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2023-05-26 22:36
Beginning of Increased Road Travel Memorial Day was established to honor those who have died in US military service.  It is also the unofficial beginning of summer and a long weekend of… Read More
2023-05-08 21:47
The high number of fatal and serious motorcycle crashes this spring prompts a plea for safety. In 2020, there was an increase of 11 percent in fatal motorcycle crashes from the year prior na… Read More
2022-12-12 23:12
Wear Your Seat Belt!! We are in the busiest driving season of the year. The number one safety measure you can take on the roadway to avoid car crash injuries is to wear your seat belt. … Read More
2022-07-01 20:36
Drive Sober, Defensively and Alert The National Safety Council estimates 462 people may die on US roadway this Independence Day holiday period.  Typically, the NSC estimate has a 90% co… Read More
2022-05-27 19:22
Memorial Day Weekend is the official beginning of summer and the launch of summer road trips.   The number of miles traveled greatly increases at the end of May and continues throu… Read More
2021-12-02 19:05
Safe Travel on the Roadways During the Holidays This is not a post about viruses or safe health habits during the holidays.  These are safety reminders about the dangers of holiday road… Read More
2021-07-25 16:05
When you think of vehicle accidents, most only think about being involved in a crash in their own personal vehicle and dealing with the other motorist’s insurance for compensation. Acc… Read More
2021-07-10 14:48
While we all know that death is an unavoidable part of life, however, dealing with it is still one of the hardest things we do. The death of a loved one can be even harder to accept when it… Read More
2021-07-05 14:42
Motor vehicle collisions happen daily. We all understand the basic rule of stopping at the scene if we have been involved in a crash. Thus, if a driver leaves the scene and fails to at least… Read More
2021-06-20 14:32
Drunk driving leads to thousands of accidents every year. Alcohol affects a person’s vision, coordination, judgment, and reaction time, which are all needed for safe driving. Despite k… Read More
2021-06-10 13:41
Summer is here. If you are like me, then summer is your favorite season! Summer involves friends, good food on the barbeque and hours in the pool or lake, and often, road trips. Many familie… Read More
2021-05-15 20:54
Interstate 70 Crashes Crashes on Interstate 70 have disturbingly become almost daily news stories. Due to the higher rates of speed on interstates compared to other highways and the sometime… Read More
2021-05-13 12:57
Drowning is the second leading cause of serious injury or death for U.S. children. Nine people drown every day in the US, and 75% of the drowning occurs between May and September. Many steps… Read More
2021-05-11 20:39
According to statistics, there are around 83.3 million dogs in the United States kept in approximately 56.7 households. The CDC survey reports that are an average of 4.5 million American dog… Read More
2021-04-19 15:26
In July of 2012, a decision was reached by the Missouri Supreme Court in the case of Deborah Watts v. Lester E. Cox Medical Centers, et al., 376 S.W.3d 633 (Mo 2012). The case held the cap o… Read More
2021-04-11 13:58
The weather interferes with roadway safety through visibility complications, precipitation, high winds, and temperature extremes to impact driver capabilities, vehicle performance, pavement… Read More
2021-04-07 18:46
Forty-Seven States have passed a ban on texting and driving for all drivers except Florida, Montana, and Missouri. On average, there is a distracted driver-related crash once every three hou… Read More
2021-04-05 21:46
Missouri’s Fatal Crash Rate Has Increased by Twelve (12) Percent In 2020, we saw a 12% increase in Missouri  road fatalities. I implore all drivers that we cannot continue on this… Read More
2021-04-05 18:44
Head-on collisions generally are considered to be the most serious of all types of auto accidents. They happened when two vehicles strike each other from the front, and they are very likely… Read More
2021-04-04 20:34
If you’ve read anything about personal injury cases, you may have heard at some point that injury victims can sue for damages, medical expenses, lost wages, and emotional distress. Tha… Read More
2021-04-01 18:35
When doctors talk about a herniated disc, they often use words/terms such as protruding disc, slipped disc, and you may even hear it called a pinched disc. All this means is the disc which i… Read More
2021-03-23 16:25
Just last night, a woman surprisingly escaped injury after hitting three deer on Interstate 270, just north of Tesson Ferry Road. When an officer was interviewed regarding the crash, he indi… Read More
2021-03-21 15:16
Actually, it is quite a debatable topic for many. Illinois remains one of only three states that do not have a mandatory helmet law for motorcyclists. In the past decade, the number of regis… Read More
2021-03-09 20:20
Nothing can really prepare you for a motor vehicle accident. While any accident can have devastating effects, truck accidents, in particular, often cause far more damage than other motor veh… Read More
2021-03-07 20:18
Hopefully, we don’t need to tell you the dangers of driving under the influence. Driving with alcohol in your system can lead to all kinds of hazardous situations on the road. Alcohol… Read More
2021-03-01 19:57
Truck accidents are some of the most heartbreaking motor vehicle accidents that occur. Due to the size of trucks, they tend to cause far more serious injuries than other accidents. Truck acc… Read More
2021-02-28 22:01
An auto accident near Vandalia, Illinois on Interstate 70 had claimed the lives of five men and injured six other men. According to reports, a church van from California was headed to Philad… Read More
2021-02-22 22:37
Missouri Sees 12% Increase in Road Fatalities in Spite of Record Low Traffic The Missouri State Highway Patrol reported 989 lives that were lost to Missouri traffic crashes in 2020 which was… Read More
2021-02-20 13:54
The odds are good that in your lifetime, you will be involved in an average of six auto accidents in your life….we all hope they are minor fender benders with no injuries. With those… Read More
2021-02-18 12:50
So, if you’ve looked out your window and seen it snowing in the last couple of hours, you have experienced that same feeling of dread that I have…..unless you are four and a hal… Read More
2021-02-15 19:51
The automobile has come a long way since its invention in the late 1800s. They’re built with more complex materials and can go speeds faster than inventors would have ever dreamed. Bes… Read More
2021-02-12 18:42
Anyone that has kids or cares for kids knows how easily and quickly they can be hurt in normal day-to-day activities. Auto accidents are the top leading cause of death and injury for childre… Read More

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