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Dyslexia,dyslexia symptoms,dyslexia in adults

Dyslexia, How is dyslexia caused?(Can you overcome dyslexia?)

What is it

It is a learning difficulty in which a child’s ability to read or write is below their level of intelligence. There is a tendency to use this term broadly in the face of any reading problem. Properly speaking, dyslexia is the difficulty of reading caused by a brain impairment related to the ability to visualize words . In medical language it is called congenital blindness of words; Teachers often call it an impediment to reading.

People with Dyslexia usually invert the letters when they try to write a word even if they know how to spell it. They also usually write some letters upside down or inverted. Reading is difficult because they can not distinguish certain letters or invert them mentally. Although until recently children with dyslexia were labeled as “incapacitated to learn”, most can learn and their problems are not related to intelligence . In fact, many dyslexics are very intelligent and some achieve extraordinary success.


There is no certainty about the  cause of dyslexia. It is believed that the origin is a lack of the central nervous system in its ability to organize graphic symbols.


Children and adults with dyslexia may have some of these symptoms:

  • Difficulty reading sentences or simple words. Frequent problems often occur with short words like del or por.
  • They invert the words in whole or in part, for example house by house.
  • They write the same word in different ways.
  • They invert the letters, for example p for b, od for b.
  • He has difficulties to see that a word is misspelled.
  • They make weird spelling mistakes, like merc for eating.
  • They copy the words badly although they are looking at how they are written.
  • They know one word but use another, like a cat at home.
  • They have difficulty distinguishing the left from the right.


Different studies have shown that dyslexia has a hereditary character; In spite of this, with an adequate intervention, the reading speed can be improved up to functional levels.


If your child has difficulty reading, the pediatrician should examine your sight , hearing, and motor skills to detect a problem. If there is no disorder in these areas, you should take it to a reading specialist and / or a child psychologist . The doctor will examine the child in search of the physical or emotional problem that originates his difficulties to read. The psychologist or the reading specialist will perform diagnostic tests related to reading, writing and memorization. These tests allow to verify the diagnosis of dyslexia.


Once dyslexia has been diagnosed, a tutor in phonics can elevate the child to the reading level appropriate for his intelligence . The child’s teacher should be informed and asked to be understanding. There are test versions adapted for students with dyslexia. Dyslexia can be overcome when it is correctly diagnosed and treated with patience and willpower. The difficulties in education are usually the result of a wrong diagnosis and the consequent frustration of the child when feeling incapable . Look for the areas in which the child stands out and put the emphasis on them.

A child may have trouble reading, but be a genius in math, music or other fields . Computers and new technologies are especially useful learning tools for children who have dyslexia, as they allow them to develop writing skills that otherwise could not be achieved. Many dyslexic children are able to compensate for their disadvantages relatively easily; However, they usually have more difficulties in overcoming the emotional problem of feeling incapable.

Other data

The most important thing is to be patient with your child and help him understand that he is not at fault. With application and special techniques most children with dyslexia can enjoy reading and reading well. Dyslexics will always make many mistakes when writing, but they can read normally and even above the average level. A typewriter or computer can help them improve their writing. Many schools offer the alternative of oral exams for children with dyslexia.

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Dyslexia,dyslexia symptoms,dyslexia in adults


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