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How to Identify a Genuine Car Windshield?

Know Difference Between OEM and Aftermarket Car Windshields

If you are looking for the best replacement for your cracked Windshield, you may get confused as the market has a plethora of variants. There are both original and duplicate variants are available. If you are perplexed in recognizing the Genuine Windshield type, this article will help you to do so quite easily. Before judging the originality of the windshield, you should know that there are two types of windshield available in the market- OEM Auto Glass and Aftermarket Auto Glass.

The term OEM implies Original Equipment Manufacturer and OEM auto glass is manufactured by the same automaker company that produced the original glass that had initially been placed in your car. If you are looking for the original windshield replacement for your car, OEM auto glass is the premium one and it also has exclusive automaker branding on it. One other hand we have, Aftermarket Auto glass variants that are manufactured by a different company instead of the parent company Or by the same OEM company. Premium quality aftermarket windshield is comparable with OEM quality. People who look for a more economic alternative, aftermarket auto glass is a convenient option.

OEM vs. Non-OEM Windshields

As already articulated, OEM Auto Glasses are the Genuine Windshield while aftermarkets are the identical parts. Few Consumer Reports once warned customers not to agree to insurance company’s requests for accepting aftermarket clash replacement auto parts, particularly protection-related parts. Since the windshield aptly supports the structural integrity of your car, especially in a rollover circumstance, it is certainly a protection-related part. But it is also true that anything that comes after the initial part is an aftermarket product. However, some say that as long as the windshield made by the same company is employed for the replacement should be considered as the original part and it is certainly an OEM part.

When it comes to the comparative study between the OEM windshield and aftermarket windshield, there is no imprecise consent in the industry. In this situation, one must consult with a professional auto glass team who can explain the best alternatives for you. They can assist you to make the most suitable choice for your car because, for some vehicles, an aftermarket auto glass will go just perfectly while other vehicle operators suggest only preferring OEM windshields.

As per records, the market has premium quality aftermarket non-OEM parts that are every bit as genuine as an OEM replacement. One term has become accepted and supported to define such quality products are OEE (Original Equipment Equivalent). However, there are also some cheap copies that should not be acknowledged for auto glass replacement. If you are looking for a genuine windshield in OEE variants, always deal with legitimate suppliers and trustworthy manufacturers.

Easy Way to Identify a Genuine Car Windshield

Many auto glass stores employ non-OEM parts since they are absolutely more affordable to purchase. These conservations, however, are not always notified to the customer, nor is the customer informed that the parts being fitted are of inferior quality. Aftermarket glass pieces are often not trusted by new car companies for warranty rights and infringe the servicing obligations of various leasing agreements. It is obvious after installation for non-OEM or aftermarket pieces to resolve problems like air punctures, water leakages and pressure fractures.

You can verify a genuine windshield or non-original auto glass by looking at the windscreen logo. Oftentimes, the original windscreen comes without a car logo. In this case, you can match your brand-new vehicle windscreen logo with your cracked glass. Just make a plain comparison to quickly ascertain original or none original. Practically all original items will exhibit its company logo on the screen. The permanent bug on the genuine windshield, in the automotive glass industry, usually refers to the brand as a “bug” or “monogram”. This stamp is usually located on the rump angle of the windshield. The bug presents relevant knowledge which can be helpful to both customers and glass stores for viewing up the windscreen part number. If you’re going to replace your cracked windscreen, the stamp can adequately provide the glass store with the information. By viewing this bug, you may verify that the store used genuine quality glass. The bug comes with several numbers and symbols. Now, what do the symbols of windshield monogram indicate?

If your windshield has the line ‘LAMINATED AS1’, it implies that the windscreen has passed all the safety tests of U.S. federal regulations. But if the windshield has AS2, it means the products do not resist all the impact tests. If your windscreen has the symbol of AS3 then it is regarded as privacy glass. Since AS1 has passed all safety measures, it is regarded as the ultimate alternative for premium windshield use. If the windscreen monogram has a symbol of E with a circle around, it implies that the product is classified in Europe. The monogram can also contain the symbol of ‘CCC’ with a ring around it and it indicates that the item is distributed to China. CCC is equivalent to the US’s AS1 safety rating. The large figure next to the E symbol, ‘43R-000499’ further concerns to European distribution. The front part, ‘43R’, designates the piece adheres to the European standard of protection law number 43. The number that follows ‘000499’, is the endorsement number attached to the auto glass piece. Also, look for the symbol of M119. It is the manufacturer’s part number used for identifying the glass. There may be supplementary symbols, figures, or digits added by the company to present information such as manufacture date, attached benefits and more.

Apart from logo examining, you can also consider some additional facts to recognize the authentic variant of auto glass such as Original glass offers a better outlook, abrupter reflection, less blurry, and properly curved in comparison with poor quality duplicate windscreen. The genuine windshield is less tired and offers a more comfortable driving experience to your eyes. The original variant limits the light exposure when the light or sunlight access through the glass and subdues the reflection. Properly curved original windscreen or premium quality OEE glass manipulates the interior heating process and keeps the vehicle mildly temperate from inside.

Final Takeaways:

Both OEM windshield and non-OEM windshields come with individual advantages as well as disadvantages. Although premium quality OEM glass implies the ultimate authenticity and highest standard of quality as set forth by the parent auto manufacturer, usually are extremely expensive. The OEM products offer equivalent fit, finish and protection and come under special warranty provision, but the entire insurance of the vehicle may not incorporate the comprehensive cost of the OEM replacement. On the other hand, although Aftermarket Windshields meet or surpasses minimum protection criteria as anchored by the Department of Transportation, still a question of quality standards remains. Indeed, aftermarket auto glasses are very economically convenient, but numerous operators advise only reinstating with OEM glass in support of its ADAS features.

If you are still confused to determine which auto glass variant- genuine windshield of OEM or aftermarket non-OEM, would be better for your vehicle replacement, it is always suggested to talk with a professional car windscreen replacement service provider in your area. The professionals are well-aware of the fact that which model is best for their client. They certainly recommend the cost-effective as well as an excellent alternative for exclusive glass replacement choices. The auto mechanics skillfully equips their client’s vehicles with a fresh windscreen with proper installation and ensures robust safety and protection. Choosing a reliable automobile service provider also ensures that it only retains authentic products from reputed brands and companies and offers premium car glass replacement services that are worth the mechanical expense spent by the clients.

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How to Identify a Genuine Car Windshield?


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