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Let’s Talk “Insecurities”

Good day friend and welcome to my blog. I’m hoping you’re having a beautiful day. If you aren’t having the best of days, just smile, it makes everything better. “What’s this post about?” You might ask, let’s just say it’s time to talk about Insecurities, yeah…. those, I know right. It’s time to do some growing. But before that, please read my poem on insecurities titled “My Box”, it’s a nice one I’m sure you’d love.

Okay it’s time to talk, What are insecurities? Well I’ll define insecurities in my own terms. An Insecurity is a detail about yourself that makes you uncomfortable, something you wish you could change. It could be a body part you feel wasn’t made right or something you feel didn’t happen the way it was meant to. It could be wounds you never learned to deal with or details about yourself you wish could disappear, One thing remains is that an insecurity is something we wish could just disappear. An insecurity makes us wish we could be magicians or all-powerful to make things change with ease and we all have them.

Insecurities get us on our weak sides, well because we aren’t…… secure against them and here is a tricky side with insecurities. An insecurity doesn’t have to be something you hide from everyone and when exposed you become all mellow and timid, an insecurity could be something that gets you on your angry side. You feel in control but it’s not the case. Insecurities control you, make you react in ways that you wouldn’t normally. So that’s how to tell an insecurity.. “Does this detail control your response or do you control your response?”

By the last paragraph, I think I’ve pretty much given the reasons we need to get rid of our insecurities. In case I wasn’t direct enough here is why, “They control you”. Insecurities puts you in a cage, “Don’t wear a skinny trouser, it’ll expose your you know what “, “Don’t get to close to her, you know what happened last time”, “Don’t ask questions in class, you know you’re not too smart”, “Don’t smile too wide, he might notice your teeth”, it’s all a series of don’ts and more don’ts, if we could count how many things insecurities do not permit us to do, we’d be astounded.

We all walk around with these cages because of circumstances we couldn’t control. I don’t know about you but I feel it doesn’t make any sense for me to limit myself because of things I had no say in. And to top it all, what makes insecurities even more senseless is the fact that we all have them. No one is “perfect”, so why should we deem ourselves as more imperfect than others? The honest truth is that we all want to be “perfect”, but then if we were all “perfect” then would we be really “perfect”?. God doesn’t make mistakes, he made us all distinct because we needed to be Perfect in our own way so why do we go ahead and wish to be perfect in another person’s way? The so-called standards to perfection in society are standards set by humans like us. That template was chosen by a man, so why rot because some guys said you don’t fit their template, why not just make your own template! Be your own template, Be your own perfect because you are perfect.

So what am I saying… Stop caring about what people say!! Like that’s pretty much it. It’s the solution to every insecurity. In Attitude is Everything, Keith Harrell said “In life, you can’t control what happens to you but at least you control how you respond to them”. The truth is that if this world was an island with you alone, your insecurities wouldn’t exist. You won’t feel fat or feel short or be depressed, You’d be free!. This lets me know insecurities make us feel bad because of how we feel people would react to them. So the remedy is to live life like you’re on that island, just don’t care about people’s reactions. Most people react the way they do to people open with their insecurities because they personally can’t deal with theirs. And that has been the reproductive organ to the cage of insecurities, we are bound by fear and along the line it became normal to be bound by fear. You need to break that chain of fear and be free. Love yourself and don’t care about what anyone else says… Why? Simple, cause you’re perfect. Don’t depend on other people for your self acceptance or happiness, be your own lifetime charged happiness supply. Live life to the fullest!! You owe that to yourself.

So that’s a wrap, if this post helped you, make sure to leave a comment. If you have an experience or anything you’d like to add, the comment box is and will always be yours. And if you’re new to this blog, there’s more where this came from, trust me and hit that Follow button. Make sure to spread the word if you know someone this post would help.

Have an insecurity free life!!

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Let’s Talk “Insecurities”


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