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Reader Survey: 300+ Websites You Should Bookmark Now

Recently I decided to “pay it forward” by asking my email subscribers to send me their website URL so I could share it with all of my readers.

My motivation was simple – I wanted to help more of my readers to get traffic to their website, and I wanted to foster more community among my readers.

I was overwhelmed by the number of responses – in fact, over 300 people replied and sent me their websites.

A number of people also emailed me individually and said they rushed to get their websites finished or revamped so that they could be included in this list, which was awesome. I love that this project lit a fire under a few people to get their websites done.

Other readers said they were touched by the gesture and sent me some very complimentary emails, and I loved that.

But mostly, I want this to be useful to you, whether you submitted your website or not.

This website – and now my Business Rise25 with my business partner Dr. Jeremy Weisz – has always been about building communities and doing so at scale.

I want to help more business owners – particularly from professional services backgrounds like me – to learn how to build better relationships in business, and how to do so in a digital world.

So this whole project is one big lesson in that chapter book.

In fact, here’s a few great ways you can make use of this list.

1.  You can find someone interesting on here, check out their website, and then contact them directly.

In your subject line, say “I saw you listed at…”  I would love to personally introduce everyone, but with 300+ people listed, it would take months. So I encourage you to just reach out to anyone you see on this list who looks interesting.

Instead of just reaching out and asking to impose on that person by taking some of their time, “give” to them by doing an interview of them and then publishing it somewhere… it could be on your blog, on Medium, on LinkedIn, etc.

2.  You can study other people who are operating a business similar to yours

Pay particularly close attention to other businesses listed below which are similar to yours. Look closely to see if they are positioning themselves in a different way, or if they are deriving revenue from different sources. You may get an idea which you can implement in your local market which won’t be competitive to the business you see below.

3.  Study other business owners below who are operating a business in a different niche as yours, but study how they position and price their product or services.

Innovation comes from other industries — not your own — so see if there are any ideas you could implement for your business.

4. Steal This Idea and Do It Yourself.

I would love nothing more than if dozens of you stole this idea! In fact, this idea was inspired by Sam Parr at The Hustle who did something similar – they sent an email to their readers asking them to send in a picture of them reading their daily email.

You don’t need to have a big following to do this. Simply send an email to 10 of your past clients or referral partners and say you want to share their website.

To make it easier on you, create a Google form like I did (they are free) so you can collect all the information in one place rather than fielding a bunch of reply email messages.

I bet you will find if you do this project that you will get new referrals and new business, as well as making possibly dozens of your most important connections, clients and referral partners grateful to you.

4.  Share This List on Social Media Now

When I see something I like online, I will share it on social media and tag the owner/creator/writer, so they see I did it. Doing this helps me (or you) to build a relationship with that person.

You can do the same by clicking right here.

So… with all of that in mind, here’s the list of 300+ of my readers and their businesses!  Happy reading. : )

What is the name of your business? Short description of the work you do: What is your name?
Canalco Consulting I help businesses increase sales, improve productivity and reduce employee turnover. Rob Rappaport
Hospitality Solutions Inventory & Cost Control for Bars & Restaurants Rick Parks
Chyanime Studios I create storyboards and artwork. Chyenne Bertrand
DentalSpark We help dental practices achieve a reliable way to bring in more patients each month through a proven, measurable marketing system. Don Traxler
Matthew Elkin I help writers to deal with their fears and anxieties. Matthew Elkin
Graphic Language I help Home Builders sell more homes through their websites. Troy
Creston Hills Consulting I help small to medium sized business build, manage and secure their technology footprint. Wade Blackwell
EppyTech We help our customers assemble the best solutions for their business needs to achieve secure and productive work environments. H Grossberndt
ReinventYouResumes I help career changers rewrite their resume, redefine their career and reinvent themselves in their progessional life. Lori Fogle
Anderson Investigative Associates I help investigators, auditors, inspectors and anyone else with responsibility for conducting interviews to gain skills and abilities to maximize the quality and quantity of information they obtain. Mark Anderson
Matt OGrady Coaching I am a business, happiness and success coach. Most of my clients are entrepreneurs, I teach them how to release stress, go for their dreams, and create a strategic plan to support them to help them achieve all they want in all areas of life. Matt OGrady
Survive and Defend I help people stay safe while enjoying life by teaching common sense safety strategies, how to defend themselves, and how to respond to active shooters and active threats such as knives and other weapons. Alain Burrese
Freelance Transformation I help freelance developers and creatives to find more clients and build an awesome life freelancing. Matt Inglot
Investing Systems Inc Provide automated trade signals for futures market Jeffrey Brewer
Creative Technical Resources I help organizations strengthen their internal culture and external presence by fine-tuning their marketing and communication plans and implementation strategies with expertly targeted, written and designed materials. Debbie Fliehman
Lancelot Schaubert, US Author I help fiction readers find common ground amid diverse genres and mediums. And I help good people create a better culture. Lancelot Schaubert
Tsunami Click I help website owners convert more of their traffic into sales with optimization. Minimum 15% growth in 90 days guaranteed. Grant Segall
Tastes of Health I help people cook healthy and delicious food Agnieszka Weiner
The Success Corps I’m an Inspirational Speaker, Master Resilience Trainer, Life Coach, Radio Show Host, and Author, that inspires the uninspired, and motivates you to “Live Your Brand”. Sean Douglas
Website Grammar Consultant I help website owners to feel confident that their content is free of grammatical and spelling glitches. Diana Gardner Robinson
Tui Snider – Author & Speaker I help people who enjoy exploring historic graveyards to understand the meaning of cemetery symbols, while having fun along the way! Tui Snider
Foundry Music Lab We are a recording, rehearsal and education studio in Scotland. Helping artists record and promote themselves, and educating students to become sound engineers. Ted Blakeway
Optymyze I help sales people at medium to large business get paid accurately by delivering flexible and manageable incentive compensation plans and efficient sales operations SaaS solutions. Mitchel Bell
Island Whispers (MB. Canada) I help people smile, and forget the ills of the world even if just for a minute. Michelle Kafka
Techno Review I help businessman boost their business with mobile apps Simon Weiner
Insight Foodservice Solutions I help/consult Senior Living Companies to do a better job in all aspects of food service. Purchasing, operations, menu development, human resources and marketing. Food is one of the most important facets in the decision making process of choosing a home for Seniors. Steve Byruch
My iT Company, Inc. I help business that must adhere to any sort of governmental compliancy to stay compliant with/in all of their IT environments. We help them to stay IT compliant. Examples are HIPAA, SOX, GLBA, PCI, and many others. Donald R. Howard, II
IPS I help companies make more money by training their sales people gary
The Lost Geographer I help promote geographic and cultural literacy through education and travel. Rohith Amruthur
BDE Consulting, LLC I help young people navigate the corporate world by providing career coaching. I help new biz implement sales/logistics systems – while also helping bridge the comm. gap between millennials and older generations. Terrell Corbitt
Custom College Visits We help families plan multi-campus college tours. Using each student’s specific college list we plan an awesome itinerary. We make on-campus appointments, sign them up for tours and assist with travel plans and booking. Alan Caine
Debbie Fliehman I speak to corporations, associations and small businesses. I share success, passion, and a roller-coaster ride of experience. I offer four presentations: 1. Become a Game Changing Marketer in 30 Days 2. Build a Personal Brand in 60 Words or Less 3. Develop a Sustainable Business for 30+ Years 4. Change a Life Today – Perform Mentor Magic. Debbie Fliehman
Optics Social Media We specialize in social media marketing for small business owners and managers. Typically, people work with us because they know that they need to include social media in their marketing efforts, but they don’t have the time, the expertise or the resources to do it successfully on their own. David Brown
Austin Copywriting I help businesses and entrepreneurs grow their brands via authentic copywriting and content marketing. Ryan Douglas
WPUP Inc I help entrepreneurs sleep better without having to worry about their websites. Jeremy Choi
Paauwerfully Organized I help business owners, artists, entrepreneurs, and service professionals get in touch with what brings your life joy and meaning. Then I help you plan and organize your work and personal life around your priorities–creating systems and processes to help you work most productively. Kathy Paauw, Life Architect
Intentional Impact We help church leaders train and develop their volunteers and staff so they can grow their churches. Bruce Hanson
Athlete Activation Systems I help certify trainers and coaches to make them ready to train professional athletes. Clance Laylor
Shared Hands LLC I help busy entrepreneurs by providing trained administrative assistants. Are you busy? Let Shared Hands lighten your load. John Verbrugge
Sleep Wise Consulting I help exhausted parents gently teach their baby independent sleep skills so the whole family can start sleeping better. Katie Pitts
Waystone Press I entertain readers of traditional fantasy and lovers of fairy tales Nicholas Kotar
Bestselling Author I help people find purpose in their pain. Marie White
Tales of Murder Press, LLC I preserve classic & out-of-print murder mystery, crime & detective fiction by selling novellas & novels, and providing thrilling short stories free on line. Rich Cook
The 1495 Group I help entrepreneurs identify $10-50,000 that is right in front of their business and develop a marketing strategy to capture it. Adam Kipnes
Old Spartan Fitness I help men over 50 get lean, healthy and strong so they can be cool dads and active grand dads. Mark Fickler
Live the Good Life I help people succeed in life, realize and implement their goals, whether it be business, relationships, whatever goal they want to accomplish. Focusing on branding myself and promoting personal development products as well as coaching 1:1 Sara Metzger
Tiny Time Big Results I help business owners grow their business in 20 hours a week or less so they can enjoy a life of meaning and abundance with their family. Yasmin Vorajee
Adam Smith I help people focus on what is truly important so they can take back their time and live more successful lives. Adam Smith
Didit I help marketers with strategy through execution of paid and earned media so they can thrive against their competition and win. While I’m personally known for SEO and SEM, my team of 125 people now includes a mix of marketing professionals as a result of ten acquisitions. Kevin Lee
Seifert Speaks/Weaver Training & Development I help students and adults become engaged, productive, thoughtful leaders. And each person to reach his/her unique potential and to motivate others to do the same. Chris Seifert
MomLifeTV I help Moms through the amazing journey of Motherhood. MomLifeTV is the lifestyle site for Moms, featuring videos and articles that are informative, educational and entertaining. Sandy Pelland
GGP Publishing, Inc. GGP Publishing is a full-service book producer or packager firm. Generosa Gina Protano
On-Call Editing I help coaches and other entrepreneurs who are much better at what they do, than they are at writing about it. Monica Dennis
Michael Tessaro, REALTOR INTERO Real Estate Services I help sellers market and sell their properties for the highest possible price and buyer get the best possible price no matter the current market conditions Michael Tessaro
Arden Advisors We help small and middle-market business owners (re)gain clarity in what they want for themselves and their businesses so they can achieve sustained, profitable growth. Bruce Hanson
R.J. Batla Author I help readers to be entertained and have a fantastic reading experience in the fantasy Genre. Ryan
Livesay consulting I help business owners craft a compelling pitch to get more clients.
Inc. magazine called me the pitch whisper and I help people go from invisible to irresistible .
I’m also a keynote speaker on getting to yes in an expert on television as how to ask for what you want and get a yes .
John Livesay
Activate Academic Life Coaching I help teens and young adults gain the clarity, confidence and awareness needed to thrive. Erin Curran
Young Prodigy Inc. I help motivated and anxious high schoolers (and their parents) get into their dream college and ace the SAT/ACT by hundreds of points (5+ on ACT) through personalized prep. Think of me as your college insider who has infiltrated the ranks of admission officers​ to reveal what they’re​ REALLY looking for. Peter Peng (Brown University)
Southeastern Recruiting Consultants I connect exceptional people with exceptional career opportunities Pam Sisson
Write Then Marketing I help doctors and surgeons achieve increased patient flow into their offices and clinics by providing ongoing patient marketing efforts which includes direct response copywriting. Jack Peters
Verity I help websites to identify, reward, and motivate their most valuable users. Matthew Goldenberg
California Chamber of Commerce We specialize in helping CA employers/HR professionals keep updated & compliant with CA’s complicated/rapidly changing laws Erik Darnall
SIX15 solutions I help busy business owners get a higher return on investment from their website Jeff Mackey
Mark Edwards Worldwide I help companies produce exceptional digital marketing and content to do more to drive sales, conversions, and affinity. I’m looking for a new job and this site shows my skills. Mark Edwards
StriveNine I help fortune 500 companies upgrade old systems to beautiful new user interfaces and turning their complicated business logic into elegant and easy to understand services. Cory Parrish
Pace Solutions International I help consumer product manufacturers enter international markets Doug Taeckens
Superior Presentations I help business leaders deliver superior presentations – because inferior never wins. It’s critical to ensure that your intended message in the one that is received. I help clarify your purpose and the intended message. Then we help you get the desired results from your presentation. George Torok
Athena Mentor: International College Admissions Counseling I help young people from international families discover their pupose and successfully apply to the best universities in the US and UK. Dr. Marlena Corcoran
de Paoli Professional Services I help insurance brokers increase revenue, drive client loyalty and increase employee satisfaction with their benefits package. Allison De Paoli
Youthful Captures,LLC I share & educate others to be healthy and live the longest best life! Wendy Kling
Brad Dude & Associates I help clients in the public, private and non-profit sector to do better leadership and management of their organizations and teams by writing books on leadership and temperament. Brad Dude
Evangeline Auld I help people to find books (mine and other people’s) to entertain and help them. Also to find books for their children which are written in good English and promote good values while remaining fun to read. Evangeline Auld
Michael Green Music I help people learn how to write songs and build confidence to perform in front of an audience Michael Green
Alliance Architects I help problem solve for clients seeking building construction services. Alliance Architects provides a full range of architectural and engineering services, and we help guide clients to their best building design solutions. Chris
Blake Group LLC Staffing Mobile/Web Technology Big Data Analytics Jim Blake
New Leaf Financial Advisory I help individuals and couples going through the divorce process better understand their financial facts and choices so that they can make informed and confident decisions. Laurie Fried
PDQ Print Center We help small/medium businesses who want to grow build relationships with existing customers and find new customers through amazingly designed and targeted ink-on-paper marketing. Scott Lynett
Gravity Investments We help financial services companies and advisors create and automa

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Reader Survey: 300+ Websites You Should Bookmark Now


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