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How to activate Bash in Windows 10

Thanks to an update of Windows 10, now a Bash has been released in Ubuntu within Linux, which is characterized by being a subsystem within Windows dedicated to Linux . It is a project developed jointly by Microsoft and Canonical, which is primarily aimed at those people who usually work as developers in Windows, as well as in Linux, because through this tool installed in the system will greatly facilitate their job. Although it was incorporated into an update, it will be necessary to install and configure it manually in order to activate Bash in Windows 10 .

The Linux terminal is widely used by programmers, which is why many prefer to use Linux distributions when creating software or editing those that are already created, so for them this guide or tutorial is dedicated, since it is it will teach them how to take advantage of the Windows 10 scope , added to the classic Linux Bash that so many programmers have already become accustomed to.

Configuring Linux Bash in Windows 10

In this way users who seek to use the Linux terminal in Windows may stop having a Linux virtual machine in Windows 10 that allows you to have at your disposal the different tools enabled for this free system, which is a great help for those who they seek to make the most of the space available on the hard drive and at the same time they want to speed up their usual tasks with the computer.

Because Linux Bash Shell is incorporated in Windows 10 after an update, we recommend keeping the Windows 10 operating system updated to enjoy this ideal tool for developers.

  • To install Linux Bash Shell in Windows 10 we must follow the following steps: Go to the start menu and click on the settings icon to access the ” Settings ” menu .

How to activate Bash in Windows 10Then we must click on ” Update and security “. The following will be to access the section dedicated to developers, and then click on ” Developed mode r”, to enable this modality that will serve us.

How to activate Bash in Windows 10Then we must enable the Windows subsystem for Linux. For this we must access the Control Panel and then click on ” Programs .”

How to activate Bash in Windows 10Then we must click on ” Activate or deactivate Windows features “, in the section Programs and features.

How to activate Bash in Windows 10In the drop-down menu we must enable the ” Windows Subsystem for Linux (Windows Subsystem for Linux)” , and then click OK to finish the process. After having done this step we recommend restarting the computer.

How to activate Bash in Windows 10When starting the PC, we can write ” bash ” in the search bar of Cortana to quickly find this window that we can execute by pressing Enter (Enter) or by clicking on the icon.

How to activate Bash in Windows 10The system will ask us to continue writing the letter ” y “. We must wait a few minutes until the subsystem installed inside Windows 10 is completely downloaded .

How to activate Bash in Windows 10

  • Once the system has been downloaded and installed, the user will be asked to enter a new username and password for Unix .

How to activate Bash in Windows 10After verifying the key placed, the installation will be completed within Windows 10.

How to activate Bash in Windows 10How Bash works in Windows 10

Many users who use the bash terminal in Windows 10 tend to download and install the Ubuntu source to configure it and effectively emulate this popular distribution, which will allow the user accustomed to the Ubuntu terminal to be able to use it normally in Windows 10 to program or perform various tasks.

Now you can work with Bash in Ubuntu in Windows 10, to work from a single computer using the different tools available for both Windows 10 and Linux . Fortunately we will be able to use the commands to which we are accustomed to resort every time we enter the Bash within any Linux distribution. Now Ubuntu will be another piece of software inside your computer equipped with Windows, which is why it is somewhat limited depending on the scope that Linux distributions are used to, although it is necessary to value the effort and recognition that Microsoft has made to with the Linux system.

If you do not have much knowledge in the use of Linux, and more precisely Ubuntu , the most used distribution within this system, we recommend some commands that you can try from the Bash to verify the scope of this tool:

  • “Grep” It will allow you to search for files within a given entry according to pattern matching.
  • “thirst”. You can perform basic text transformations within an input sequence.
  • “Awk” will allow you to process and analyze text files.
  • “Rmdir”. It will allow you to delete a complete directory. “Man” shows you the command manual, which is ideal to access certain useful functions within the operating system.

Advantages of using Bash in Windows 10

  • By having installed and configured the Ubuntu Bash terminal in Windows 10 you will have the possibility to use the same Linux commands in your Windows operating system without any problem.
  • You can also install all kinds of frameworks, as is the case of Ruby, which simplifies having to install this type of software that often does not have as much compatibility with Windows.
  • You can compile programs and you can even stop using some simple applications, since with the help of certain commands you will be able to access everyday and simple functions, such as extracting a compressed file or mounting an ISO image.

Users who use bash in Windows 10 will have the ability to run applications, open folders and perform various actions within the command window, which will allow handling both Linux and Windows, which is great for any user.

Once you have installed the Bash terminal in Windows 10 you can access to use the commands that you usually use in any Linux distribution within Windows 10, which at the beginning will be a bit strange, although after you get used to it you will understand the utility to install this function in your computer, because its scope is huge and in turn allows the user to save RAM memory, disk space and in turn avoid having multiple operating systems on a single computer.

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How to activate Bash in Windows 10


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