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The Myth Behind Moving On!

Let Go and Let Flow, the greatest myth of all time.

Its easy to say let go and let flow but its actually Difficult to let go not to mention let flow. Regardless of how difficult it appears,it’s an integral part of life.

It’s absolutely impossible to pour new wine in old wine skins. You can’t absolutely expect a great future when you are stuck in an invisible time machine.

You can’t expect to enjoy your relationship with Mercy when you are yet to get over Latasha’s treatment of you.

How can you give your best at this new job when you have not forgiven your old boss for owing you salary?

I know its hard,but can you just try to move on?

As hard as it is for me to share this with you,i hope you learn from it.

I have always been a big gurl.

Although there’s been some kind of up and down movement on the weight graph, more often than not it’s up.

Some years ago I went on an extreme fruit diet and went down to size 13.I was just in between 12 and 14. To maintain my newly found physique, I’d jog every morning and go for long walks every evening. This meant that, rather than take a bike home in the evening, I’d just walk to my house, drenched in sweat.

As long as I engaged in this physical activities, all things were equal.

Sometime last year, two major things happened in my life.I moved to an estate and got accepted to hustle for a postgraduate degree.

Rather than go home after work every day, I have to go to school.

By the time the lecturer leaves by God knows what time pm, I’m so tired, all i can think about is my bed and a nice cold bath.

I also had to kiss my early morning run good bye because of the extreme “mind your business” nature of my new environment.

Me, i can’t afford the risk of running on my own that early.

As a result of all these changes, the weight began to build up and pile up and suddenly here I am at full blown size 18, again.

And my clothes no longer fit.

I spend approximately 30 minutes every time I need to step out, trying and retrying outfits.

Yet, anyone who sees the size of my closet and all the wears in it will wonder why my excuse to outing invitations is “I’ve got nothing to wear”.

After the dress-up drama this morning, I decided to do some auditing.

At this moment i just need to let go of the baggage and then settle down and decide how to go about this situation.

I will sort out the who gets what part, much later.

First things First!

We human beings  generally find it difficult to let go and move on.

Why  HOLD ON to these  HURTS?

Why  HOLD ON to those feelings of GUILT?


Why HOLD ON to past ACCOMPLISHMENTS, at the expense of new ones?

Why would you  rather bear heavy burdens of bitterness than forgive?

Why do you   keep looking back at certain mistakes and  according them power to  define you  negatively?

Why do you keep looking back when you  should be making giant strides?

Why  keep …

The list is endless.

These things keep us from forging ahead and breaking new grounds, taking new cities, receiving inspiration, developing new businesses and doing Bigger things.

When are we going to learn to let go?

Dear fellow human being, It’s time to LET GO and LET FLOW.

Do some spring cleaning.

Let the pain go so you can see new love interests,

Let the trauma go so you can be open to better opportunities.

Stop recreating the past at the expense of the future!

Mrs Lot is a perfect example of who looking back don epp.

I don’t think you want to wear her shoes.

I might not know what you are going through, but i know  life is 10% what happens to you and 90% how you react to it.

Why live if you can’t live fully?

Those burdens and weight will even kill you faster than any disease.

Its your choice to fight against this weight or not.

Choose Wisely!

I’d love to hear from you about letting go and letting flow. Please share your thoughts in the comment section.


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The Myth Behind Moving On!


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