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7 Natural Ways to Cure Common Illnesses

Nowadays, when we feel some pain or have a cold (for example) we are relying on the modern medicine to cure us. But do we actually know what are does medicines really made of? And in spite that we don’t know anything about those pills, we digest them because some doctor said it so. But, there are other ways to battle some milder illnesses. Those ways have been forgotten because of the modern medicine, and some of them sound strange, but they work… In most cases…

These are some of the alternatives to the modern medicines. We tried to gather as much information as possible, and we are hoping that nobody would ever need it, but here we go…

If You Feel Pain in Your Back

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Acupressure – There are special acupressure points just below the waist and above your hips. Gentle Massage of those pressure points would give you a temporary relief of pain.

Alcohol Massage – You can ask someone to massage your back with alcohol. Don’t use too much alcohol…

Oil Massage – To relax your back, ask someone to massage your back with sandalwood oil.

Bend Your Knees – To avoid any possible injuries, try lifting the heavy weight by bending your knees and not your waist. Look how Mountain does that.

Heat and Cold – If you get injured try changing hot and cold packs every 20 minutes.

Homemade Pain Removal – Boil 1 liter of water mixed with 1/4 liter of vinegar. Add 2 Tablespoons of rosemary. After it boils, let it stand for 5 or ten minutes and apply the mixture to the painful area.

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Good Mattress – You must use a good mattress for sleeping. That mattress shouldn’t be too hard or too soft.

Fetal Position – Sleep in the fetal position and place a pillow between your legs. Or if don’t want to sleep in the fetal position, but on your back, place a pillow under your knees.



Cold Pack – Lie down and put a cold pack on the painful area.
Garlic and Honey – Make a mixture of 1 clove of garlic (make it into juice) and 1 tablespoon of honey. That one will help you with the pain.
Potato – Place 2 slices of a potato on the temples and keep them there for 30 minutes.
Tea – Make yourself a peppermint chamomile tea. It can help you with the pain.
Massage – Try to massage your head and make circular motions with your fingertipes.

Nasal Congestion


Inhalation – Boil some eucalyptus leaves in a bowl. Inhale the steam by holding your head over the bowl and taking deep breaths while having a towel over your head. It will get hot, but keep it up, because it will help you.

Inhalation Part 2 – Try the same routine with a mix of bay leaf, sage, and cinnamon.
Honey and Vinegar – Mix a glass of water, 2 tablespoons of apple cider vinegar, and 2 tablespoons of honey. Don’t drink it right away. Let it stand a couple of minutes, and then drink it.
Hot Water – Use this type of inhalation only if you don’t have anything from the above.



Oatmeal – Mix 500g of oats with 1L of water. Boil it and let it cool. Make a compress and apply the mixture on the problematic area.
Brewer’s Yeast – Make a mixture of brewer’s yeast powder and milk (or yogurt, or juice). Minerals and B Vitamins will help you against inflammation, acne and clear your skin. It could also help with other conditions like eczema.
Thyme – The effects of Itching and irritation can be minimized with thyme. Place a bunch of thyme in a bowl, cover it with water and boil. When it’s cooled apply it on the affected area.
Tea Tree – Apply a couple of drops of tea tree on the affected area. You can use some soft sponge, just be gentle.



Oatmeal (again) – If you mix oatmeal with water and lemon, just say “bye bye” to constipation. But it takes time, so you should make that mix a part of your daily routine.
Olive Oil – Get yourself some virgin olive oil and apply it to your belly. Massage in a circular motion.
Stewed Apples – If you have problems with constipation, do not eat apples with skin. Instead, remove the skin, and that should help you. Once you normalize your system, you can eat apples with skin yet again.
Mallow – Drink mallow tea every morning before breakfast. That should help you fight constipation.
Orange and Kiwi Juice – Drinking this juice on empty stomach in the morning should help you.

Cough, Cold, and Flu


Orange Juice – Getting a few extra vitamins can’t do any harm. So make sure to drink an orange juice, every morning with your breakfast.
Eucalyptus – It can help you with coughs and even Bronchitis. Eucalyptus is a natural antiseptic.
Honey and Lemon – This mix is great against cough. Just mix 2 cups of lemon juice and 7 tablespoons of honey. Let it simmer for an hour and a half. After it is cooled down, take 2 tablespoons of that syrup every hour during your first day. On the second day, and every next day, take 1 tablespoon every 3 hours.
Soup – You already know this one. Drink a cup of soup every day to stay healthy.

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7 Natural Ways to Cure Common Illnesses


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