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The Best VPN According to Reddit


If you’ve been reading the news, you’ll realize just how much of a problem snooping from supposedly trustworthy businesses have become for online users. That’s why many people are resorting to using a virtual private network (VPN).

But with so many options on the market, how do you decide which one to use? Well, the users of Reddit are always willing to weigh in.

We dug through multiple subreddits and Recommendation threads to find out which VPN the platform’s users support the most. Here are the best VPNs for different categories based on Reddit user recommendations.

The Best Free VPN According to Reddit

Winner: ProtonVPN

When it comes to free VPN recommendations, ProtonVPN appears to get the most thumbs up from Reddit Users.

It should be noted that many Reddit users warn against using free VPN services as there is distrust regarding their business practices.

Many free VPNs have ended up on the list of VPN services you shouldn’t trust. That’s why in many threads asking for free VPN recommendations, most Redditors simply say don’t use a free VPN and will not provide any recommendation.

Of those who are willing to recommend one, ProtonVPN is usually the go-to answer. This is because the company, which is also the creator of the encrypted email service ProtonMail, has a firm commitment to not selling user data and protecting privacy.

Benefits of ProtonVPN include:

  • Free plan is available
  • Logless service

However, bandwidth and server availability is limited for users with the free plan of ProtonVPN. You can also only connect one device to the VPN. If you want extra features, you’ll have to pay for one of their other plans.

If you want to know more about why people distrust free VPNs, make sure to check out these reasons why you shouldn’t use a free VPN.

The Best VPN for Torrenting According to Reddit


Winner: Mullvad

Mullvad carries a great reputation among many Reddit users. The company emphasizes its dedication to privacy—calling it a fundamental human right. The VPN even allows users to pay using certain crytocurrencies and online platforms to increase anonymity.

Another aspect that makes it appeal to users of Redditors is that Mullvad requires no personal details to sign up or log in. Rather, you are assigned an account number that you use with the VPN. No email addresses or other details required.

Benefits of Mullvad include:

  • The ability to pay using Bitcoin and PayPal
  • Service keeps no logs
  • Optional killswitch when disconnected from VPN
  • Subscription costs €5 per month

The company also says that it does not track users on its website as part of its commitment to privacy. In terms of torrenting, Mullvad is not only recommended for torrenting by Redditors. The company itself also includes its own guide on its website on how to use the VPN with BitTorrent—highlighting its suitability for torrenting.

The killswitch functionality, which blocks traffic if you’re disconnected from the VPN, is another reason that those torrenting choose this particular service.

We did our own comparison between ExpressVPN, CyberGhost, and Mullvad—find out which one we decided is the best VPN for torrenting.

The Best VPN for Netflix According to Reddit

Winner: NordVPN

On the subreddit dedicated to accessing Netflix through VPN services, the recommendation that gets the highest number of upvotes is NordVPN. This is thanks to its ability to access both Netflix US and UK, and its price.

Some of the benefits of NordVPN include:

  • Up to six devices can be used on the same connection simultaneously
  • Subscription plans for between $2.75 to $11.95 per month
  • No limits on bandwidth or speed

It should be noted that some Reddit users have concerns about NordVPN’s business practices. One thread mentions that the company tracks users visiting their website (not users of the VPN).

Many VPN users on the thread weren’t concerned about the revelation since it didn’t relate to their service. However, for others, this goes against the spirit of privacy and is a dealbreaker.

The Best Value-for-Money VPN (Cheap and Effective)

Winner: TorGuard

When it comes to price versus functionality, many Redditors point to TorGuard as their choice. The main reason for this is the flexibility in subscription periods, the extended 50% off discount, and the number of features compared to price.

The benefits of TorGuard include:

  • Over 3,000 servers in 50 countries
  • A monthly subscription of between $4.99 (annual packages) and $9.99 (monthly package)
  • No bandwidth or speed limits
  • Simultaneous connection of up to five devices
  • No activity logs

The VPN doesn’t offer different tiers based on price—rather the price only differs when subscribing for longer periods. Users can choose a monthly, quarterly, semi-annual or annual package. Regardless of the subscription period, all users have access to the same features.

Multiple users have also complimented the VPN service’s customer support. The 50 percent discount seems to be widely available—some users even share the discount code in Reddit threads. Meanwhile, the VPN shares adverts for the discount through their YouTube videos, meaning many users end up only paying between $2.50 and $4.99 monthly for the service.

The Best VPN Overall According to Reddit

Winner: Mullvad

When it comes to choosing a VPN that balances speed, flexibility, security, and affordability; Mullvad is the major go-to VPN for Redditors.

The trust regarding Mullvad’s services is seen not only in what Redditors say, but also what they don’t say. The service attracts little (if any) criticism or skepticism from users. This is a good sign considering most services have at least a few detractors who question them.

The main drawback of Mullvad is that it may not be able to unblock Netflix. It is also based in Sweden, which falls under the 14 Eyes jurisdiction. However, the service claims that it does not keep logs and therefore even if it received a government request for intformation, it would have nothing to hand over.

Some of the major benefits pointed out by Reddit users include:

  • Mullvad received high ratings from TheOnePrivacyGuy
  • Accepts Bitcoin
  • Discount for using cryptocurrencies
  • Includes killswitch
  • Mullvad controls their servers, rather than using virtual servers
  • Servers use OpenVPN

Other features that can make users feel more secure include a tool to prevent DNS leaks. The company has also been praised for rejecting affiliate programmes and vowing to never pay for reviews.

Subreddits to Find Out More About Your Own VPN

Browsing different threads on Reddit can help you make an informed decision regarding your VPN. Many subreddits on the topic require users to provide reasoning for recommending a VPN. This helps weed out those who simply try to add affiliate links or suggest VPN companies they have a connection to.

A few of the subreddits you can visit are: /r/NetflixViaVPN, /r/VPN, and /r/VPNreviews.

The /r/VPN subreddit also has a megathread of VPN recommendations. New, updated megathreads are created every few months; with older megathreads still available to browse too.

Some websites claim to have ranked VPNs according to Reddit user recommendations. Be wary of any site that has assigned ratings or star grades based on Reddit recommendations, since they are often marketing a specific brand. Reddit users suggest various VPNs, but there is no central rating system.

Be wary of sites that don’t cite the sources for the recommendations they claim are made by Redditors, since they could be plugging a specific product.

Need More VPN Advice?

Depending on your knowledge of online privacy and the technicalities of VPN services, you may need more advice when choosing the right one for you. The VPN industry is full of shady companies and worrying business practices; but also some great companies that prioritize users.

If you want to know more about how to decide on a VPN, read our guide on how to know if you can trust a VPN company.

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The Best VPN According to Reddit


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