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Beauty and Go Beauty Drinks Review

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Beauty  GO Drinks

So what are these beauty drinks?


But let’s face it. The idea of a beauty drink brings out the cynic in me, and I am sure it does in many people.  So here are my thoughts on these drinks. 

Firstly – we must talk about the flavours. I am going to start with my favourite to my least favourite.

A note on these drinks – they don’t taste like smoothies – they are not that thick but they are not as thin (?) as water or juice either. They are somewhere in between. They are also quite ‘mild’ in that they aren’t tart or overly fruity despite containing fruit – there are no sharp flavours.  

There are 4 different ones for 4 different things. 

Skin Detox (Green Bottle). 

This is to stimulate digestion and eliminate toxins.  This contains things like spirulina, hyaluronic acid, artichoke, zing, manganese, vitamins C, B6 and more. 

This has a very pleasant fresh apple Taste to it which makes it my favourite to drink. When I say apple I don’t mean like freshly squeezed apple, ok? It’s more of apple sweet flavour if that makes sense. My favourite one though. 

Skin Revive (purple bottle) 

Repair and regenerate – contains pomegranate, raspberry, persimmon, orange fire and vitamins. 

At first I found this one quite grape but like a grape sweet (again I can’t say these taste like authentic ‘juices’ so don’t expect that). It almost reminds me a bit of like a chewing gum grape sweet. I am not going to lie to you, at one point I decide a slightly vinyl note in there! Despite that though, this is quite nice to drink though and quenches thirst too. 

Skin Brilliance (pink bottle)

Achieve radiant skin – contains red grape, rose hip, persimmons, reservatrol. 

This one was a bit strange – again had a fruity but flowery edge to it – perhaps the rose hip, but I could really taste the floral note.  It isn’t unpleasant to me, but it wouldn’t be my first choice either. It’s hard to pick out the exact components of this if you know what I mean. 

Skin Vitality (yellow bottle)

For a burst of energy and luminosity – this contains pineapple, mango, mandarin, guarana, melon an the usual vitamins. 

This was the first one I tried and I was like WOAH. It tastes like pineapple but artificial pineapple.  I remember thinking, oh god I hope they don’t all taste like this (luckily I think the other three taste much better). Again I could and did drink these, but I wouldn’t pick it up in a shop.

To be honest as I had a variety of all four, I just picked whichever I felt like drinking as opposed to on the benefit. In the end I would consume all of them any way. 


– Chill these.  They taste much better when chilled. 

Beauty and Go Drinks Review

So from a tentative beginning I went on to really enjoy drinking these for a few personal reasons;

– I have a sweet tooth. Drinking one of these prevented me from having a Diet Coke which has no benefit at all.

– I need a drink to mix my daily iron sachet in to, so this is perfect as the vehicle (straight fruit juice sometimes gives me cramps).  I also have been using a Pukka powder for energy when I feel like I am dying – this is a great drink to mix a spoonful of that in to too. Basically, anything that is quick and easy is great. 

– I like the size of the bottle. It’s not so little that you want more, it’s not so big that it bloats you up. It’s not a pain to carry around either. 

– I have been slacking recently with my nutrition – busy days ahead is all I can say so yes, I neglect myself, I drink a cup of green tea and have nothing else til 3pm despite taking a 2 hour walk.  I really felt that squeezing one or two of these in provided me with more energy and oomph especially first thing in the morning. I prefer it over an energy drink and straight juices. 


Look, there is no exact science here.  That’s the problem I guess with reviewing something like this but I am looking in the mirror and – yes. Actually it’s a glow from within. Do I think these drinks played a part in my new super glowing skin? Yes I do because I didn’t adjust that many things in my lifestyle in the last 30 days.  

I am going to miss having these drinks in my fridge ready to go! If I saw them in a shop I wouldn’t hesitate to pick up a Skin Detox bottle if I need a boost. 

Beauty & Go sell their drinks in 7 day (£21), 30 day (£75) and 60 day packs (£145). Check out their website here.

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Beauty and Go Beauty Drinks Review


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