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Let’s Explore The Benefits Of Registering Trademarks

The benefits of registering trademarks are the best benefit any business can get. But before that let us understand what is a Trademark. A trademark is not simply an image but also a design, a slogan or an easily remembered picture. It is a studiously crafted personality profile of an individual, institution, corporation, product or service. Hence, trademark registration is an essential responsibility of the brand owner because it will protect the identity of your services or goods from copycats.

Here are some important advantages of trademark registration:

Brand Control and Consistency

Your brand is your name, basically. A lot of people don’t know that they need to build their brand; your brand is what keeps you moving. And if you want to keep your brand moving, you must consider registering your trademark at the drop of a hat.

Once you have done with registration, you will be able to determine how your brand is used by others on the license.  It will prevent your trademarked name from being used inappropriately. It will also improve your revenue system by registering your trademark.

Exclusive rights

The purpose of the registration of the trademark is the powerful remedies against unauthorized use. The brand owner gets the power to sue for infringement and to obtain very powerful remedies such as interdict, delivery up infringing articles and damages. At the same time, the trademark infringement provisions do not preclude a person.

Deter Others

You can show your uniqueness in your brand by deterring others from using your name. If your business is offering a more common service or goods but defined by fantastic customer service or another Unique Selling Point (USP), you should register your trademark to prevent companies using your good name and reputation but without rewarding you for your hard work.  The registration process means that your registered trademark will appear when companies search the register, therefore deterring them from using your name.

Use in proceedings

A trademark registration plays a very important role in legal proceedings. The person is registered as the proprietor of the trademark becomes an evidence of the validity of the original registration of the trademark, unless the contrary is proved.


A registered trademark can be transferred except common law trademark which can only be transferred with the business. 

Help From Others to Protect Your Brand

If you register your trademark, your usage of trademarked words in ads will be restricted because there are plenty of search engines who prefer trademark registered names highly.


Have you heard about cease and desist letter? Cease and desist letter is basically a warning about illegal behaviour that lets you know that further penalties could follow if the behaviour doesn’t stop.

Just imagine you have cut all the corners to build up a loyal customer base and an eye-catching marketing strategy business. But suddenly like the idiom “Your guess is as good as mine” means to have no idea, you receive a ‘cease and desist’ letter from a similarly-named business that you didn’t know existed.  Isn’t that the horror? This cease and desist letter is like adding insult to injury and you are again back to the drawing board! Hence, in order to cut the mustard, save yourself time, money and heartache by ensuring that trademark registration is top of your list today.

Make use of the ® symbol

The symbol speaks volumes! Be proud and manifest your brand by use of the ® symbol. Be proud as punch of your trademarked name, your business and willingness to defend it!

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Let’s Explore The Benefits Of Registering Trademarks


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