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Making things alive-Internet of Things

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What is Internet of Things?trends in IoT

You must be wondering that obviously Internet consists of things and we can research about any random thing, at any time of the day, at any instant of time , then why am I even reading this. Well you aren’t exactly wrong. But Internet of things doesn’t mean that. It means that every single thing on this planet from your armchair to your car, can be connected physically and virtually via internet, ie. you can access any thing from your phone via an application. In the following article we would discuss about the current Trends in IoT.

It works on four common communications models namely

  1. D2D (Device To device)
  2. D2C (Device to cloud)
  3. Device to gateway
  4. Back end data sharing.

You don’t understand or do you? Never mind. Let’s just talk about the oldest trends in IoT and you will get a brief idea about it.

The oldest trends in IoT

Star Trek

example of trends in IoT STARTREKFan of StarTrek? Remember Tricorder? The multi functional hand held device used for sensor scanning, data analysis and recording data which Spock used to know about McCoy’s whereabouts. If you don’t remember any of it ,even then it doesn’t matter. But the whole point is that we have found a way to make that device become a reality. Did you ever think that a fictional fantasy could become one of the trends in IoT?

Isn’t it interesting?

Coca Cola

But the idea isn’t new. It is as old as you! (Considering that you are in your 30s). It was used by the CarnegiCOCA COLAe Mellon University in 1982 for our beloved soda producing company Coca Cola. They  had made a device which could not only tell them whether the device is performing well but also,if they’d get a bottle of chilled soda when they get there or not. But that was nearly 35 years ago.That was the one of the primitive trends in IoT, Not only We ave such machines but we can also have robots bring me that bottle of soda to my office 100 meters away from the workplace. And not only this we are exploring more and more and discovering as much trends in IoT as possible.
Now picture this. You have a meeting in 20 minutes but you can’t find out the keys to your car. If only there was some option to search your keys on google. Guess what? The scientists are already working on that.

The latest trends in IoT

  1. Cisco

    cisco example of trends in IoTYou must have heard of the company Cisco. Cisco have these NC cards, network collector cards, In their company everyone is issued a card, So when people enter the premises the attendance is automatically marked . You don’t have to tap it anywhere, that is the beauty of this card. In fact with that people can track you anywhere in the office premises. In the office if there are several sections which may or may not be locked, You can only enter them if you are authorized or else it wouldn’t open. It’s just like magic. Well, not really, it’s just one of the example of trends in IoT.
  2. Smart Homes

    IoT-Graphic example of trends in IoT
    In Mumbai, a major city of India, there is a startup which has its own contribution in trends in IoT,
    It makes smart apartments. Hence, from your closet to the blanket of your bed everything will assemble on it’s own. You can simply have an access to every single thing present in your home from your toaster to your car garage door. You can switch it on or off according to your needs. Everything simply connects to an app on your phone. You can even check whether the gas knob of your stove is on. So no need of that anxiety.
  3. CarIQ

    carIQ example of trends in IoTCarIQ is a product of a startup in Pune that is one more example of trends in IoT in their app. Basically, CarIQ connects to the connector near the steering wheel and it smartly collects all the data regarding your car. Be it your speed patterns or your car battery levels, seat belt not worn, car condition, fuel levels, location alerts. Basically everything and anything. This is a special type of example in trends in IoT and is very special in it’s own as it has a totally different application.
  4. Cooey

    cooey example of trends in IoTCooey is also an end to end health monitoring system made for old age people who can keep a track of their health and medical summary and share it with their respective doctors for better understanding. Also it connects with various healthcare service providers who will directly deliver the medicines, home care services lab tests etc. As a result these trends in IoT is making the life of old age people simple.
  5. Ecoaxis

    ecoaxis trends in IoTEcoAxis is also a startup which keeps a track of the machines located in an industry to increase their operations efficiency. It connects them to a smart network where product life increases whereas the cost of ownership decreases.

  6. Nexiot

    nexiot EXAMPLE OF trend in IoTNexiot provides smart solutions for Water, Energy, Resources Management, Automation and beacon based applications and so it is the hub of the latest trends in IoT.

    In near future, we might have everything as a part of trends in IoT. Imagine how simple life would become! 

    These were just some of the examples of the latest trends in IoT that are creating history. Henceforth making life much easier and interesting.


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Making things alive-Internet of Things


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