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100 Days To Change Your Life – The #100dayhabit.

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In this article, I talk about how to change your life in 100 days…

How long does it take to give up smoking? Eat more healthily? Get fit? Be a better parent? Learn to be happy?

The answer is not clear. Partly because everything and everyone is different and partly because it depends upon what you call change.

It has often been said that change happens in an instant and that, of course, has to be true. You give up smoking when you put out your last cigarette. You eat more healthily when you stop buying cakes, biscuits and processed food. You become a better parent when you start engaging with your children more effectively.

You can change your life in an instant but it’s not always as simple as that…

Since having a health scare and having our children, I had put on weight. I had reduced the amount of exercise that I was doing and, in lieu of nights out, my wife and I regularly ate richer food at home as a treat and to make the small amount of time that we had by ourselves special. I partook in more hotel, plane and restaurant food, did less exercise and just generally took my eye off the ball.

Fast forward a few years years and I wasn’t feeling great, so I decided to do something about it. I started to do exercise and eat more healthily and I abstained from junk food… for a few days. And then I would fall off the wagon. And then I would abstain. And then I would fall of the wagon. You get the idea.

I was getting nowhere fast.

The issue at hand was that I had built up bad habits. I had got used to a certain type of behaviour and, even though change happens in an instant, it does not necessarily stick. And if you want to be successful at thing, you need change to stick.

  • Want to be more healthy? Healthy eating and exercise have to stick. They have to become habit.
  • Want to be more professional in your job? Then focusing on constant improvement has to stick. it has to become habit.
  • Want to be a better parent? Then spending quality time every day with your children has to stick. It has to become habit.

It’s not complicated but not complicated does not necessarily make things easy. I don’t lack knowledge or motivation around fitness but that alone does not guarantee my success. And I am sure many of you, whether with business, sales, fitness, healthy eating, relationships, finances, study, or whatever, will have experienced the same…

You know what to do. You have the skills to do it. You want it. You seemingly have the motivation… but it just doesn’t happen or it doesn’t happen consistently.

And that is exactly why I created the #100dayhabit.

The #100dayhabit is a methodology for claiming back your life. For claiming back the life that you could have, the successes that you can have, the results that you want. It is designed to literally help you be more, do more and have more.

The #100dayhabit is a process of committing to your goals for 100 days. Religiously. No excuses. No giving up. No backing down. No surrender.

The #100dayhabit is a commitment to doing what it takes for 100 days to turn the actions that you want in your life into sustainable habits that stick.

The #100dayhabit can help you to change your life.

But the #100dayhabit is not for wimps. It is not for wannabes or dreamers. It is not for drifters and dropouts.

The #100dayhabit is for people that want to make real, sustainable changes in their lives and set themselves on the path to previously unachievable success.

Is that you? Do you want to change your life?

Do you want to be fitter? Slimmer? Healthier? Do you want to build more new business? Negotiate more effectively? Get promoted? Influence more persuasively? Be a better parent? Save more money?

Whether it is one of these things or something else, #100dayhabit will help you to get on track and stay on track.

I am really looking forward to sharing with this you and cannot wait to hear about your personal wins and successes. So, here is the 7 step process.

It’s simple and its powerful and you need to follow every step.

#100DAYHABIT: The 7 Step Process To Achieving More In Your Business & In Your Life.

Decide what you want, define your outcomes and set your goals.

Where does the energy and drive come from to achieve true success? From within. You have to decide what your wants and outcomes are and you have to set your goals. Someone else’s will never be as effective as you, you will never be as motivated by them and they might just be wholly wrong for you.

When I decided to take on my #100dayhabit, I focused on health and fitness. I told everybody what I was doing (see point 5) and I got lots of advice and feedback.

I had people advising me to run half marathons, people telling me to join a gym, people sending me healthy eating plans, people telling me to download apps that count calories and people asking me to join their teams to take part in tough mudders, mountain climbs and log carrying races.

I was genuinely touched at peoples’ kindness and participation but I also needed to stay on track and not get distracted. I don’t want to run marathons nor do I want to wallow in mud. I don’t want to spend hours every day training nor do I want to never experience a piece of beautiful home-baked bread, toasted and dripping in butter and strawberry jam.

No, I want to be fit for life. I want to wake up feeling good. I want to eat healthily and have a healthy body. I am 47 and have two small children (three and one) and I want to be able to run and play with them when I am sixty and they are early teens. I want the stamina to travel the world and give my energetic performances as a motivational speaker. I want the muscle to be able to move well and minimise the metabolic slow down that comes at my age.

And I want all of this to be sustainable… something that I can do now and that I will also be able to do in ten, fifteen and twenty years time. As I said, I want to be fit for life.

You get the idea. What is important for you if you want to change your life is that you set outcomes and goals that you believe in, that are right for you and that you want.

A large part of sticking to a plan is knowing why you want it and reminding yourself of that. My motivation was multiple… You need to know what yours is and keep it firmly in your mind. This is one of the things that will keep you on track when you err.

  1. Commit and tell everyone.What can I say? You have to commit. Not slightly. Not partly. Entirely. With every sinew of your being. True commitment is giving yourself to something with no other options. No back up plans. No way out. Burn your bridges.

    True commitment is putting yourself on the line and saying, “I am going to do that. That is who I am going to be. That is who I am.”

    Ballsy? Yes. Risky? Maybe. The best way to do it? Absolutely.

    Once you decide and commit you need to tell your friends, tell your colleagues and tell the world. Tell someone, tell anyone, tell everyone. The more people that you tell that you’re going to change your life, the better.

    Telling people makes your plan real. Telling people checks your commitment. Telling people makes it impossible (well, hard) for you to give up when the going gets tough. Telling people sends a signal to your unconscious mind that you are serious about the new you.

    With my fitness #100dayhabit I told everyone. I told friends and family. I told clients. I told tens of thousands on my newsletter and far more through my blog and videos. I made it impossible for me to back down. I even made it part of my brand and talked about it in my speeches. Failure was not an option and that is what you need to do in your own way, too.

    I am a big fan of tough love so here’s some… If you are struggling with this step, maybe this is not the right goal for you. Maybe it’s not the right time, maybe it’s not as important as you think, maybe something is getting in your way. If that is the case, then you need work out what is wrong and rectify it before you move on. And if you’re still not sure, then maybe it’s a plan that you just need to drop for the moment…

  2. Focus on the journey.#100dayhabit is all about the journey. It is all about your actions. It is all about who you become as you change. For sure, set yourself a target to win a certain amount of new business or reach a certain weight but what is far more important than that achievement is who you become along the way. #100dayhabit is not about the result, it is about how you change your life.

    If you adopt the behaviours of a fit and healthy person successfully, they can stay with you for a life time and you will reach your target weight (if it was realistic) eventually. Likewise, if you consistently display sales success habits, you will achieve sales success eventually, if you consistently display the behaviours of a good parent you will become one and if you consistently display the behaviours of a committed student you will become one.

    Enjoy the journey. Experience the change. Know that sales, business and life are not defined by one experience. Everyone is wrong in the X-Factor when they say, “This is my last chance.” That’s true only if you want it to be.

  3. Create your action plan.Actions count. Actions are everything. In one of my favourite movie quotes Batman says it, “It’s not who I am underneath. It’s what I do that defines me.” And I could not have said it better nor more menacingly.

    You need to work out what you need to do and you need to schedule it into your days and into your diary. Every day. Every day for 100 days. In the diary.

    No debate, no questions, no excuses.

    I go into companies and they say they want to be better at sales and yet they schedule no time for training, coaching or development. How are they going to achieve that then? Sales osmosis? Magic, pixie dust? Divine intervention?


    The reason most people fail is that they do not consistently do what they need to do to succeed. Period.

    If this thing really is important to you, if you really want to change your life, then you need to commit to your actions, you need a plan.

  4. Take action.Do it. Do it the next day. Do it again. And again. For 100 days. And voila, somewhere along the way it will become what you do. It will become habit.

    And that’s what you want. Once it’s habit, you won’t require as much energy and focus to keep yourself committed to it because it’s just what you do, it’s who you are, it’s how you live.

    But in the meantime, just do it. It’s the easiest of the points but it’s one that many people fall down on. And then…

  5. Review it. Every day.If something is worth doing, it is worth reviewing. Sit down and the end of the day and review what you did. If you know that you’re going to be checking up on yourself at the end of the day, you are far more likely to take action. Make letting yourself down an absolute no no, the ultimate trespass against yourself.

    But, here’s the thing, if you do have a bad day, get over it. Don’t beat yourself up. I had days when I couldn’t be bothered, days when I ate burger and ice cream and days when I didn’t move from the sofa (albeit after late nights with the kids)… and that’s okay. What is critical is that you learn from the experience, forgive yourself, check your motivation, remind yourself of why you’re doing this, set your activities for the next day and redouble your efforts and focus.

    Likewise, if you feel you need to tweak your actions, great. You are demonstrating that you have a brain, that you are flexible and that you are learning from your journey.

    My reasons for doing what I was doing did not change but my approach and my actions did as I learned from my experiences and fine-tuned my actions.

  6. Celebrate & move on.Celebrate your successes both during and at the end of your #100dayhabit. Celebrations and rewards are important. Well done, you have created a new you and a new destiny. You have managed to change your life.

    And, once you’ve celebrated, think about the future. You don’t want to slip back into bad habits so make sure that you remember why you wanted the habit, set yourself goals, keep scheduling time for your actions and have periodic reviews of both your activity and your progress.

I have just completed my #100dayhabit and I feel awesome. I have lost one and a half stone, dropped two trouser sizes and feel full of energy. I can give more in work and play and feel fantastic. And I still have more progress to make but it will be easier now because it’s habit.

So what about you? Do you want to change your life? Or an aspect of your life? Are you in? What do you want? What is your #100dayhabit? What could you do with focusing on? Let me know  either on my Facebook page or by using the #100dayhabit hashtag to share your progress, wins, learns and successes.

I look forward to hearing from you.

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100 Days To Change Your Life – The #100dayhabit.


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