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All About....Transaction Codes For Filling Setup Tables LO Extractors

Transaction Codes For Filling Setup Tables LO Extractors
Credits: Todor Peev

An overview of Datasources and the programs filling  the relevant setup table (named MC*SETUP). With this handy table you can  find the status of your current job or previous initialization jobs  through SM37.

T-Code         Purpose
OLI1BW       INVCO Stat. Setup: Material Movemts
OLI2BW       INVCO Stat. Setup: Stor. Loc. Stocks
OLI3BW       Reorg.PURCHIS BW Extract Structures
OLI4BW       Reorg. PPIS Extract Structures
OLI4KBW     Initialize Kanban Data
OLI6BW        Recompilation Appl. 06 (Inv. Ver.)
OLI7BW        Reorg. of VIS Extr. Struct.: Order
OLI8BW        Reorg. VIS Extr. Str.: Delivery
OLI9BW        Reorg. VIS Extr. Str.: Invoices
OLIABW       Setup: BW agency business
OLIB             PURCHIS: StatUpdate Header Doc Level
OLID             SIS: Stat. Setup - Sales Activities
OLIE              Statistical Setup - TIS: Shipments
OLIFBW        Reorg. Rep. Manuf. Extr. Structs
OLIGBW       Reconstruct GT: External TC
OLIH             MRP Data Procurement for BW
OLIIBW         Reorg. of PM Info System for BW
OLIKBW        Setup GTM: Position Management
OLILBW        Setup GTM: Position Mngmt w. Network
OLIM             Periodic stock qty - Plant
OLIQBW       QM Infosystem Reorganization for BW
OLISBW       Reorg. of CS Info System for BW
OLIX             Stat. Setup: Copy/Delete Versions
OLIZBW       INVCO Setup: Invoice Verification

Datasource                          Tcode           Program
2LIS_02*                              OLI3BW       RMCENEUA
2LIS_03_BX                         MCNB          RMCBINIT_BW
2LIS_03_BF                         OLI1BW       RMCBNEUA
2LIS_03_UM                        OLIZBW       RMCBNERP
2LIS_04* orders                   OLI4BW       RMCFNEUA
2LIS_04* manufacturing      OLIFBW       RMCFNEUD
2LIS_05*                              OLIQBW      RMCQNEBW
2LIS_08*                              VTBW          VTRBWVTBWNEW
2LIS_08* (COSTS)              VIFBW        VTRBWVIFBW
2LIS_11_V_ITM                   OLI7BW     RMCVNEUA
2LIS_11_VAITM                   OLI7BW     RMCVNEUA
2LIS_11_VAHDR                  OLI7BW     RMCVNEUA
2LIS_12_VCHDR                 OLI8BW     RMCVNEUL
2LIS_12_VCITM                   OLI8BW     RMCVNEUL
2LIS_12_VCSCL                  OLI8BW     RMCVNEUL
2LIS_13_VDHDR                 OLI9BW     RMCVNEUF
2LIS_13_VDITM                   OLI9BW     RMCVNEUF
2LIS_17*                              OLIIBW      RMCINEBW
2LIS_18*                              OLISBW     RMCSNEBW
2LIS_45*                              OLIABW     RMCENEUB

Document update is where the transaction (documents) are updated in the application tables. This update is normally a synchronous update, i.e. if the update does not go through for what ever reason, the complete transaction is rolled back.
Statistical update is the update of statistics for the transaction – like LIS or extractors for BW.
V1 – synchronous update. If the update is set to V1, then all tables are update and if any one fails, all are rolled back. Done for all transaction plus critical statistics like credit management, etc.
V2 – asynchronous update – transactions are updated and statistical updates are done when the processor has free resources. If the statistical update fails, the transaction would have still gone through and these failures have to be addressed separately.
V3 – batch update – statistics are updated using a batch (periodic) job like every hour or end of the day. Failure behavior is same as V2 updates.

Statistical update is also used as to describe the initial setup of the statistical tables for LO/LIS. When old transactions are updated in LO/LIS as a one time exercise, then it is called a statistical update also. Once these tables are upto date will all transactions, then every transaction is updated in them using V1, V2 or V3.

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All About....Transaction Codes For Filling Setup Tables LO Extractors


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