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Ways to make Successful Study Plans for 12th class Board Exam!!

CBSE 12th Class Exam Datasheet has been released and 12th Class Board Exam 2016 are approaching in March. Many students are preparing for the exams .Considering the decisive nature of these exams, its very important to prepare with dedication for these exams. As far are CBSE 12 th class board exams are concerned, students are very passionate while planning for studies. They make charts, tables and diagrammatic figures and paste them on study tables, walls etc. to make them evidently visible. They do that so as to remind themselves to follow the plan they made.

They are all clear about the fact that a planned study can always land them in the desirable zone rather than cramming just a few days before the exam, but there is a need to make sure that the plan is actually followed.

Here, we are sharing with you some of the factors one must always keep in mind while following a study plan.


Know your ability:

Be realistic. In the impression of over estimating from ourselves, we tend to make difficult plan. If the plan is beyond our ability, it becomes all the difficult to follow it. And it rather than easing out the pressure of studies mounts like an extra burden. One must accept the fact that study is an activity which needs a great of energy and high concentration. No one can simply focus on for hours at a time. Its important to give yourself a reality check and give ample time to study a particular topic as per your ability.


Identify your right Time of the Day

People have different bent of mind as far as timings of the day are concerned. Some study best in the morning, before the day turns out to be busy for other activities. If that’s your type, then set your alarm early accordingly so that you can utilize this high-focus time on your studying.Some people study at their best in the night. Without the occupation of mind to do other activities, you can choose to study late at night, if that suits you.

In order to find what time of day is best for you, try experimenting for a week or two.


Choose right Place to Study

Your studying environment can make all the difference when it comes to sticking to your plansWhile you are preparing forcbse board exam 2016 class 12, it is advisable to find a place where:

  • You’re not likely to be interrupted
  • There are no noises.
  • You have enough space to spread out any studying materials that you’re using
  • You’re in a studying mood – so the family den may not be the best place
  • Keep your study material in order and sort the place of studies accordingly. This is important so that you don’t waste your time searching for the stationary, books and study notes required for the topic and subject you are supposed to study for the day as per the plan
  • Don’t leave much room for distraction in the environment you choose to study in.
  • Ensure that you have good source of light and proper ventilation in the room you choose to study.


Identify your right method of studying:You can also try a mix of different learning methods. There are various methods to study. Its important to identify you way of studying and make your learning fruitful while preparing for cbse board exam 2016 class 12

  • Taking notes from books as you’re reading
  • Reading and then writing down notes about what you have learnt.
  • Listening to audio material
  • Watching videos
  • Going to seminars or classes
  • Talking to fellow students about what you’re learning
  • Drawing diagrams or pictures to help you remember or understand a concept


Break the monotony:

In order to remain consistent with your study plan, remain motivated and break the monotony of same schedule by adding a few things here and there. Instead of trying to prepare and study a particular topic all through the week, its better to juggle with other topics try mixing up your plan a little. This will help you remain motivated and fresh all through your preparations.


Element of Flexibility

Be prepared for the unexpected plans to break the schedule you have made for cbse board exam 2016 class 12. It is advisable to make your study schedule with some spare time which can be used when the need be. And this can also be used as Even if your week goes perfectly, you may find that some areas of study simply take longer than you expected – and this buffer time lets you allow for that.


Track Your Progress

Finally, it’s easiest to stick with a plan when you can see that it’s working! There are lots of ways to track your progress: for example, you could tick off study sessions on your calendar

Review the material that you’re learning:Take mock tests, sample papers, a quiz or practice exam from time to time while preparing for cbse board 12th class exams 2016. If you are making constant improvements, you can remind yourself to stick with your studying despite changes in your motivation levels.


Since CBSE Class 12th date sheet has been released, it is advised to all the students to prepare for the exams, keeping in note the above mentioned guidelines to make your study plan more fruitful.

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Ways to make Successful Study Plans for 12th class Board Exam!!


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