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Search Engines and The Top Ten Benefits of Search Engine Optimization

In this era of internet marketing and intense competition between the sellers, had it not been for the Search Engine Optimization, many businesses would have gone in slumps. Whether it’s an on-page SEO, off-page SEO or technical SEO, your business website will need all of these at the same or different points in time, if soaring high in business has become a standard rule for you. The most important point that must be understood before anything else is — SEO helps your business gain wider attention while holding an unlimited potential in terms of attracting a customer base. 

In order to understand the benefits of SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and why it makes sense to hire an SEO expert for your business website, you should first be able to understand what exactly does this mean. 

SEO Explained In Simple Terms

A Search Engine Optimization is a process or method of optimizing a website to help it occupy prominent positions in the organic search results of major search engines. Your website would rank higher on the topmost search engine google if you understand how a search engine works and what algorithm it takes into account for making your website look better and brighter in the eyes of the readers.  

Moving further, let’s get into the understanding of how an SEO would help rev up your business.

The Benefits of an SEO

Helps You Gain An Edge Over Your Competitors 

One of the major benefits by having your business website listed on the first page or the first few pages of google is — you don’t have to struggle hard to make yourself visible to your customers. For any customer, your online business is no more of the click and mortar kind when any customer has to travel to any distant location for accessing a good quality product or service. Whether you own a restaurant or engaged in tour and travel business, your product or service can be accessed from anywhere, anytime.

It’s Better Than A Local SEO

If you wish your business website to be targeted for local customers in your area, a local Search Engine Optimization would do well. But, to expand your business to reach millions of customers located nationally or globally, SEO is a must. It’s like a customer searching for a product based on his need or want in his area where he resides than someone who would want to order a product by just navigating through your website. An SEO helps you have business presence more on a national or an international level than on a local level.  

SEO Helps Attract Traffic In Terms of Both Quantity & Quality  

A benefit of promoting your business website through Search Engines is not just an increase in the clientele base, but a clientele that is quite aware and seeking in-depth information on a product or service. SEO is a smart way to deal with customers where customers feel encouraged to visit your website through an inbound marketing strategy than an outbound marketing strategy when it’s more of a cold calling and the use of ‘pressure tactics’ to generate leads and closing of the leads. In any case, you don’t want to annoy your customer, do you? 


SEO Is a Win-Win Negotiation With Your Website Marketer

Once you hook up with a well-known digital marketing agency for the promotion of your website, it’s not a deal which is of a short span, but the one that pays you for months together. And, this is because you don’t pay the agency you hired for the running of advertisements. It’s the google that takes care of how a website would rank  based on Search Engine Optimization where optimizing of your website would mean adding or deleting of any content, an appropriate framing of the title, posting of the correct URL, modifying of HTML, etc. to make the keywords related search more relevant and useful.   

SEO Gets Your Website More Clicks Than a PPC Ad


What do you get to see first, the moment you type a keyword in the search box of search engines like google, yahoo, bing or duck-duck go? If you have noticed carefully, you would find the Pay Per Click Ads on top of any unpaid search results. And to your surprise, a survey suggests that more than 70% of the clicks are attributed to results that were of the unpaid kind. One of the major reasons for this is that customers want to learn about different products first before buying one by clicking on a sponsored ad. Also, advertisers are known to buy spots on search engines and which always does not mean a seller is credible enough.     

Search Engine Optimization Means Better Public Relations    

Public relations is a different kind of marketing strategy utilized for making better connections but SEO when looked closely incorporates the PR strategy. An SEO expert makes sure that your website earns links from other leading websites. Your website through an SEO may help you earn better coverage on other websites that have earned a reputation over many years. You sooner or later get noticed by the influencers who help you get business through word-of-mouth. In a nutshell, this process is more attuned towards link-building — an indirect method — than directly showcasing your website.   

SEO Helps You Determine a Customer’s Mindset 

If the bounce rate of the customers visiting your website is high, you need to give serious thought to it. You would want to understand what is in the mind of a customer that holds him back from buying your product. Sometimes, your product may be of excellent quality, but your website may not be rich in terms of high-quality content, enticing pictures, and videos or user-friendly web pages that could readily be accessed. It is through Search Engine Optimization that you get to understand a customer’s frame of mind and after which you take appropriate care to not publish those content or pictures on websites that are not user-friendly.      

SEO Helps Build Trust 

One of the most priceless benefits of Search Engine Optimization is the trust that you build within the minds of your online customers. Granted, an SEO done once will not pay in the long run because just like you, too many businesses are focusing on SEO to get their websites to the top, if you continue optimizing your website, you will continue to have your presence in the top ranks of any search engine for the keywords that customers are mostly searching on.      

SEO Helps You Reach Customers Active on Social Media Pages

An SEO expert helps you earn reputation not just through the ranking of your website on Search Engine Pages, but through social media too. With a social media site such as Facebook having 2.23 billion; YouTube has 1.9 billion; Instagram having 1 billion; and Tumblr having 4 million users, all you can expect is a massive reach to your customers. Not only this, the customers who were left satisfied by using your product are more likely to talk about your product in the social media space.

SEO Leads To Cost-Minimization

For everything that you do, there’s a cost involved and which you would always like to minimize. When it comes to generating leads through the SEO mechanism, the inbound leads generated through a good ranking of your website on any of the well-known search engines deliver a higher conversion rate than the outbound leads generated through traditional marketing methods. If SEO can generate higher revenues than any sponsored campaign, why would you not like to cut down the costs that are incurred because of the paid campaigns, say, paid advertising where you ought to pay hefty amounts to your advertiser. 

The Bottom Line 

Clearly, the benefits of SEO come to you once you have taken the risk to get SEO done for your website.  A Search Engine Optimization that could include a wide array of activities ranging from blogging to referrals and social bookmarking to direct emailing, SEO can get you on the path to success — the path that was less traveled by you and that path that yet remained unidentified.   

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Search Engines and The Top Ten Benefits of Search Engine Optimization


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