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How Much It Will Cost To Create A Website Like SoundCloud?

SoundCloud is the world’s largest Music Streaming platform that hosts the largest community of artists, podcasters, music brands, and audio creators. SoundCloud popularly known as YouTube for music, enables its users to upload, promote, and share audio and has brought in over $100 million in revenue in 2017 alone

The way it connects with music lovers, it is no surprise that music Streaming websites are mushrooming all over the app stores. While that is one of the primary reasons why businesses and content creators are looking to create music streaming websites. There are immense opportunities that come along with that well. Let’s find out what goes into how to make a website like SoundCloud and the cost to build one. 

What Makes Music Streaming Websites Like SoundCloud Popular?

Before learning how to build a music streaming website and the cost involved in the same, let’s understand the reasons behind the popularity of music streaming websites as these aspects also contributes to the total cost involved. 

The Ultimate Destination For All Audio And Music Files

Music streaming platforms like SoundCloud doesn’t confine its services to playing music alone. It is a one-stop destination to access not only music but also podcasts related to entertainment, technologies, business, and a lot more on the same platform. 

Share Your Own Audio Tracks

There are plenty of music streaming websites that allow users to listen to the latest music tracks and songs. But only a few among them allows creators to upload their work and get the fame they deserve. SoundCloud tackled this issue and emerged as a music streaming platform that eases the journey of music artists and curators to enter the market and establish their presence. This is a unique feature that sets aside apps like SoundCloud. 

Facilitates Community Building

SoundCloud is a music social media platform that has introduced the features of community building. It also has the option of posting and reposting content, adding comments, etc. which helps both users and artists to interact with each other. 

Tackles Piracy Issues

Music streaming platforms like SoundCloud helps in tackling piracy issues which are a major problem in the music streaming space. If you plan to create a website like SoundCloud, ensure that you incorporate technologies to identify and track illegal music distribution. Additionally, it must also enable users to share and promote their copyright-protected content. 

Core Features Of Your SoundCloud Like Website

Despite the seeming simplicity, there are a lot of functions happening in the backend of music streaming websites like SoundCloud. To answer the question- How much it will cost to create a music streaming website like SoundCloud, it is also important to understand the core features of music streaming website as it covers the major portion that contributes to the total cost to develop the website. When you build a music streaming website like SoundCloud, ensure that the following features are enlisted. 

Seamless Registration

Looking at long-form when registering can be annoying especially when creating an account for a music streaming platform. As the registration process is the first thing your user is going to interact with your app, it is important to incorporate seamless registrations that allow your users to register to your streaming website easily. 


Besides email registration, add registration via phone number and social media to make the login process seamless. Having a simple process to register is going to give the streaming app the right type of exposure. 

Flawless Search and Navigation 


One of the primary reasons why SoundCloud become popular is due to the user-specific music file recommendations on the home screen. The advanced search and navigation help in finding songs and audio tracks according to the genre, artists, or any other preferences There is also “your library” feature that lists the user playlists, favorite, songs, and artists. When you build an audio streaming website, it is important to make it easy for users to find their favorite audio tracks. with a few clicks. 

Personalized Playlists

The collection of songs is the backbone of any music streaming app. If you are looking for how to build a music streaming website that features on demand music, this is one of the significant features your website needs. In an on demand music streaming platform, users will want to sort their music based on genre, mood, etc. So you need to offer your users the ability to create their own playlists. You can also implement the feature of the artist radio playlist option that allows users to stream songs of their choice based on artist preferences. Additionally, offer the facilities to access songs offline and that makes the next feature.

Ability to Listen to Songs in Offline Mode and During Internet Variations



What will be the performance of your music streaming platform when there is no internet. Yes, even in this internet age, there might be places or situations where users struggle to find a stable Internet connection. If there is no Internet, how your users will use your streaming app? The answer is-offline downloads. With this significant feature, you can allow your users to download their songs offline so they can listen even in conditions with no stable Internet connection. 

User-Specific Recommendations


Every user has their own preference in terms of genre and artist choice. On demand playlists can be very efficient in this scenario. Personalized song recommendations allow users to pick and play any audio track from pre-curated playlists. The feature is also useful for exploring new music genres as per the mood and interest of users. If you are looking for different ways on how to build an audio streaming website, it is also important to have a user-centric UI that appeals to a broad range of audiences. 

Music Player

Music plays is one of the important elements of your online music streaming website. The things to consider is the position of the music player and the options it offers. A music player must-have options like play/pause, stop, previous, and next options. Along with that, it is also important to add a volume up/down the bar, repeated and shuffle buttons as well. You can also add a download and favorite button. However, make sure you don’t add too many buttons on the player as it can get cluttered.

Business And Revenue Model of SoundCloud Music Streaming Website

According to the business and revenue model of SoundCloud, over 55% of the net revenue generated by audio tracks goes to its creators and right holders. Whereas, when it comes to how does music streaming website makes money, it follows four different monetization strategies.

Freemium Model

In this type of business model, you offer users access to your music library for free. But, only limited features will be made available. To gain access to more features and options, they will have to pay a certain amount. 

Advertising Model 

In-app advertising is one of the best monetization strategy often considered by most music streaming websites. For this business model, users need not pay to access the content but have to view advertisements when listening to audio tracks. 

Subscription Model

The premium plan for a music streaming website requires users to pay a certain amount of fee to access the premium features and functionalities of your SoundCloud like app for a certain period of time. For example, SoundCloud has its premium service called SoundCloud Pro and Pro unlimited. 


This premium functionality offers musicians and artists with an opportunity to upload unlimited tracks of over 6 hours, and perform other actions like disabling comment, get deeper analytics, and more. 

In-app Purchase Model

This revenue strategy allows users to buy virtual or physical goods with your music streaming website. 

How Much Does It Cost To Create A Music Streaming Website

Now that you know the core features to integrate into your music streaming website, you must be thinking about how much it will cost to create a music streaming website like SoundCloud? 

The cost of developing a music streaming app is influenced by several factors, like the tech stack used, and hours spent on it by the developers. There are 2 main ways to create a website like SoundCloud. Let’s find out.

When brainstorming about how to make a website like SoundCloud, you might wonder about how to keep people hooked to your music streaming website. Simple, leverage the power of push notifications. It is the best way to allow your users to know when a new audio track is released or a new offer is available for them. This will keep your users engaged with your music streaming platform. 

Build It From Scratch

If you want to create a music streaming website, the obvious option is to build it from scratch. However, building a music streaming website from scratch is the most elaborate and expensive way and it greatly depends on your project requirements and features. There are a lot of factors like the size of the development team, number of platforms, designs, technical complexity, a standard or customized version of the cloud, etc. Whatever features you select, you need to create and configure for both client-side and server-side. The server-side tech stack is a critical part of the entire website building process. The total cost can hit $100,000-$150,000 or even more when you opt to develop your music streaming website from scratch. If that sounds pricey, do not worry, there is another fast and cost-efficient development method- White label audio live streaming software. 

Create a Website Like SoundCloud Using a Readymade Script

If you are thinking about how to build an audio streaming website, building it from scratch is not a great idea when the work is already automated for you. A SoundCloud clone script is the ideal choice to build your music streaming website as you don’t have to spend much effort, time, and money. Instead, you can add more features to the existing solution to build an audio streaming website customized according to your requirements and business goals. White label audio streaming software is ready to deploy programs with full functionalities and feature sets required to create a music streaming website. The overall cost of readymade scripts to create a music streaming website will come around $1000-$2000 including all customizations. 

Features To Look For In An Audio Streaming Software 

If you are planning to build an audio streaming website, it is important to look into some of the essential features to consider when choosing your platform provider. 

Responsive Website Template

The foundation of your music streaming services lies in the look and feel of your platform and it can be a very decisive feature. If your users don’t like what they see, they are not going to continue using your music streaming website. Hence it is essential to choose audio live streaming software that not only allows you to choose a template that resonates well with your brand but also is easy to customize. Choose a solution that comes with a host of pre-built templates along with an interactive and easy to use template editor. 

Multi-Format Support

Your music streaming platform must technically support multiple audio file formats like .mp3, .flac, .ogg, .wav, .acc, .alac, .wma etc.

Device Compatibility

It is important for any music streaming website to be compatible with a range of music devices that you want to offer to your users. Your end-users must be able to access your website and app on various devices and operating systems. A good audio streaming website should be compatible with smartphones, laptops, desktops, tablets, media boxes, smart TVs, and other devices.

Monetization Support 

The audio streaming software you choose must also support various revenue models like ad-supported, subscriptions, pay per view, or a combination of all.


Music streaming websites are the ultimate entertainment tool for new generations. Hence the demand for such music streaming platforms is not going to phase out any time soon and holds immense opportunities for you as content creators or brands. However, it is important to understand the core features and technical complexities that influences the success of your music streaming platform and acceptance of the music app among the audience. Hope you got valuable insights on how much does it cost to create a website like SoundCloud. Have an idea about creating an app like SoundCloud but still thinking about how to put it to use? We are just a click away from your service. Contact us if you need any assistance with creating your own audio streaming website. 

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How Much It Will Cost To Create A Website Like SoundCloud?


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