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How Much Does Car Shipping Cost

How Much Does Car Shipping Cost? An Itemized Approach to the Economy of Car Transport

Perhaps one of the biggest things that people find themselves wondering when it comes time to find car transport services is the costs and financial burden that the services will present to modern consumers. We all are fairly aware of the higher costs associated with moving household goods, so it may be reasonable to assume shipping a car might cost quite a bit as well. But, since hiring such a service can often save you money in the long run, it’s important that you not just guess when it comes to cost comparison.

To that end, we’ve nailed down price ranges for common Car Shipping services so that you, as a consumer, can walk into the process with the knowledge that you need to make an educated choice of services and companies. The following data was taken directly from consumers who have reported costs and experience with different car shipping companies. While the ultimate cost of car shipping services you need may differ slightly, these ranges will give you a good starting point by which to both budget and find a company who isn’t too expensive, or offering an overly low quote just to snag you into a contract.

Base Prices Ultimately Depend on Distance
While the overall cost of shipment will not only depend on distance, the base price quoted by a car transporter such as those found here on will often be the result of a mileage equation. Here are some basic ranges for some of the more common long distance shipment needs. Please keep in mind that the lower end of the scale is often what prices are during the off-season, or winter, while the higher end pertains to peak months, like the summer.

  • If you’re planning on shipping a vehicle from the Atlantic coast to the Pacific coast, or vise versa, then you should expect to pay between $600 and $1000 for smaller, sedan type vehicles. If you’re looking to transport something like a minivan, then budget for $800 – $1200. For larger vehicles, figure between $900 and $1800.
  • Instead of coast to coast, consider shipping from New York to Florida. Such services generally run between $650 and $800 for smaller vehicles. Minivans and similar vehicles cost between $800 and $1000, while larger trucks and other vehicles come in at about $900 to $1200.
  • If you want to ship a car from Hawaii to the mainland, generally somewhere in California, expect to pay between $800 and $1400.
  • Shipping vehicles to Alaska, from the northernmost point in the continental United States, will cost about $1000 depending on the logistics of the move. This generally includes a fuel surcharge as well.

While these ranges do vary a little, they offer set base prices on which you can add other services or options, or requirements as set forth by third parties, as you figure out what you really do need.

Other Car Transporter Costs

Ultimately, no matter where you are shipping a Vehicle to, there are additional costs and expenditures that you need to consider. While not all of these costs apply to everyone, it is a good idea to know what’s out there and what you might be called to pay for during the process of sending your car or truck to a new home. Here are some of the common costs you might face.

  • Peak months, such as summer months like June, July, and August, can cost you more than just regular shipping charges. Even if you got a quote from a company before, unless it was during the summer, expect to pay $200 to $300 more for the services you need.
  • Protection demanded by vehicles that are exotic, classic, or otherwise worth more due to customization or any other reason, can cost you quite a bit more than normal shipping. The prices here will vary greatly depending on what exactly you need, but expect to pay between $800 and $3000 extra on top of basic shipping charges.
  • Picking up and dropping off vehicles for shipping at a terminal can save you money. For example, if you choose to pick up a vehicle from a terminal in New Jersey, rather than having the vehicle actually shipped to the big city of New York, you might find yourself saving almost $200.
  • Keep in mind that other fees do exist. For vehicles that do not run, cars that take up more space than a normal vehicle, vehicles that are hard to get to or load, or any number of other obstacles may cause fees of $100 to $300 to be added to the overall cost.

As you can see, shipping a vehicle means that you’ll have to look at a few different things to really see what the overall cost will entail. These ranges are just the beginning. Get more information by requesting a formal quote today and see exactly what it will cost to transport your vehicle without having to search high and low for a trustworthy, affordable car transporter.

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How Much Does Car Shipping Cost


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