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Considering a hovercraft? Fly before you buy!

Whether you’re interested in a rescue, recreational, commercial or military Hovercraft, Neoteric gives you the perfect way to find out if a hovercraft is right for you before you buy one: Take a Test Flight or . Check out this gallery of photos & comments from people who’ve done just that …

Mark Sidell, Washington USA: Recreational hovercraft
Marc’s Training Course left him even more interested in owning a recreational hovercraft.  It was the best day, and very eye opening. And I loved the safety of being trained by someone so experienced and qualified. The Neoteric craft is versatile and you can go just about anyplace – like you can fly up a steep boat ramp. I think a hovercraft gives you a lot of independence and freedom to do things you wouldn’t dare do otherwise.”

Walt Sitz, Oregon USA: Rescue hovercraft
Walt belongs to Crisis Response International, a non-profit organization that provides rescue and relief support to humanitarian missions worldwide. Before he bought his craft, he took Neoteric’s Training Course. He said, “Hovercraft intrigued me because boats can’t get everywhereI've been watching hovercraft for quite awhile and Neoteric kept coming up as the best one. Your reverse thrust system – you need to have that kind of controlThat’s what brought us here – and we get to try it out before we buy … Training should be the first step in any vehicle. You don’t just jump in a plane and say, ‘I think I can figure it out.’”

David Olson, Minnesota USA: Commercial hovercraft
David's company, D & T Landscaping, Inc., wanted to see if a hovercraft could help his company manage environmental hazards such as blowing dust, at a major taconite mining region in Minnesota. After his Training Course, he bought two custom hovercraft designed to carry 100 gallons of dust suppression agent and a spraying system. He said, “Even if we can cover 80% of what’s not being covered today, that’s a significant improvement. It’s pretty exhilarating. It’s fun! I could see myself personally wanting one. And it’s much more stable than I anticipated.”

Alberto Torruella, Puerto Rico: Recreational & Commercial hovercraft
Alberto, in his 80s, lives on a beach, and also owns a hotel and golf course. He wanted a hovercraft to fly him over the beach and sea, but he wanted it to be a Neoteric hovercraft golf cart so he could attract business to his hotel. Before he bought his HoverGolf Cart, he took a Training Course “to see how it works out, whether I can handle it … “It was very enjoyable – and different. I used to drive motorcycles so I’m used to speed and crazy things – but not this crazy! I mean, you’re going 30 mph and all of a sudden you can spin and go backwards! Being able to fly backwards, etc. – it adds to the fun!

Council Bluffs Fire Department, Iowa USA: Rescue hovercraft
When Council Bluffs Fire Department decided to purchase a Neoteric rescue hovercraft, their first responders immediately completed a Training Course, which included flood rescue techniques. After their training, Fire Chief Justin James reported, “It was awesome being able to operate in deep and shallow flood water without having to worry about destroying a motor or a boatWe also got to train rescuing victims that may be stranded in trees or roofs of homes due to rising waters. We simply used the craft to hover into and hold position near these real obstacles.”

Cory Lingelbach, Utah USA: Military hovercraft
Cory is a U.S. Air Force Firefighter at Hill Air Force Base. Soon after his Training Course and the purchase of two hovercraft, an Air Force F-16 jet crashed on nearby mudflats at 300 mph. The pilot, who safely ejected before the impact, was rescued via hovercraft. Cory reported, "We launched from land then hit the water then land, water, and land again. This just goes to show you the hovercraft are very versatile. We use our hovercraft on and off our base. Without the level of training sophistication that Neoteric’s Training Course provided, we would never be able to perform our missions the way we do.”

David Kallman, Chief of Fire and Emergency Services, added, "This is the first time our hovercraft were used in a real-world situation. We wouldn't have been able to get out to the crash site and rescue the pilot without them. They are state of the art. The Salt Flats are full of crevices and holes filled with water … but the hovercraft glide right over the uneven terrain and go where no other vehicles could go."

Paul Thrift, Indiana USA: Recreational hovercraft
When Paul thought about a hovercraft as a family recreational vehicle, he didn’t just call and place an order, even though he lives in the city where Neoteric is located. Instead, he signed up for a Test Flight and Training Course.  “I wouldn’t even consider getting one without this training; it’s an absolute must. And Chris was impressive beyond words, given his history and passion for it, which shines through … The day here was well worth it. Even if I didn’t go on to purchase a hovercraft, I would count the day a success and worth the money and time, just for the experience. I’d do it again just for the enjoyment!It gives you the freedom to go wherever you want and experience the elements and spin around and not have the limitations of a wheeled or grounded vehicle. It looks like my family and I will be able to enjoy it recreationally, to access rivers and lakes, cruising, pleasure riding. My 16-year old son is especially excited about it – he thinks it’s pretty cool!

Cory Wendt, Alaska USA: Commercial hovercraft
Cory Wendt owns a trout fishing lodge in Alaska. He and his father came to Neoteric for Test Flights to determine whether to buy a 4-passenger or 6-passenger hovercraft. After their flights, he said, “It was smoother than I expected. I didn’t expect it to be able to go through all the mud and sticks. I figured all those sticks would break up the air flow, but they didn’t … I didn’t fully have an appreciation until I drove it; it started to feel more like an aircraft. I could understand why training is important – I’d read it and heard it but didn’t really appreciate it until I was at the controls.”

Is a hovercraft right for you?
Find out with a Test Flight or Training Course ...

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Considering a hovercraft? Fly before you buy!


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