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Monorities and Older Women Employment Struggles!

I started this blog because I want to blow the lid off of the well kept secret of work discrimination in Las Vegas!

I have found this to be true whether you are a woman of color or over 40, there is a good chance that you have experienced discrimination when apply for a full time professional job or a showroom convention work. I am so angry, and I want to hear from others that have been a victim of this unjust profiling. 

I am from the East Coast where qualifications gets you the job without sending a picture. Some convention vendors even have the balls to post the complexion and size wanted for their product. Now understand, I can see if you have to wear their clothing line, size would matter. But it seems that they are more concerned about you being a 21 year old, blond, blue eyed sex pot; you can be a bubble head, just look good! Well, if I have learned anything during my five years living in Vegas, it is truly beauty is in the eyes of the beholder! I have had no problem still turning heads in my old age.

When Las Vegas agencies provide a cattle call hiring for convention workers, if you have half of a brain, and can complete a sentence, chances are you will be hired. Just know that you will only be paid $10 to $12 an hour, unlike the direct vendor who pays $100 - $200 a day. I find myself being so heated because I have two resumes. I have modeled in NYC since age 13, and as an adult I have modeled via R & L International for more than 10 years, as well as having performed on Broadway. Besides always being told that I am a beautiful woman, I also have many years as a working professional. This cover's from working with the Federal Government to being in management as a School Director and having top sales skills.

Either of my resumes strike interest immediately, once I have an interview and they find out either I am black or older than they desire, it's all over. With the convention vendors, I get a reply immediately because of my entertainment resume, then comes the request for a picture.....that ends that! I would rather they be upfront and post what they are looking for...or not; than to waste my time.

I have worked many cattle call conventions but only two direct vendor shows. Both shows provided OK pay, but the blonde blue eyed twenty-somethings did not apply due to the pay. Once hired, I exceeded their expectation because that's what maturity gets you. I have no issue being called back to work once they hire me,  but most do not give you a chance. The last job at the World Market Center was amazing. The woman running the show had me on their newest release to pull customers into her showroom to get orders on their larger ticket items. I am sure she was not expecting the promotional item I was working on to be a large selling point. Between my daughter and I, we made this item a big hit for her company. Men of all races and nationalities were coming out the woodwork to try and talk to us, yes the brown ladies that she hired... guess what? She made more than 1000 orders on the promo item we were in charge of. She looked at me when I talked a woman into purchasing an order of 100 for her preferred customers. For the other vendor from Hawaii that had claimed she wanted to hire me, it's her lost for not taking advantage of my sales skills.

At this point, my daughter and I have made a game out of the ads, we both apply to try and pin point if it's age or race. I must say in most cases it's race because my daughter is young and lovely with a BS degree in Psychology and a minor in Sociology. She is working the convention with me while waiting for her state certification as a Behavioral Analyst. Once applying, she begin to notice what I had been telling her about the convention market was true. I find that the professional jobs may have various reasons for not hiring me, one being that having top skills they may not wish to pay the salary. But when you arrive for an interview and several people find a reason to come out to pretend to look for something to really look at you, then you know it's race. Yes, some of us have top skills my dear!

When preparing to relocate to Las Vegas, at my going away party many friends expressed their excitement for me. Because of my acting, singing and modeling experience, most said Vegas is a place you should have always lived because of your talent. Little did we know that it would be such a difference than the companies on the East Coast.

Let's keep in mind that there is very little we can do about the private vendors hiring who they want, but we can expose them to those that may purchase from them....(most older women with money); will spread the word and will hurt them where it hurts...the wallets! You can't hire women of color or older women to represent your product, then we cannot purchase your product!

I will not put the names of the direct vendors that had no issue hiring me, but if you request it, I will privately email them to you. These are the people that deserve our business. One is a lab coat company out of Maryland and the other is a furniture company out of Union NJ. I will be showing ads and emails on my blog of the ass holes to avoid. If you have someone to add to the hall of discrimination, please send me the info. Now do understand, if you do not qualify for a certain job, that's a different story. When I would hire staff, I did not care about your race or age, it was your skills and if I thought you would be a good fit. This blog is to express and expose companies that feel that they can just ignore or think we should dismiss being treated badly because of race and age!   



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Monorities and Older Women Employment Struggles!


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