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HotSmart Performance Notifications

 First of all... Please take a look at this:

If you click on the text below you'll find out that HotSmart Plates are "currently unavailable", that is not the case. By the way, I'm Juan the Founder/Owner at HotSmart



Performance notifications

Check this page for information that indicates how you are doing with respect to customer satisfaction.
Action required: Your listing of B001VE1YM2, HRP1W has been closed due to a high rate of negative customer experiences
 View notification header Aug 24, 2017 (a month ago)

 HThis product was NOT Packed Properly to ensure that it would Arrive Undamaged. Very disappointing.ello from Amazon,

Your listing of HRP1W has been closed as the negative customer experience rate of 11.1% (returns, refunds or contacts) on recent orders is considerably higher than similar listings. [similar listings? There are no other plates like HotSmarts in the entire world] Please click on the link below (or copy and paste the link into a browser) for more details. After you have resolved any product or listing issues, you can relist your item immediately without contacting Amazon.

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Product Information
-Product name: HotSmart Hot Gourmet Plates - InstaHot 30 minute Plus (Patented)

Total orders shipped: 27
Total defective orders: 3
Defect rate: 11.1%

Some recent customer comments include:
-It keeps food warm but not piping hot for 30-45 minutes which is important for the user. It is a good product but does not meet his particular needs.
-TITLE: No a REAL FOOD warmer... TEXT: It says place plate in microwave for 1 minute, but.. LINK:
-This product was NOT packed properly to ensure that it would arrive undamaged. Very disappointing.

The comments provided are directly tied to item(s) sourced by your business, but may not have been sold by you if you participate in the manufacturer barcode (commingling) program.

The closing of your listing does not affect your seller performance rating. The action and this alert is to prevent further negative customer experiences and give you the opportunity to address the issue and relist the item(s) yourself.

Thank you for selling on Amazon.

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HotSmart Performance Notifications


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