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Promotional Sweets – Perfect Business Gifts for Christmas

Christmas is getting ever nearer, and that means that you should be starting to think about what to Gift your corporate clients. It’s never too early to be prepared, and when it comes to business relationships, giving something that screams luxury and shows that you appreciate the client in question is always worth every penny.

But what about Promotional sweets?

Promotional sweets are becoming much more interesting, and make for fantastic corporate Christmas gifts…

The Advantages of Giving Promotional Sweets

Giving your important clients (and clients whom you hope will become important) well-thought out gifts at Christmas is a great idea. It keeps your business at the forefront of the recipient’s mind right into January, and that could be a nice new year’s boost for you.

Corporate gifting can be a minefield. Buying in bulk might be cost effective, but it won’t make the client feel particularly special which may result in them not feeling quite so festive or generous towards you. And yet, picking out something different for each client is time consuming and costly, isn’t it? It’s not when it comes to promotional sweets. Being able to individually personalise each gift is just one of their advantages, and a great reason for choosing to give them.

Another advantage is that – almost universally – the gift of promotional sweets will be enjoyed. After all, who doesn’t like a sweet treat, especially at Christmas. There is something about the gift of chocolate or sweets that bridges the gap between the corporate world and the personal one; enjoying promotional sweets doesn’t have to be something that just the boss gets to do. He or she may want to share this thoughtful gift with their family, involving the children, a spouse or partner. They may want to save them for Christmas day itself, so that they become part of the larger festive celebrations. Or they might want to keep them to themselves, indulging when they have a moment of free ‘me time’; a rarity in today’s busy business world.

And of course, don’t forget that these are promotional sweets. ‘Promotional’ being the important word here. Your name and logo, your website, your phone number… they can all be added to the packaging to ensure that your business is always there in plain sight. Many corporate gifts will be given at Christmas, and lots of them will be unbranded, so, despite how great the gift might be, the recipient could easily forget who gave it to them over time. Promotional sweets aren’t like that. Mints, jellies, chocolates, whatever the you choose, your business will certainly be remembered.

Finally, when it comes to your bottom line, promotional sweets will make your accountant very happy. Unlike expensive wine or spirits, and a plethora of other costly promotional Christmas gifts, sweets are much less expensive. Yet, despite the fact that they don’t cost so much, they still make a massive impact – in a good way.

Which Businesses Should Give Promotional Sweets?

One of the very best things about promotional sweets is their universal appeal. Giving away mugs used to be a very popular thing (and still is in some quarters), but is it really a good idea? It might work well in B2B situations – offices do love to hoard mugs, and they will be used – but as a promotional Christmas gift to a client? That idea might not go down so well. Promotional sweets show that some thought has gone into them and they will be appreciated too.

So we know that your B2B customers (and your B2C customers) will love the sweets that you give out. But are there any specific industries from whom promotional sweets are the perfect gift?

Anyone working in a B2B environment can’t really go wrong with corporate branded sweets. They are fun, and they are different, showing a more personal side to your business that can be the difference between winning contracts or not. After all, people do like to buy from people, not faceless organisations. If you don’t want to break those barriers down, and would rather keep things entirely professional, promotional sweets will still work as a gift. Brightly coloured jelly beans invoke a sense of informality and fun, whereas smooth, dark chocolate is more formal and sophisticated.

Business that are involved in the care industry can often find that giving branded sweets at Christmas is a good idea. It reminds everyone that caring – and the health and well-being of the patients and clients – is at the heart of what they do. Giving sweets is always seen as a heartfelt thing to do.

The same is true for any industry that works with children, such as a nursery, a school, or a PR company that works solely in education. Anything that has children’s values at its core can make a real statement by offering promotional sweets to clients.

Even dentists can have some fun with giving away promotional sweets. They might want to choose mints rather than chocolate or sweets, or course, but those with a sense of humour could be swayed into giving away more sugary treats with an amusing disclaimer on the packaging! Anything that makes your company more memorable is worth doing, and if it includes giving away promotional sweets with fun labels, so be it.

There really is no limit to who, or what type of business, can give promotional sweets to clients or customers at Christmas time (or any other time of the year); and that’s part of the beauty of this particularly expressive and thoughtful gift.

Get Your Sweet Treats With GoPromotional

Here at GoPromotional we have a wide range of promotional sweets that are just perfect for giving to your corporate clients and customers this Christmas. From a small tin of retro sweets to share tins of Quality Street, you can rely on us to help you keep your business sweet. Contact us today to find out more.

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Promotional Sweets – Perfect Business Gifts for Christmas


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