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Pokemon Go – One of the Most Popular Gaming Applications

Free mobile games have always been big among youngsters. Some of the most popular free app store games are CandyCrush, ClashRoyale, Slither, Draw Something etc. But these top game apps have lost their loyal users to the record-breaking mobile Gaming Application, Pokemon Go.


Pokemon Go is an Augmented Reality gaming application that was developed by Niantic Inc. for both android and iOS platforms. It basically uses your current location to help locate and catch Pokemon creatures near you. The game was scheduled to be launched in Australia and New Zealand in the first week of July. Following a leak of the application way before the scheduled launch date, this gaming app was downloaded and installed on millions of iOS and android mobile devices all around the globe.

While using this leaked beta version of the Pokemon Go application, many users complained about having trouble getting onto the application. This was either because Niantic Inc. was not prepared for such a vast number of users, (almost millions already) which led to server crashes or it was their tactic of not letting the users have a great UX until the official launch post which users in different countries were able to download the application through the official vendors, Google Play Store or the iOS Appstore.


Pokemon Go has taken the world by storm. It beat Twitter in the number of daily users. According to a report by SurveyMonkey, Pokemon go is already the biggest mobile game ever, in the U.S. It has become the highest grossing app and is bringing in millions of dollars every day. It has earned an official record of the most number of downloads in one week and is estimated to go over 75 million downloads!

This mobile gaming application has been breaking records ever since its launch. Everyone around us is busy catching Pokemon so much so that Pokemon go related accidents are now a thing. Last week, a 28-year-old driver in Auburn, New York reportedly crashed into a tree while hunting Pokemons. Only 2 days go, the Chinese army has banned Pokemon go players from Hong Kong to go anywhere near barracks. Albeit, despite the sudden increase in the number of accidents all over the world, caused as an outcome of getting out on the roads to play the game, people can’t seem to stop loving it.

Some parents say that because of this gaming app, their kids actually walked into a real post office and saw what it looks like from the inside, the chances of which were nil without the game.

The game’s popularity can be accredited to its design and the user experience it offers, because of which it is rather difficult to decide whether it should be classified as a game or a not-so-traditional social mobile application. John Hanke, founder and CEO of Niantic Inc. and the mastermind behind Pokemon Go, has seemed to have cracked the secret behind what makes the millennials tick. The concept of getting out there and looking for virtual creatures on the roads has broken the demographic barriers. That’s right, it’s not just the millennials, children, men and women from all age groups are hooked onto this game. Here’s why:

  1. Tapping into the fond memories of the millennials who used to collect Pokemon trading cards back in the day. Pokemon series were a big hit in the late nineties so the idea of catching your own Pokemons through this application sounds intriguing.


  1. Innovative game-play that requires the players to go out there, and look for Pokemon creatures, poke stops etc. at real locations is a like a breath of fresh air. Augmented-reality gaming applications were long awaited by tech enthusiasts and now with the launch of Pokemon go, people have come to embrace and love the concept.


  1. Many people while playing the game bump into other players out on the roads, hunting for Pokemon creatures. There are many stories floating on the internet about players meeting fellow players, and how they turned these serendipities into great friendships. This proves this game promotes social interaction.

pokemon players

  1. With interesting in-app purchases, such as lure modules and incense, that attract Pokemon creatures to users and they can catch Pokemons without the need of walking around, players are increasingly tempted to make these purchases.

It is still not very clear that for how long the users will be captivated by this gaming application, although it sure has revealed what is it that motivates and interests people. Whether or not this obsession will last for long among people, is still a mystery that only time can solve.


 Pokemon Go uses augmented reality (AR) and GPS to connect to real world locations, allowing its users to run around and hunt for Pokemon creatures. Augmented reality has been used in glasses and other forms of visual aids before, but this gaming application is perhaps the first form of this technology that is widely available for free. Augmented reality offers a live view of the tangible, real-world environment through a camera. The elements that are shown through this technology are often augmented or enhanced through computer graphics. It blurs the line between the real world and the virtual world by profoundly impacting what we see, hear, smell and feel.


Pokemon Go is only a very small depiction of what the future holds for us. With the help of the sixth sense augmented reality technology, one could view the POSSIBLE structural faults, glitches or even all the exits in a building.


Augmented reality works on any of the devices available with internet connections. The real question here is on which devices can users have the best AR experience.

  • On smartphones and tablets augmented reality provides the best user experience as a clearly instantiated by Pokemon Go. It allows the users to view augmented versions of their surroundings while they are on the go.
  • On glasses and other virtual aids, AR works like a constant companion. Like Iron Man’s Jarvis. By just a tap on the rim of the glasses users can decide what kind of information they want to see or hear related to their surroundings.
  • On desktops and televisions, AR works with the help of webcams, which is not the best way to experience it.


  • Military applications: If soldiers in the battle field need any kind of information regarding their surroundings, such as soil type, their location coordinates, weather predictions etc., it would all be visible to them with just a click of a button.


  • Medical applications: Doctors from across borders will be able to critically examine the patient’s body with the help of AR. This will provide major breakthroughs in the field of medical sciences and no human would suffer because of a dearth of doctors in their city or country.


  • Education industry applications: Instead of reading textbooks where our understanding is limited by our imaginations, with the help of AR we could recreate historical events right there in the classrooms!



  • Architectural applications: As AR advances in the future, architects would be able to visualize the best possible structure of the building depending on the soil type and weather conditions of a particular place. Architects could plan every intricate detail of the building before the construction even begins.


Yes, it’s true, we could be as cool as Iron Man in a matter of ten or even five years with access to all these gadgets and applications that help us see and feel things in our surroundings that don’t even really exist.

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Pokemon Go – One of the Most Popular Gaming Applications


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