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Let’s Talk “The day of love”

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Happy Valentine’s day and welcome to my blog. I am hoping you are having a wonderful valentine’s day and if you aren’t having the best Valentine’s day, well I think I may know why and I’m here to help with that. If you’re reading this at the beginning of Feb 14, whichever time zone you might be, you’re in good luck cause this post is really going to spice your Valentine’s day up. Okay, it doesn’t really matter which time you read this post, because this post is all about teaching you why and how to spread this day of Love to a month of love then to a year of love, then a decade and lifetime filled with love. Sounds lovely right? Stick with this post to know how and not just how, why.

Let me start off by just saying what Valentine is to me, to me it’s a day to show appreciation to your Loved ones. By whichever criteria you may use to deem someone as a loved on, Valentine’s day is the day that gives you the official permit to let that person or group of people know that you love them. In the world we live in, Valentine’s day has been restricted to the people in relationships because its assumed that you are in a relationship so obviously you are in love with that person – and honestly that’s alright but leaves on question…. “What about those who are not in relationships?”,  are we implying that this day of love isn’t for them?

So the main point I hoped to achieve with this post is to change the orientation of You… Yes, You, you reading this post, to realize that Valentine’s day isn’t a day for only couples, it’s a day for loved ones. It’s tagged a day of love right? Does that mean single people can’t love or does it mean that people in relationships can’t love other people? Let me quickly run through a set of people I feel we might love; Your parents, Your siblings, Your colleagues, High school mates that may have stuck with you, That one person who sees the good in you that you don’t see, anyone who has given you the chance to pull back from this fast ever-moving world and say “Wow, I’m lucky to have this person” or ask yourself “How would it be like without this person?”, Valentine’s day is that day to show that love in return.

I’m a believer in love being mutual, we shouldn’t take the constant people in our lives for granted. Never just assume that they know they’re important to you, or “its our thing, he/she understands”, instead show them that they’re loved, it’s what Valentine’s day is for. So even if you’re single or in a relationship or…. “its complicated”, we all have people we love, go out there and do stuff with them, get them gifts, do whatever you can in your own way to make them feel loved just like they make you do.

So you  have been a good reader, listening to all I have to say till this point so I’ll give you a gift. Want to know what it is… No, it’s not an iPhone, I want you to know that Valentine’s day can be everyday. Think about it, the people who make you feel loved don’t do its specifically on the 14th of January so why should you make them feel loved only on the 14th of February? Valentine’s day can be everyday, whenever you have that moment when you feel lucky to have someone, make them feel loved, appreciate them, be it 14th of February or 30th of November, any day really, all that counts is letting them know that “Hey, you are special to me”. Let’s make Valentine’s day a Valentine’s life.

I hope you loved the post and you gained something from it. Remember I can’t say it all, so if you have anything to add, the comment box is all yours. If you’re new to this blog, a warm welcome to you and I hope you like what you read. You could check the other posts, I also write poetry by the way, I think you might like them.

Have a wonderful day and Happy Valentine’s life.

This post first appeared on Thoughts Of Cromwell, please read the originial post: here

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Let’s Talk “The day of love”


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