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Google AdSense Prohibitions

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(Summary of chapter 22, from book “Adsense Secret 4” by: Joel Comm)

I do recommend that you read the AdSense Terms and Conditions. I realize that they’re not much fun and they’re hardly a gripping read, but they are important, especially when you start really pushing your ads to their limits. To make it easier for you though, I’ve gone through those terms and pulled out the most important restrictions contained in them.

This list is not a replacement for reading the Terms page — you’re still going to have to do that. They just might make it clearer so that you’re less likely to make a very costly mistake:

  1. One individual or entity cannot hold more than one AdSense account; all accounts will be closed
    This is important if you have many sites covering different topics and are worried about the effects of Smart Pricing. You might want to open a separate account in a spouse’s name or open more than one business.
  2. You cannot modify the JavaScript or other code provided in any way
    Google is pretty strict about this. Cut into the code and you risk the axe.
  3. Web pages cannot contain solely ads, a Search Box or a referral button
    Blank pages with nothing more than AdSense ads are pretty rare; pages which contain only ads of different types are much more common. Google is working against these sorts of things and you’ll probably find yourself if not banned, then almost certainly Smart Priced out.
  4. Ads cannot appear on pages that are “under construction,” used for registration, chat, contain adult, objectionable or illegal content. And they can’t be used in emails either
    If you have a site that’s in any way morally objectionable, then AdSense isn’t for you. That’s the bottom line. More relevant for most people though is the idea that you can’t put AdSense on every page of a website. There are all sorts of pages on many people’s sites that really don’t contain any content, like password pages or error messages. You can’t use them as places to put ads.
  5. You cannot generate searches, clicks or impressions by any method other than genuine user interest
    So no automatic bots or clicking your own ads or any of that nonsense. That’s just fraud and Google will spot it in a second.
  6. You cannot display anything on your Web page that could be confused as an AdSense ad
    That’s an interesting rule that prevents people from putting up affiliate links that look like ad units to try to cash in on Google’s brand. In theory, this rule could cause a problem for someone who blended the ads into the page by making link lists that looked similar to ad units. As long as those links aren’t ads though, and as long as you don’t write “Ads by Goooogle” on them, I doubt if Google would have a problem with them.

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Google AdSense Prohibitions


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