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The Scent of the Season

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Scent, Aroma, Fragrance …

First off, the Scent of the season evokes feelings of a warmth and coziness reserved just for the holidays, right?

Reminders of everything we associate with this season waft through the air like the scent of an eternal cinnamon baked Dutch apple pie and peppermint-laced hot cocoa waiting for us in the wings, always.

Consequently, scent, aroma, and Fragrance are the intangible elements that spike the air and reconfigure our thoughts. The sense of smell is closely linked with memory, probably more so than any of our other senses.

Scent & The Fifth Sense Phenomena

According to Fifth Sense, Psychology & Smell “… Those with full olfactory function may be able to think of smells that evoke particular memories … This can often happen spontaneously, with a smell acting as a trigger in recalling a long-forgotten event or experience…”

The holidays are not all things sugar and spice and everything nice. Sometimes, sometimes, stress happens.

So during the most wonderful time of the year, there is something that can be introduced into everyday life to alleviate stress levels. Certain scents can bring forth calmness, mood elevation, and positive energy forces.


Introducing scent and fragrance into everyday life can bring about calm thoughts and uncompromised happiness based on memories old and new. Nostalgic scent related ties aren’t a coincidence.

Our olfactory response is directly linked to the emotional center of our brain causing a flood of warm and fuzzy feelings manifested by the introduction of aroma. Unlike touch or taste, scent is directly correlated with past experiences.

Aside from its memory inducing powers, scent can also do amazing things for our mind and body. From stress relief to feelings of well-being, fragrance is a dynamic life force.

Fragrance is Powerful

Sharpen your mind, alleviate stress, feel energized, elevate your mood, boost concentration, mitigate a migraine … all by virtue of introducing fragrance or a certain scent. If ever there was a time that you need these factors in your life, it is now, right?

So, think about adding fragrance to your life for the sake of your sanity & sanctity.

Let your world become one beautiful fragrance extravaganza and be happy, smart, relaxed and focused, especially during this holiday season. Pine, cinnamon, citrus, vanilla, peppermint, and apple … each scent is a scent you need, now.


Sharpen your mind. Cinnamon is a sweet-smelling spice that can also boost your brain power, it’s a cozy scented anomaly in fact.

Researchers have found that those who took a whiff of cinnamon improved their cognitive functions. Visual-motor response, working memory and attention span all showed improvement by the introduction of the scent of cinnamon.


Alleviate stress. The scent of pine decreases feelings of anxiety. In one study, participants who walked through pine forests were found to have significantly lower depression and stress levels.

The study also revealed that anxious participants experienced a relaxed state upon taking in the scent of fresh pine.


Get energized. Scents like lemon, grapefruit, and orange boost your mood, energy level, and alertness.


Elevate your mood. Research has shown that by taking a whiff of a vanilla bean, engaged participants experienced elevated feelings of joy and relaxation. Results were measured through mood mapping, which included emotions ranging from happiness and stimulation to apathy and irritation.

Vanilla is often misunderstood. It is far from bland, the scent is, in fact, a key to feelings of pure happiness.


Boost concentration. It has been discovered that just by smelling peppermint many individuals show greater levels of cognitive stamina, motivation, and overall performance.

It has also been suggested that the menthol scent in peppermint can trick the brain into thinking that its presence alleviates stuffy nasal passages.


Mitigate a migraine. Research has suggested that the smell of a crisp apple may actually ease a migraine headache. One study revealed that certain individuals who found the scent of apple appealing experienced reduced headache symptoms and shortened migraine episodes.

Another study of green apples found that the scent may help control feelings of anxiety during stressful moments.

Fragrance & Air Care

If you have a question about air care for your business, organization, school, institution, office or home, we have answers.

Generally, an air neutralizer or clean palette is advised before introducing a scent or fragrance.

At this time we are featuring beautiful fragrance options on our website designed just for the holidays, so visit us & call often, we’d love to talk with you.

About Us

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And by the way, when you call us, we answer the phone. You will talk to an “all things clean & fragrant” expert staff member!

Pretty old-fashioned in today’s world, but hey, that’s who we are. So, call us if you’d like to chat 800.983.8280.

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The Scent of the Season


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