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Hello, I’m back!!

Good day and welcome to my blog. This isn’t going to be the regular type of post you see on this blog. This post is just to let you know………………I’m still alive lol. It’s that time of the semester where everyone gets overly serious and addicted to reading, yup its exam period. And I’ve been quite busy because the timetable has been hectic. If you are wondering why I’m telling you this, it’s just for you to understand the reason why I haven’t posted a lot this month. I had a lot of plans but very little time and there’s only little I could do about it. In an African home you can’t fail an exam and between the both of us, this year in engineering has been really really really really really hard. So for the month of April, don’t expect a lot of posts and I hope you understand. But in the mean time, I would like to give you insight on some changes that are going to happen on this blog in a bit:

  • I’m buying the domain name actually not this one, another one that I feel is going to be way better. I came to realize that the name of this blog doesn’t really give you enough detail about what it is about. It kind of sounds like a personal diary but this blog is more than that. To me it’s a home of art of all kinds. Mine being Poetry, and the Interview and Featured Art sections to bring all other arts known to man and the current name doesn’t really tell you that. Soooooooo, I’m going to change it. What’s the new name you might ask. Okay I’ll tell you …………………………………… No I’m not, its a surprise. You will know in due time. And also I need suggestions on a hosting plan, one that is obviously cheap and effective (sounds too good to be true), but if you have an opinion the comment box is all yours.
  • I plan on changing the design to suit the content of this blog. Let’s be honest, how something looks matters just as much as how much quality it has. And for this blog, I feel its appearance needs a little changing. I plan on creating sections for Poetry, Writing, Featured Art, Interview and whatever section I might add later in the future just to make it more organized and a welcome home page but don’t worry it’s not too distant in the future.
  • I want to make it more interactive. Most of this blog is I talk and You listen. But I want it to be I talk, You talk, We all talk. Honestly, I’m kind of stuck in this department on the way forward but all I have is a change of design that is more “friendly”‘.. If you have any suggestion on where to go with this, the comment box is waiting to hear it.
  • I want to have a schedule for posts. Maybe two Interviews a month, three Featured Arts,and my Poetry every week. I’m still working on it but all I want is a time to look forward to seeing posts from this blog
  • I want to add another section but I don’t know what it is (lol). But I know it’s going to be great. If you have a suggestion, let me know.

So that’s it. I hope you can bear with me during this period because better days are ahead. I’m going to leave you with this really nice picture just because I can.

Have a lovely day.

Isn’t nature beautiful?

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Hello, I’m back!!


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