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Let’s Talk “Decisions you must get right in life”

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Good day mon amie! and welcome to my blog. It’s been a while since there has been new content on this blog and I apologise for that. From exams to getting ready for home and getting home and all, I’ve not really had much time but now I’m back and I’m better. So today, I decided to do a Let’s Talk post and it’s about the decisions in life that you cannot Afford to make wrongly. It’s just a couple of choices you need to think twice maybe even thrice before making cause they determine the outcome of our lives.

Recently I’ve been able to experience life from a different angle. I’ve been able to have a taste of what life looks like when its not so calm and collected… To catch a glimpse of life’s unpleasant side. With everything happening, I Chose to make this post to prepare you to make some decisions for the best out of life. Let’s get to them:


 You’re probably not surprised by this being the first on the list but the person who you chose to walk down the aisle with might be the most important decision of your life. I’m not a fan of this new trend of treating marriage like another rehearsal, like it’s just another affair. Marriage is the Olympics and other relationships are the training and trials leading up to it.  I believe in one time charm, make that decision once and get it right.

The reason why this decision is so important is because no man is an island … No one is complete. The journey of life is too fun, too unexpected, too short, too many ups and downs, too…. lifeish to be on your own, so you need someone to share it with. Someone who could be strong for you when you’re weak, see the good in you even though you don’t see it, someone you could empty the skeletons in your closet to, someone who you could imagine going through life’s tides with, someone to believe in you even when you don’t, someone you could build immortal with in a world of mortals. Being an important decision is an understatement, Finding Love is….. I don’t know is just….(No words).

You can’t just pick any Tom, Dick and Harry, you have to pick the right person. Don’t buckle under the pressure, don’t worry we all meet that person eventually you just need to know yourself well enough to know the person when you see them.

To make it easier for you, I present to you Question X: “If the whole world got wiped out and it was only you and that person left, would they be enough?”. There, that’s all you need.

And even when you do find that person, know Love is made not found, the right ingredients can still make a crappy soup in crappy hands. Effort is needed to make Love grow and it must be mutual. And even though you have Love, rough times will still come but with the right person it won’t feel so tough.

So that’s the first decision that you can’t afford to get wrong in life. I decided to make this post into a series so look out for the next set of posts for the remaining decisions. I hope you were able to gain something from this post.

If you have a comment the comment box is and will always be yours. And if you’re new to this blog, go around check more posts, they’re all for you. After you’ve done that, I’m sure you’ll have no choice but to hit that Follow button.

Have a lovely day.

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Let’s Talk “Decisions you must get right in life”


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