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Diary Of A Failing N… · 14:46 21 Aug 2017
There was a light smattering of rain as I cycled into work today. Sometimes this would ruin my mood, but today I quite liked it. Perhaps it was because the sheen of water on the road wasn&rs… Read More
Diary Of A Failing N… · 14:35 15 Aug 2017
I have spent much of the day looking at cemetery trees. In accessible graveyards trees have a kind of double meaning: they act as living memorials but also provide a green landscape through… Read More
Joyfully Green · 17:16 11 Aug 2017
  Honestly, I don't know where the summer days go. They seem so long and hazy-dreamy while we're in the middle of them, and then all of a sudden, the calendar says we're in mid-August… Read More
Roger Gosden Musing … · 03:11 11 Aug 2017
Whatever the etymology of Passchendaele, the little Flemish village sounds to me like “Valley of Passion” in English. In 1917, it was a valley of mud and cordite, steel and fire… Read More
Tiny Worlds · 15:36 04 Aug 2017
All of my photos & articles on this site are licensed under the terms of CC-BY-NC 3.0!That means you are free to remix/share/adapt my works if you:Use it non-commerciallyI want to avoid… Read More
Diary Of A Failing N… · 12:48 27 Jul 2017
Today I had to go and look at one of the most attractive trees in the borough, a very impressive Paulownia. It has dropped two branches in recent weeks and a local resident has got very nerv… Read More
Joyfully Green · 00:16 22 Jul 2017
  Due to a big electrical storm that thundered through town on Monday night, we were without Internet service for five days. Being set adrift in a hyper-connected world was, in turns… Read More
Fairy Wing
Tiny Worlds · 08:00 07 Jul 2017
Recently I grew fascinated by tree seeds and young trees. Both their aesthetic value and their symbolism makes them stand out for me - they turn from very small, to big and old and then… Read More
Sacred Earth | Helpi… · 01:30 01 Jul 2017
Ban the bag  For years around Australia there have been campaigns to stop the single use of plastic bags. However, the government has made no promises to ban the use of single plastic b… Read More
Joyfully Green · 16:46 29 Jun 2017
Just last weekend, I had the immense honor of being hired to shoot the 2nd birthday party of a dear friend's daughter in New York City. When I arrived, the guest of honor was adorably todd… Read More