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What Is SBI, SiteSell, Solo Build It A FAKE BIZ? The SAME Company??

Solo Build It BookSBI has been known by so many names nowadays such as Site Sell, Site Build It or even today Solo Build It, can it possibly be another fake online Business venture? No, but is it a scam? The answer to that question is yes and no I’ll get into that later. Anyways Solo Build It or SiteSell, is an online business that has a decent idea where they provide many essential tools in order to begin your very own online business venture. Solo Build It claims that their system can help anyone build a successful money-making business even if you have you have no technical experience if you just follow their turnkey step-by-step “Action Guide” strategy. One of the best things they tell you in advance is that it’s not a get-rich-quick-scheme like most online businesses today where they promise you the world only to have you fall flat on your face, or in other terms getting slapped in the face with a cold fish, haha, basically reality sets in. There have been numerous or possibly hordes of SBI or SiteSell customers and business owners including myself that have felt cheated in some way or another regarding their strategies and my review of Solo Build It will clarify why.

Who’s The Founder Of Solo Build It?

Ken Evoy The Founder PictureKen Evoy is the CEO and the mastermind behind SiteSell, the individual solely responsible for Solo Build Its business model and online business venture that he created back in 2001. Before creating his Site Build It business, he was a well-respected physician in the medicinal field and also considered one of the best toy makers in Canada during the 90’s. As far as his internet success, he’s also known for creating online software and writing numerous Ebooks. His idea behind SiteSell was to provide a state of the art business model that utilizes a turnkey system and a variety of tools that focus on creating a website and learning how to drive traffic to them. The real motive behind the website is to primarily create a business instead of a website which is why they provide the training and the tools in the first place. He’s also known to foul mouth people that say that his business model or system is obsolete and useless and will always justify a response to sway other SBI backers to not give up or listen to reviews that negate their business. There’s so many negative reviews about his business that are true but they deem its invalid or not true, “a he said she said mentality.” If everyone complains then it must be true, am I not correct? More about it later.

Who Can Sold Build It Help?

The Beginners GuideSolo Build It is great for those individuals that are both newbies or beginners that aren’t successful in making money online. It’s great in learning what he teaches, so you can learn as a beginner how to market your business and if the strategies he teaches you are valuable or not, if they do or don’t work for your business. Not everyone that starts an online business are successful at first, but with time and with the right information anyone can succeed. Site Build It is a great place to first start the learning process of online marketing and the strategies used but once you’ve learned them all then there training’s no longer successful because its outdated useless, and obsolete. The SiteSell login is really cheesy as well it looks unprofessional and that’s just one of many negatives of the program.

How Does SiteSell Really Work?

The Solo Build It Action GuideWell to start off, SiteSell automatically assumes that you’re a total beginner with no experience such as marketing online or creating a successful online business. They motivate you by saying that its simple but not easy, as all online businesses are at first, which is good. The reason why they claim its easy, there’s nothing technical you need to know on your end, you just need to write a ton of content or articles on a consistent basis, which in reality is very hard! Everyone that writes or blogs online at times have hit dry spells from time to time, myself included. If you’re a person that has some experience in online marketing than the Solo Build It tools can teach you different methods to utilize. There so called “Action Guide” is there version of the bible that provides their turnkey step by step marketing strategy that basically tells you what you need to do and when you should build your internet business.

The SiteSell Marketing Strategy

CTMP SiteSell Marketing Strategy

C- Content- People every day are searching for solutions on the internet. Those people that visit your website don’t know you but if you provide those people with the right information, then with time your knowledge becomes valuable and in-demand.

T- Traffic- As you start writing articles on a consistent basis then with time you can obtain higher search engine rankings which will attract more and more visitors to your website for free (as we online marketers call it organic traffic). Your also taught to use social media bookmarking websites or simply social media such as Reddit, Stumbleupon, Plurk , Google Plus etc to drive traffic to your website.

P- Presell-As you continue producing more and more content or articles then you can start to build a rapport (relationship) with the readers as you begin to gain their trust. If the articles you write provide essential or important information to their problems than you’ll be gaining a loyal reader base, especially with social media, then it’s possibly limitless the amount of traffic you’ll receive to your website. It’s the relationships you establish with your readers that’ll help them like you and gain their trust.

M- Monetize- Now the people or visitors that come to your website are potentially presold on your articles, now you can possibly convert them into SiteSell customers. The monetizing (making money) is only possible if you have done the 3 previous steps, which is Content, Traffic, Presell, this is what the Solo Build It teaches in their system and what they call the “motor.”

My Explanation of What Solo Build It Tries To Teach?

Niche Picture-Pick a Niche (topic) for your websites theme- A niche is a topic or a special interest that you would have a passion in writing about. For example, a make money, eCommerce or just blogging for fun.

-Create and Build A Website- In this process you will be using the block builder which will be used for creating and designing your website as well as creating your content, block builder is no longer called that it’s now called Site Designer.

-Build traffic sources and relationships along the way- they encourage you to write about 8 to 10 blog posts before your finally able to see a positive flow of traffic and to build your reader base.
Monetize- Once you’ve developed a nice traffic flow to your website then the money-making process is ready to begin.

Now Is Solo Build It A Scam?

Scam ArtistsI mentioned earlier in this post that it was not entirely a scam but I will share why it’s a scam in a way. There’s a lot of false sales hype and marketing claims made behind SiteSell’s owner Ken Evoy’s business and massive cult following, they all make outrageous claims about how there successful and all the false reviews built around it that their sales affiliates use in order to promote this business. I really despise companies that try to deceive (lie) people into taking their hard-earned cash by making false promises by using deceptive marketing services or tactics or by using lies to trick people into buying businesses or products that aren’t worth buying. Can Solo Build It really be another online income scam or become one of many internet business scams, I believe that it will, there’s so much negativity surrounding this online business. I’m confident that Ken Evoy is just about ready to give up as many of his loyal cult following are now leaving and tired of the negative energy surrounding it.

Why Am I Writing This Review?

I’ve been there, I was once a customer of Site Build It, I was a part of their marketing team and I stayed dedicated to them at one time for about 3 years prior. I wasn’t happy with my experience with them as I didn’t feel like there were up to par or that their marketing strategies and website builder was worth the money I was paying for month to month. I ended up selling my blog, SpreadingYourKnowledge for an undisclosed amount, I’ve been incredibly happy that I did so! As a business Alexa Website Rankingowner and blogger of a monetized (money making) website, you would need to achieve a high Alexa website ranking with a stream of steady traffic in order to make a decent online income from a money-making website. They claim if you check website rankings of other SBI, SiteSell, Site Build It, or Solo Build It members that they have a really high Alexa website ranking when it fact that isn’t true at all. Whenever someone tries to write their own and unbiased opinion of Solo Build It or if the review comes across as offensive or rude then obviously Ken Evoy, himself or the other hordes of SBI affiliates come out willing to attack and defend, like it’s some type of war. Ridiculous! Everyone is entitled to their own opinion it’s what makes freedom of speech a beautiful thing, but nowadays it seems kind of limited.

Most SBI affiliates aren’t even trying to make a long-term presence online through the natural way which is through organic traffic but are looking for a quick solution to make money online fast through false advertising, which already gave SiteSell a bad reputation. Most of the affiliates don’t even use the training or the methods taught in the program in the first place they’re just trying to sell the business opportunity, it seems like the wrong mentality. All these great reviews written by SBI members are an attempt to lure the customer into purchasing this business through their affiliate links to obtain financial gain and that’s it, nothGet Rich Quick Schemeing else. The whole point is to establish yourself online professionally by providing valuable articles that can teach people something valuable, such as helping them with everyday problems and giving them solutions or guiding them in the right direction as to what businesses are potentially legitimate and can and will make you money. If you come across as a scammer then your reputation will perceive you in this nature which isn’t what you would want to be labelled then you’d just be blacklisted, online everything spreads like wildfire.

Many SBI websites are ugly and unappealing especially with the block builder or Site Designer tool, which is not organized and is hard to manipulate or navigate. WordPress is by the far the best blogging platform to use because it it’s quite easy to use and manipulate and it’s a lot more user-friendly, more organized, updated and much easier to navigate. Ken Evoy actually ended up utilizing WordPress into the business but what shocks me the most was that he Why WordPress and Why Not?hated it and advised against it with whatever his reasoning may have been, I assume it’s because its far superior to the system he utilizes in the program. Ken Evoy on a forum post at one time tried to scare many away from WordPress and convince everyone that their products, the best product since sliced bread which is quite laughable and crazy. His goal or agenda was to get as many affiliates to push his inferior product onto as many people as possible in an attempt to expand his empire past 100,000 which nowadays seems to be about 30,000 active members.

Why I Say Such?

Wealthy Affiliate LogoI only write reviews on products, services or businesses that I myself were apart of or tried at one time so I can share with my readers the truth about them. My reviews are not unbiased it’s all based on fact, I would never feel good deceiving or lying to someone in order to make a sale or to have a customer buy something, I wouldn’t feel good going to bed at night knowing I did such a thing. My reviews are always done to the best of my ability with both honesty and integrity. It’s another reason in what sets me apart from other online marketers and the reason behind my success online. Basically, Site Build It is not a scam it can help people make an online business. In my opinion, it is not the best program for doing so in creating a thriving online business, if you’d like to know more you can read the Wealthy Affiliate Reviews blog post I’ve written.

What’s The Positives and Negatives of SiteSell?


  • The domain name is included with the subscription
  • They provide an all-around turnkey system for creating an online business
  • Training is decent with its step-by-step systems approach with its tutorial videos
  • A 3 month or 90-day money back guarantee
  • The forums are a little helpful
  • They have a keyword researching tool for SEO or search engine optimization and a content 2.0


  • You can’t try it out for free or have a test trial like the business opportunity I’m associated with and love.
  • You are only allowed to have one domain name and website with the Solo Build It Membership
  • Yes, they have now included a WordPress plugin option, they are yet still trying to have their members use their old and obsolete Site Design system or block builder. The business I’m using you can have an unlimited number of websites.
  • You can’t contact the owner Ken Evoy. The business I’m using you can contact not just one but both.
  • It’s difficult to transfer a domain name from SiteSell to another platform.
  • Misleading marketing, advertising and exaggerated claims.
  • Too expensive and for only one domain name.
  • The traffic stats seem faked in the SiteSell login back office, showing more visitors then you obtained.
  • The training is obsolete, outdated and useless information and only good for beginners.
  • The Keyword Research Tool that SiteSell provides is really difficult to use and understand. The business that I’m using has their own keyword researching tool called Jaaxy, it’s extremely easy to use and you can make money as an affiliate promoting its program.
  • Ken Evoy is constantly attacking anyone that doesn’t agree with his businesses model structure or deletes any posts within the forums that go against his ideals.
  • Forum is outdated, unorganized, and not user-friendly, not easy to navigate.

Solo Build it doesn’t offer solutions to questions you have right away as you might never get the answer to your question. The training isn’t very easy to understand especially for those that might be beginners or they might get misdirected as they probably didn’t grasp the training materials correctly. Everything that they say is too wordy or what there trying to say doesn’t make sense or that it doesn’t have any real value. Everything that they say seems like fluff and it can be very difficult to find the solution to your questions.

Does Site Build It Really Benefit Anyone?

Let’s put it this way, it’s like I said earlier in the article it’s strictly for beginners or as the saying we might all be familiar with “totally green” (knows nothing about nothing) when it comes to marketing and building a business. It can help those that want a hobby, those that are retired, stay at home dads and moms, teenagers, college students, local businesses and particularly anyone that just wants to create a website or particularly an online money-making business and doesn’t know where to start.

What about The Site Build It Forum?

Site Build Its community uses its own forum. There are a ton of Solo Build It members within the forum that try to answer the questions of those that need assistance, something Ken Evoy wants nothing to be a part of or doesn’t care. The forums to me appear to be both old and nonexistent it just gives me that impression, like there’s no activity going on. It’s very hard to navigate and find what you are searching for within the forum. This was something I was always wondering about but apparently, I’m not the only one that feels that way.

The Keyword Tool in the Solo Build It

Jaaxy Keyword ToolSolo Build It has a keyword tool called the Brainstorm It. Now when I was a member of Ken Evoy’s system at first, I liked it but it was quite hard to understand and learn before it became useful. It’s not the best of keyword researching tools out there on the internet as I’ve found this keyword researching tool known as Jaaxy to be much easier to use and understand and with less time wasted in where I could be spending more time writing more articles.

So Finally, How Much Does Solo Build It Cost?

Solo Build It Business PlanSolo Build It has 2 subscription rates that include either the $29 month to month fee or the $299 per year fee. This is for the entire Solo Build It program, training, tools, domain name, and marketing strategies. The BizXpress that they also advertise within their program is an additional $149 a year for the WordPress plugin.

I’d rate SBI, SiteSell, Solo Built It or Site Build It business opportunity a 3/10
My Final Conclusions

I know, I know I wrote a really long article but hopefully I’ve answered all your questions and If I haven’t feel free to comment below and I’ll do my best to answer it. I would never recommend SiteSell or Solo Build It for beginners like I mentioned earlier since its outdated, obsolete and useless, since the marketing strategies being utilized (used) today are constantly changing SiteSell will still be years behind. I don’t see many Site Build It success stories all that often, so is it a sustainable online business, no, not anymore. Solo Build It back in 2001 was the year that it made an impact on the online business era but let’s put it this way, it’s not the engine that could it’s the engine that wouldn’t, nowadays. There’s businesses out there that have far better marketing strategies that are changing with the times and still work, the training’s far more superior and you can have an unlimited number of websites. If you’ve read the Wealthy Affiliate Reviews article that I’ve provided with the link earlier in this article then you’d know why I recommend this business opportunity, it’s the only place where you can establish yourself as a professional, build a real and successful online business doing something you love, making money, having fun and establishing real relationships along the way. Come and join the party!!

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What Is SBI, SiteSell, Solo Build It A FAKE BIZ? The SAME Company??


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