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Pool Pumps; Florida Legislation & Benefit from a Variable Speed Pump

Podcast Transcript

Today’s podcast will be about the Florida legislation on variable speed pumps

Welcome to the Pool Doctor of the Palm Beaches online podcast, with your host Holly Colasurdo and Elizabeth Varian.

Elizabeth Varian:  Hey everybody, it’s Elizabeth Varian here with Pool Doctor of the Palm Beaches.

Holly Colasurdo: Good morning!

Elizabeth Varian: Holly Colasurdo. We’re actually on location for today’s podcast. The news that you can use is what is our theme today. Because we’re talking about Florida legislation and benefits of variable speed pumps.

Holly Colasurdo: Yes.

Elizabeth Varian:  Okay, let’s start out with the obvious question. What the heck is the Florida legislation on variable speed pumps?

Holly Colasurdo:   It’s not a new law. It’s March 15, 2012, they passed legislation, the Florida Energy Act to change the types of filtering pool pumps and motors that can be installed on residential pools. Most existing pool pumps are currently single speed. This means that they run at one speed the entire time they are on. And the new state law requires that any new pool pump one horsepower or greater must now either be two speed or have a variable speed motor. So, if you’re in the need of a new pool pump, or you need your new motor replaced, you’ll have a few options. Some can be replaced with a new two speed motor or variable speed motor. And it also requires a new time clock, wiring equipped to handle these motor speeds. Or second, you can replace the whole pump with a variable speed pool pump.

Elizabeth Varian:  Okay, so what’s the time that they have to do it? Do they have to go out and take their good new pump and change it out right now?

Holly Colasurdo:  No, and that’s the good news. It’s kind of considered a grandfathered in situation. It’s okay to use an old pump until it dies out. But then after that, you have to upgrade. You actually should upgrade to an energy efficient variable speed motor.

Elizabeth Varian:  And what’s going to be that cost difference? Because you know, we want to consider that when we’re looking at changing out the pump. If we have the options, what is that cost difference going to be?

Holly Colasurdo: Well, there’s a downside and an upside. The downside, one horsepower pump and motor can cost about 400 or more, while the price for newer models can start about 800. The upside, which is good-

Elizabeth Varian:  What benefits. Why are they going to choose this?

Holly Colasurdo: Right. The upside is the old pumps that cost $2 or more per day to run for the recommended eight hours a day, you know, depending on the size of your pool. There are many different types of situations, you know, how long you run the pump, and how well it works. While the newer pumps can be as low as 40-50 cents a day. You can save 80% in your electric bill. We have clients call up and say, wow my electric bill is really really low. So while you’re paying more in the long run to have a new variable speed pump in your pool, it runs more efficiently. And I think that’s in effect why they changed the law, and made it better energy efficient.

Elizabeth Varian:  Is there a way that we can understand that in not just dollars? To really know how this is going to benefit us? I mean, it’s great to say we’re going to save a little bit, but is it going to do something else for us?

Holly Colasurdo: They’d run at lower speeds, which is great. So it helps your motor in the long run. Again, your utility bill is lower. The old pumps used to just come with a typical one year warranty. Your new variable speed pumps have a three year warranty.

Elizabeth Varian: Oh that’s fantastic.

Holly Colasurdo:  Yeah, and if you get it through your pool company, so if you call Pool Doctor, you actually get it at a discount as opposed to going outside of your pool company. And also, you know, the old single speed pumps, you would maybe get not even 10 years. So the new pumps are just so much more efficient, and just can save you money in the long run. The old pumps were at least 120 miles per hour, whereas the more efficient ones are about 60 miles per hour, which is good. And that’s why your energy bill’s going to be lower every month. You’ll probably save $60 a month in your energy bill. And that’s kind of the neat thing about it.

Elizabeth Varian:  So with the variables, it sounds like they’re not running as high of a speed. It’s going to save you cost-wise and it sounds like within a year, year and a half, two years, it’s pretty much paying for itself.

Holly Colasurdo: Right.

Elizabeth Varian:   So even though we have the legislation here in Florida, the better reason to choose it is because it’s better benefits to you the owner.

Holly Colasurdo:  Better benefit. And it’s also quiet. I don’t know if you ever walk by anybody’s pool and it’s an old motor, you can hear it. It’s so quiet. We had one customer call and say, “I don’t think it’s working.” And we’re like, well-

Elizabeth Varian: No, it’s working.

Holly Colasurdo: It’s working. It’s new. So, that’s exciting.

Elizabeth Varian: Well that’s fantastic. So just because it’s a law, it shouldn’t be the only reason why you choose the variable speed pump. You know, Holly’s already stated all the benefits here. So we’re going to keep this podcast short today because we wanted to make sure to focus just specifically on this topic.

Holly Colasurdo: Yeah, we think it’s important. Everybody should understand how their pool works and how variable speed pumps. That is new legislation, again, it’s not new. But it is something that is required.

Elizabeth Varian: Within the last five years, so-

Holly Colasurdo: Yeah.

Elizabeth Varian: Yeah, so thank you so much for tuning in to us and our podcast every month. I’m actually here on location at the headquarters.

Holly Colasurdo:  Yay.

Elizabeth Varian: In West Palm Beach, Florida, close to the Lake Park area. And if you need anything with your pool pump changed, fixed, repaired-

Holly Colasurdo:  Come on by.

Elizabeth Varian: Come on by. Give us a call. Check us out on the web at Thank you so much, Holly. It’s good to see you in person for a change.

Holly Colasurdo:  Yay.

Elizabeth Varian: Alrighty, check with us next month. Everyone have a wonderful holiday season! From Pool Doctor of the Palm Beaches.

Holly Colasurdo:  See you.

Elizabeth Varian:  Bye.

Thank you for listening to our monthly podcast. Be sure to contact Pool Doctor of the Palm Beaches for your South Florida pool needs. Call 561-203-0270 or visit us online at

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Pool Pumps; Florida Legislation & Benefit from a Variable Speed Pump


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