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My 2020 Ideas

Very strange. Nowadays everybody has some idea.

Yes we do, too.

But that has been our work for a long years – Developing more ideas.

Now we want the world to benefit and through that change the world.

We come straight to the point.

  1. There are many thousands of indigenous/natives/aborigines/minorities are dying. Some naturally but others forced amalgamation into mainstream. This is not acceptable.                                                                                                                             We have Reserves for Rhinos, Parks for Parrots and Australia is ready to go to war over whales.   We have RSPCA,  we have laws protecting wild life, forests.                 But when it comes to  Indigenous/Natives/Aborigines/Minorities we are ready to Kill, Eliminate and Terminate them.  I do not understand.                                            Solution, to give Homeland for Indigenous/Natives/Aborigines/Minorities within the main Countries so that they can develop their culture and languages. Their laws may be developed by a UN sponsored minority FORUM. For more ideas on this please email me.
  2. Redefining Democracy – Rights, Security, Prosperity and Welfare of the individual and family as a unit, are paramount, who go to vote. Democratic Rights are NOT for the elected government when they do evil in the NAME OF DEMOCRACY.     Any Elected Government,  Before passing a law we must Ask the Right Question – Whom does this law serve? Will this law benefits the Individual/Family or will it make another Billionaire or support vested interest groups?
  3. This brings to the subject Human Rights. Human rights applies to individuals and when it is violated to thousands and millions of peoples. All ruling Governments are responsible for an Individual and that Individual’s Human Rights. If there is suspicion (not evidence) of Government sponsored Human Rights Violation the Leader of the Government should be charged for War Crimes.  The Leader has to prove his/her innocence of the crime.  Many individuals are threatened with violence or them and for their families if they report torture or murder.  In a Country the tortured victims are threatened not to seek medical treatment for wounds resulting from torture.
  4. Innovation Register: As I said earlier every body has ideas. Why do not they come to market? Because of hassles in developing, patenting and paying for patenting lawyers and other time and costs involved. An average man has no time nor funds for these. Solution An International Innovation Register. In this Internet age anyone can go and register their ideas. Actual benefits is these ideas do not die; They get noticed and any one can develop them; Giving the person who registered this idea some royalties.
  5. Oil, Gas, Minerals and Natural Resources. Please see my other post titles “FREE Trade and Wealth of Nations”. In summary whoever may hold lease on these Natural Resources may sell outside the Country at International price. BUT they will sell to the citizens of the Country at the cost of production plus a reasonable profit. They should not sell at world market price to the owners of these Natural Resources – The People of the Land.
  6. Managing economy by interest rate is old, crude and bad for the economy. It could be managed by a percentage levy on income/ salaries and wages above a minimum threshold for employed from low wages to $30 million a year and on gross income on Companies which should not be passed on to customers

    Against Interest Rate 1 Affects mortgage/credit debt holders

    2 Prices go up

    3 Adds to inflation

    4 when Interest Rate comes down Prices DO NOT COME DOWN

    5 Savings earn interest

    6 $ exchange affected imp/exp affected

For % levy

  1. Affects all wage earners
  2. Prices do not go up
  3. Inflation is not affected
  4. Prices do not change
  5. Savings are not affected
  6. $ not affected and so not imp/exp

7. Foreign Aid

We have seen many decades of Foreign Aid to the Poor Countries.  We have not seen much development resulted because of these Foreign Aid but rather have seen the donors getting richer.  We do not wish to go into politics of that.

There is a better way to utilize these Foreign Aid which benefits both the donor and the recipient.

If the Donor Country uses this Aid to supply any goods or services from the Country then it is good to follow these steps:

  1. Identify a suitable Company in the Recipient Country which could import these Goods and Services.  There may many involved.  If there is no company then use any existing Company to involve in the importation.
  2. Use funds from this Aid to finance the import from the donor Country.

By this method same aid creates employment and many source of genuine tax, fees and charges to the recipient Country.

8.  It is well known that many corrupt politicians horde their wealth in foreign Countries.  All the major Intelligent Organizations know about these.  They must inform to UN and all NGOs about these corruptions.

This post first appeared on PLTAM Change The World, please read the originial post: here

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My 2020 Ideas


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