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Everything You Should Know About Acoustic Windshield

Everything You Should Know About Acoustic Windshield

In the automotive industry, every year there is a launch of more advanced vehicles with more innovative features. While you are spending a huge amount on purchasing these assets, you should be very speculative while choosing the repairs and replacement parts. As the parts are also becoming more exceptional, they are reasonably very costly to fix and finally replace. One such innovative auto part is acoustic windshield which is a windscreen with superimposed layers of soundproofing padding. The technology of this advanced windshield glass consists of two layers of standard PVB glass and one layer of acoustic PVB in between them. Undoubtedly, these latest technologies that are lately appearing in the market are important to keep in regular maintenance to ensure long-lasting excellence and performance.

 One of the best features of the acoustic windshield is noise reduction technology. In fact, some exceptional acoustic models also come with UltraViolet (UV) controlling sensors, automatic rain sensors, intuitive high-beam control sensors. Apart from these exceptional quality features, acoustic wind glasses come with low beam sensors to dim the headlights. So if you are looking forward to installing this innovative windshield on your vehicle, then it would be a smart approach to prefer the replacement glass from an original manufacturer. 

How To Determine an Original Acoustic Windshield?

The best way to determine whether your car has an original acoustic glass windshield is by looking at the base of the driver side screen. The screen has the term “acoustic” or “A” or the shape of an “ear”, then it is an acoustic model. Some models will also have a sticker stating “SOUNDSCREEN”. If you are looking forward to a replacement, you must know that PVB manufactures have recently designed vinyl with enhanced acoustic-damping features. These innovative interlayers are particularly propitious in the 1,500 Hz to 5,000 Hz frequency scale. The acoustic vinyl windshield glass provides vehicle architects to lessen the width of the windshield glass without resentfully changing noise levels. This is particularly important as automotive designers adjudicate to reduce the weight of vehicles for more fuel saving. Acoustic vinyl windshield satisfies all of the same federal protection criteria as standard vinyl windshields. 

You may have noticed all Audi windshield are made of acoustic glass.

If you are opting for replacement of car with acoustic windshield, make sure the glass has some significant symbols and quotes such as- Laminated AS1, E code, CCC in a circle, The name of the windshield glass manufacture and company logo, The DOT code, R43, name of the Glass type (Multilayered, laminated or tempered), SoundScreen, Serial number, Transparent 70%, Roman numerals to ascertain the glass quality-

I- Stands for extra-strong

II – Stands for approved multilayered glass.

III – Stands for specifically reviewed and multilayered glass.

IV – Stands for Synthetic glass.

V – Stands for Shaded glass with less than 70% transparency. (Not recommended).

Benefits of an Acoustic Windshield

The principal advantage of having an acoustic windshield is the noise reduction inside the car’s cabin. There are also other privileges that are even more prominent than the primary one. One such benefit is the enhanced integrity of the glass. This ensures more security and works as a crime deterrent. Acoustic glass windshield is very tough and hard to break which further ensures better safety and protection in both crime and accident scenarios. The extraordinary laminated glass of an acoustic model reduces the transmission of ultraViolet rays through the glass. People with melanoma will unquestionably be benefited from this awesome feature. The UV protective windshield also keeps the car interior cool and prevents pigment fading on the dash and leather seats due to excessive heat. 

The downside of a Laminated Acoustic Windshield

One of the significant cons of implementing an Acoustic Windshield is the overall expense. The great news, nevertheless, is the variation in cost between acoustic windshield glass and a standard windshield will most possibly reduce as the need and volume of acoustic glass rises. Not only luxury vehicles but almost all kinds of vehicles on the street today are furnished with an acoustic glass windshield.

Double Glazing Vs. Laminated Windshields

Nowadays vehicles prefer using laminated glass instead of the double glazed windshield. There are certain dissimilarities between these two types of windshields. In the case of the double glazed windshield glass, the way the sound enters through the glass would be alike to the glazing shutters in your home. The windscreen is made employing two pieces of glass that are divided by an air rift. These glasses are very heavy as the two pieces of glass require to be efficient in automotive protection and have to pass all security tests. On the other hand, the laminated acoustic windshield is lighter as the sheets of glass it has are thinner (5mm or 4mm). The two pieces of thin glass are attached together by a piece of plastic. Acoustic windshield Glass has an acoustic layer among the two pieces of plastic. There is no denying the fact that more mass normally corresponds to better soundproofing and Double glazed windshields are certainly sufficient concerning noise reduction. However, Laminated windshields feature its noise reduction qualities by damping through its composition by adopting an acoustic layer within the two pieces of glass.

Final Takeaways: So if you are willing to replace your windshield with an acoustic windshield, make sure you consider these aforementioned points. Always look for the products that are manufactured by the original company and check the warranty provisions as well. Check out the authenticity of the glasses before your mechanic partner installs them on your vehicle. Once you decide which company’s acoustic windshield glass to consider, your next concern should be choosing a reliable automotive repair service provider in your locality. A reputed automotive service provider recruits professional automotive engineers who can advise you the best model for your vehicle and skilled mechanics will install the product flawlessly ensuring ultimate driving safety and protection.

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Everything You Should Know About Acoustic Windshield


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