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Tumblr Moronity Must Go On

And tumblr moron has delusion me and my friends are SinRedemption because moron can't stand somebody is disagreeing with moron. :D  : D  :D :D

Moron has lost ability to think! She told us everything about what happened before her death and questions you were asking can also answer someone who knows her well enough and someone to who she has told everything about this. In your questions there was nothing that we couldn't answer and I fear you haven't read the answers or you don't understand them because what you can understand is just your bullshit!

 We are against these retarded assholes like tumblr moron who are looking for excuses how to support slavery, bully people with disabilities and to abuse young adults (who are trying to get in job system) by not paying appropriate salary and making them work like slaves for ridiculous salary and ridiculous conditions.

All this is almost complete and utter BULLSHIT! You can see the tumblr moron is supporting slavery. Tumblr moron thinks every young adult who doesn't have much of a job experience should be working as a slave for a ridiculous unstable salary which could cover travel expenses at best and tumblr moron thinks they should also work even if this job's conditions can result you might get an occupational disease! This what Tumblr Moron said is another abuse about disability. Tumblr moron is still looking for excuses how to bully people with disabilities making them feel miserable there are works they can't do when truth is it's not just they can't do but also there are works they shouldn't do if they don't want new health problems in addition to current ones.

Think about it! It's a shift job in which you have to be everything in one person, almost 8-12 hours have to stand and you can sit and rest only at lunch break because most of the time you have to serve customers and do other things duties says you have to do, there's a possibility you will have to work in your holiday.

As thanks for this you get ridiculous unstable 100-300 euro salary (which doesn't allow you to live alone in your own apartment) and you might get an occupational disease because of doing this job but if you are already with disabilities then in addition to current health problems you might get new ones.

Sure tumblr moron is right at some points. If you don't have much of an experience then you can't ask for 1000 euro salary without proving yourself but there was a question before. How come there are countries were people like SinRedemption who doesn't have much of a job experience receives minimal salary which covers basic expenses and allows them to live alone while in Latvia people like her are forced to take two jobs if they wish to live alone? 

Well...I'll give credit to GFSLEGION for being brave and posting all that bullshit without hiding behind someone's name while tumblr moron is a poor coward who posts  all that bullshit hiding behind SinRedemption's name.

Let me guess your lying friend GFSLEGION has been pissed off we are saying truth that you have come up with next bullshit?! You retarded morons can't even notice how much she lies to you all because you are retarded brainless idiots!

GFSLEGION, Hellraiser-89, sarahthrel, Grummel83 and you are insane because whenever there's harassment you tell people it's SinRedemption yet the only thing you have is your damn suspicion and nothing else and our said words you spin for your own good and mixing them up with your lies.

And if the case would've been cracked already I'm sure last things which I saw on deviantART through my sources wouldn't have happened so you're just saying bullshit once again!

Oi, oi, oi! It's okay to call someone burden just because someone had a bad mood and apologized but not okay when someone called her majesty GFSLEGION as Nazi? Whining spoiled morons!

"Even better!" She didn't had any problems with Hellraiser-89 and sarahthrel she didn't knew at all and these two already declares her an enemy. It just proves they are GFSLEGION's and Grummel83's ass kissers. No surprise at all why she kicked Hellraiser-89 out from her friends list!

Then why nobody knocks on our door if we are so guilty as you say? Because you said bullshit again! 

How can you not be good or even great friends when you all five are looking for excuses how to bully people with disabilities? 

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Tumblr Moronity Must Go On


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