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5 Major Ways To Help Your Online Business Reach More People

When you create a Business on the internet, whether it's a blog, an online shop, an online presence for your brick-and-mortar business or anything in between, chances are you're competing with probably thousands of similar businesses that came before you.

Coming with a great idea for your business is just the beginning.

You need to adapt to the trends, see what's hot in demand, have a solution, and give whatever you got to meet those potential customers.

But the thing about the web is that it's sometimes unforgiving. But with the right amount of efforts and good strategies, you should be able to blast your way up with relative ease.

There is no single and simple solution to this, as the process is continuous. But there are some ways that you can do that ensures great results.

Below is five major strategies you can adopt and adapt to your own methods.

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1. Get Publicity

From HARO (Help A Reporter Out) to press releases, PR strategies and others. You need to get the words out; you need to make the world know about your existence.

When you just launched your online business, you should have spent money on development, web hosting and other important things. Also, you may have spent a considerable amount of money to create a working product and service, which should be a good thing.

Now that you have something to sell, getting people's attention is next, and publicity is the first thing to do.

The thing to know here is that, there are already too much noise on the web. Information has been created, shared, circulating, faster and more in quantity than ever before. What you need to do, is get through the noise by delivering your own unique pitch.

Publishers on the web, journalists of any kind, just love new and unique things. So make your pitch promising; get your idea out to those people until you realize that those news-hungry individuals instantly Reach you for more information.

The strategy is to recognize a problem and give a solution to that problem with your own solution. Create a compelling story "that sells" to instantly fits these people's narrative and the public's information thirst.

2. Fit The Trend And Be Part Of The Conversation

The internet is growing. And as quick as the technology that powers and comes with it, the trends inside the web keeps changing. From problems that came out from nowhere and never heard of, to meme and some cultural gimmicks. There are parts of the web to be exploited so you can fit in.

This is where you need to listen before action.

If you think you business has a solution to a problem people are already talking about, you can easily squeeze your way in and be part of that conversation.

Think and deliver on internet forums, Q&A websites, social media and others.

The strategy here is get involved with whatever conversation that are already happening on the web, that has a problem you can solve. These are the places where your ideal customers are likely hanging out. This strategy may not scale well, but it's great way to get an instant early boost.

And remember to politely reply to those people that reach you. You may not know their real intention before the second conversation takes place.

3. Reach For Influencers


When you start your business on the web, you're simply a nobody. No one knows you - no one cares. This is where you need to get some helping hands, especially from those that are already established.

These people are influencers. On social media, they can have thousands to millions of followers, with the ability to reach even more people beyond those. What makes them "influencers" is that people "believe" them. Their followers are actively consuming their contents, visiting links they post, watching their stories and buying their advice.

Out of that many people they can reach, there are certainly a good quantity of people that can be your customers.

There are many influencers on any niches, and you need to reach those that fit your business. Reach these influencers, and discuss how you can benefit each other.

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4. Advertise

By having your ads shown on websites and social media, you can definitely reach a lot of people, far more than you can do alone.

Creating ads on the internet doesn't involve much money, at least initially. So don't go too deep into your pockets before your can assure yourself you can deliver all of your promises and also before seeing great gains from those ads.

The best things about online ads are, they can be targeted to only the ideal customers. You can build a custom audience around people that are in specific demographics, age, gender, hobby, interest and so forth. You can also build an audience that is similar to your current list of paying customers.

With that kind of flexibility, you can get a bigger result with a lesser amount of spent money.

Then there are ad formats that suit every platforms. From just simple text ads to images, animated, carousel, videos and many more. With them, you can tailor your customized message to really appeal viewers. But because there are too many options to choose from, know that things can get rather overwhelming.

5. Traditional Media

Old, but not yet obsolete.

For digital marketers and tech-savvy individuals, they are usually shy from Traditional Media that include print papers, billboards, radio, local TV stations and others. What's more concerning is that, traditional media has no strong analytics data to measure your traffic and reach. Also, traditional media is less capable in targeting their audience.

Considered an old strategy, but traditional media can still be effective.

Depending on your business, this strategy can benefit you in two ways: first, is by reaching customers that are offline and second, to strengthen your previous strategies in a way that it establishes a more solid branding opportunity by reaching people where they are least expecting.

Traditional media also enables you to pinpoint a more local audience, like when using leaflets distributed to only targeted communities.


There are many ways for your online business to get seen, and the above is just five ideas for making sure people aware of your online business.

Again, there is no single solution for all problems. Some strategies stated above may work better for others but not to you. You should try them out and see which works best.

But highlighting the summary, the strategies here involve the ways to get your business to more eyes, and that means piggybacking the existing entities.


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5 Major Ways To Help Your Online Business Reach More People


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