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10 Tips To Improve Slow Website Sales

10 Tips to Improve Slow Website Sales

I've seen it many times. A new entrepreneur is excited because their website just went live after weeks, or even months, of hard dedicated work. However, the excitement doesn't last long when they see that they have yet to make a sale. Not making a sale doesn't cover expenses, and you're not making enough to live on. This happens to a lot of us, especially with a new website. The good news is that there are some steps you can follow to make sure you are doing everything right to maximize your sales, especially for the Holiday. Check out the following 10 Tips to Improve Slow Website Sales:

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1. Are your product/services on demand

According to some of my articles throughout this site, you've probably heard a lot about finding your online niche. Your product/service should be able to solve a problem for your customers. That is the most important part of any business to succeed. A tool like WordTracker can help you find what people are searching for online. Another great place to visit is forums. There you can see what people are talking about and what problems they need to solve. Remember, it's important that what you are selling, provides a solution for users.

2. Solve a problem

If you've found the right niche, then you should know what the main problems are. In researching, you should be able to find out what people need to solve their problem, and then offer them your solution. That's the main formula in a nutshell! If your product/service can help solve a problem, that means success for you!

3. Getting enough traffic

In the beginning stages of selling, it's difficult to make a good decision about how effective your sales process is if you haven't had enough traffic to your website. I recommend waiting until you've had at least 1,000 visitors. Anything less and you won't really have enough data to work with. Be patient after all, it is a virtue.

4. Get targeted traffic

It's important to get targeted visitors to your website. Make sure that if you're using pay-per-click advertising, for example, you're bidding only on words that are right for your market niche. If you're selling perfume, you don't want visitors who are searching for makeup wasting their time. Remember who your visitor is then base your marketing efforts on that demographic.

5. Headlines

our headline is the first thing your visitors see when they visit your site. A compelling headline keeps them reading. Simply test different headlines and see which one works best. Check out this headline analyzer and Coschedule headline analyzer.

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6. Effective sales copy

The last thing you want to do once you have a visitor reading your sales copy is to distract them with something that isn't leading directly to that sale. Keep it related to the topic at hand. Concentrate on your sales message and proof elements, and clear away any doubts they may have about giving you their money. This includes using testimonials if you have them. If you need help in this area, check out hire writers to compose a compelling and effective sales copy. Evaluations and testimonials are under-utilized by many businesses. If you are new in business or have a new product or service, ask satisfied clients if they wouldn’t mind writing a testimonial. It’s a great marketing tool for your business. Start by asking your social media followers and/or your current customers to leave a testimonial of your service/product on your site. Others will see the testimonials about your business which can provide that extra confidence in their purchasing decisions. Thank your clients a little gift for providing their testimonials. Offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee, and good strong sales copy that keeps them interested all the way through to your "buy now" button.

7. Test and offer different price points

This Holiday season, buyers are looking for bargains. It's hard to know what's the right price for your item right off the bat. I've also personally struggled in this area. Testing and offering different price points can help you decide what to finally charge. Most people will expect to buy something in your market within a certain price range. If your price is too high, they'll shop elsewhere. If your price is too low, they might think that what you're offering is of poor quality. Trying out different prices to see what works best for you and your customer is very important.

8. Easy to use order processing feature

Test all of the links from your "add to cart" buttons all the way through to your "thank you" page and make sure they are working properly. You can normally run a $0 test before you go live with most shopping cart and merchant account systems. Make sure it is easy to use. Get a friend to run through it for you. It may make perfect sense to you, but that doesn't mean that it will for everyone. Invite other people to try it out and see if they get stuck anywhere. Chances are good that if they do, then your customers will too. If everything isn't as easy as possible to use, people will just leave rather than try to figure it out. If you need help in this area, check out and start selling online today with CoreCommerce. No setup fees, search engine friendly, free marketing tools and the most features.

9. Prompt customer service response

One way to keep your customers happy is to promptly respond to any and all customer service requests. When you address any issues or concerns a customer may have, it will help improve your image in their eyes which can translate to success for your business.

10. Be reachable

Allowing customers to contact you via email, phone, or an online chat will make it easier for every customer to reach you. Some people find email an easier form of communication than the telephone, so it is important to offer several communication methods. Having more than one contact method will assure a customer you care about their needs by being reachable no matter what. If you'd like to outsource this part of your business then check out GabbyVille.

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There you have it! 10 Tips To Improve Slow Website Sales. Following these tips will significantly improve your website's shopping goals. Do you agree?

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10 Tips To Improve Slow Website Sales


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