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Indoor Plants You Need in Your Apartment

Your home is your sanctuary, so why not fill it with things that make it feel like that? Plants add a liveliness to any home or apartment, and there are plenty of Plant species that thrive indoors with little watering, sun, or attention. But what’s better than a low-maintenance plant? Ones that give you something in return! Get the best of both worlds and try growing some of these indoor plants in your home.

Kitchen Herbs

Herbs growing on kitchen window sill

Tired of spending $5 every time a recipe calls for fresh basil? Try growing your own herbs! These trendy and functional herb kits are a great way to bring some greenery in your house and get something in return. This kit comes with basil, parsley, and mint seeds, but other kits include other herbs. The best part about this particular kit is its self-watering feature. Simply keep the mason jar half-filled with water and keep on a sunny shelf so the plants get enough sunlight. Then, watch it thrive and enjoy the benefits of growing your own herbs; just think of all the new recipes you can try!

Aloe Vera

Aloe vera plant on table

Ever had a terrible sunburn or gotten a small cut that just wouldn’t heal? An Aloe Vera Plant might have been the solution all along. The gel extracted from an aloe vera plant is a natural remedy for second-degree burns, small wounds, and has even been proven to help protect skin of breast cancer patients from radiation therapy damage. The benefits of having an Aloe Vera plant in your home will overshadow the fact that it’s quite a pest magnet if taken outside in the sun. Be sure to water it occasionally, as it thrives in moist soil, and give it plenty of bright, indirect light.

Florist’s Chrysanthemum

Florist's Chrysanthemum

This powerhouse plant is popular in homes and apartments due to its air cleaning qualities. According to the NASA Clean Air Study, this indoor plant removes benzene, formaldehyde, trichloroethylene, xylene, toluene, and ammonia from the air. Talk about a life-saver! The florist’s chrysanthemum is best kept in a place where it can receive good circulation and avoid excessive humidity. But be warned: this plant is toxic to cats and dogs, so make sure your pet isn’t a plant-eater or keep it out of their reach. The florist’s chrysanthemum comes in many flowering colors, and is a small plant just 30-90 centimeters in both height and width.

Peace Lily

Peace Lily
Img: Flickr

One of the easiest indoor plants to grow, peace lilies are another plant with great air-cleaning benefits. They remove ammonia, benzene, formaldehyde, trichloroethylene, xylene, and toluene from your indoor air. Peace lilies grow well in medium to low light and should be placed in a pot with rocks and water underneath. They survive even if under watered, and some people actually wait to water their peace lilies until they start drooping. Their beautiful, white flowers and forest green leaves make them the perfect house plants to spruce up any room.

Bamboo Palm

Bamboo Palms

Need a beach vacation but can’t take one just yet? Consider getting a bamboo palm and bringing a little bit of the tropics to your daily life. Aside from being visually appealing, a bamboo palm also removes xylene and toluene, benzene, trichloroethylene, and formaldehyde from the air. Keep your plant in a pot filled with nutrient-rich potting soil. Use room temperature water and be sure not to overwater, as bamboo palms like moist soil but can survive a good amount of time in drier soil.

Flamingo Lily

Flamingo lily

This beautifully vibrant plant flowers almost all year-round, and its pink color adds a pop to any indoor space. It grows well in semi-moist soil and minimal sunlight, so even if your apartment doesn’t get great lighting, the flamingo lily will prevail. It also does some work on your indoor air pollutants, removing formaldehyde, xylene, toluene and ammonia from your home. This low-maintenance plant will bring color to your space and, best of all, it does well even when you forget to water it.  

An indoor plant can add some liveliness to any apartment or home, and the health benefits are an added bonus! If you’re looking to change things up and get some new plants and a new place, check out all of our apartments for rent. You might just find one with a perfect, sunny shelf for your garden herbs!

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Indoor Plants You Need in Your Apartment


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