally than I, because they were raised to expect more from humanity.

I’ve suffered suicidal depression over the years, and I’ve been dragged back from the brink of death on several occasions. The thing is, to survive here, I’ve had to abandon guilt. If I’m wrong and understand the reasons why, I’ll freely admit it, apologise and try to make amends. But my colour, my gender, my sexual preference, my time served on this planet, these things I can do nothing about, they are merely the irrevocable facts of my life. The hatred I see around me, the oversimplification of cultural conflict, the ad-hoc solutions, the blind excuses, and endless social bandwagons, it’s just not good enough, and I’m telling you now, the ending to our story isn’t going to be pretty.

Whilst I’m here, I’d like to ask, whatever happened to individuality? It’s seriously lost favour with the masses, those people who like to come together in their thousands, or sometimes millions, at the merest mention of a new rebellion. What are people fighting for, if not for themselves? Moving forward shouldn’t entail erasing the past, merely for the sake of kudos amongst one’s contemporaries. Progress cannot be enforced, or bound by the reassurances of political echo chambers. Progress should mean conceptualising a state of humanity unhindered by the traditional dualistic paradigm, and avoiding the if’s and buts of our predicated progression, so expertly co-opted by the propaganda of a manipulated state.

Nothing’s for free in this world, and nothing’s ever easy, however much you might think you have right on your side. Everything has a price nowadays, and life has no guarantees, security and safety can cost you dearly in the end. The situation isn’t new, the apathy of crumbling empires, their suicidal numbers, have all but been lost in a mire of anthropological conjecture. A time will come when none will remember the names of the brave, nor their followers true. The domesticated herd of the majority, will be long dead, much like their every meme, thought for the day, political promise, corporate guarantee, or sworn allegiance to the next fleeting cause that might just be coming your way.

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Masochistic Machismo


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