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20 Ideas to Make Extra Money on The Internet

  1. Be a freelance write

If you have no way to write, go to point number two.

But if you have the gift of writing do not waste this opportunity to earn extra Money by writing articles for blogs and websites of people / companies that do not have the time or ability to improve the flow of publications.

To begin with, we suggest you post ads to offer your service or alternatively try to get in touch with companies and bloggers by using the contact form you find on websites and blogs where you feel you can help with posts and get more clicks.

  1. Translate and revise texts

If you speak a language other than Portuguese, use this Knowledge to earn extra money on the Internet. There are several companies that look for collaborators to translate or revise documents.

  1. Sell what you do not use

Surely there are clothes and shoes in your house that you do not use or that no longer suit you. And pieces of furniture and books that no longer interest you. And games that have gone out of style. And pictures that he did not like. The cradle of your son, for example, or those tennis that he bought on impulse and ended up never opening. Or the semi nova dishwasher and that room table that went to the garage … Thanks to the Internet, it is very simple to convert these articles into extra money! Just take some photos, ponder the values ​​they will ask for them and announce them on their own sales sites or on auction sites.

  1. Answer questionnaires

There is no way to write, not dedicated to manual work, sales or thinking … Why not register in market survey sites? As an online contributor, you can respond to questionnaires (as many as possible) and expect your balance to increase in value progressively. In some cases, referring friends may still accumulate small commissions.

  1. Play online

This option is only for those who like to play online, all others please go to the next point.

If we stayed here, we say only that poker, for example, is the most sought after by those who want to have an extra source of income. And it’s been a success!

Just take into account that it is a game and as such, before you start playing for money, you should test your skill and familiarize yourself with the rules in force.

  1. Create a blog

Does the Internet treat you? Do you have an area of ​​activity that you want to promote? A passion you like to share? Create a blog! It is relatively easy for anyone who is knowledgeable about the web environment and requires only commitment and predisposition to achieve and maintain considerable traffic. Which means you have to have the ability to constantly feed your blog with interesting, current and relevant content in order to gain visibility. If all goes well, when you have a sizable number of followers you can perfectly start earning your extra money by inserting advertising, establishing partnerships with companies and integrating affiliate programs.

  1. Craft sales

Whether it’s jewelry or the decorative arts, putting your talent for craftsmanship into practice may come to give you some extra money at the end of the month if you know how to conveniently use the Internet.

If you make necklaces and bracelets, suitcases, clothes, figurines, personalized bibs … that is what kind of crafts you are, enjoy the fact that the Portuguese market is receptive to personalized and exclusive objects and announce your products in every possible way on the web, without forget the social networks and the auction sites.

  1. Create a virtual store

It is not complicated to create a virtual store for physical or even digital products. If you do not have experience in the e-commerce area but feel like experimenting with products to sell, you can buy a full-featured script from a professional online store to sell products on the Internet and get down to business! 

  1. Invest

With the right financial investments, it is now possible to have fairly large incomes. Big enough for some experts in the field to decide to leave their fixed jobs to dedicate themselves exclusively to investments.

But investing is not an easy task like the ones we have listed here, it involves dedication, attention and a continuous study of the value of the investment, the chosen application, the deadlines, risks, etc. In short, you need to be able to invest in the best product and be able to generate money from it. If you do not have experience in the field you should consult with an expert on the subject first.

  1. Amount of China

It is true. Importing from China is now a profitable and easy to carry out business. You just have to have an online site where you can make the purchase. The process is simple: the customers buy through your website and you import from China and send it to their home. You do not need to invest in stock or even receive the product before delivery to make a profit, you just have to register the order and do, so to speak, the resale of the products of China. As for what you are going to sell … the good news is that it is possible to work with almost any industry, including resell in the Free Market, Facebook or simply to friends and acquaintances. Take a shot!

  1. Speak lectures

Lectures are many but not all crowded. If you have the profile indicated, dare to give lectures! Find an original theme, an interesting and innovative idea that you want to share, a knowledge you feel like transmitting and make good money with this activity.

  1. Do direct sales marketing

This is a topic of particular interest to women with ease of communication (but not only).

Ever imagined selling directly to your friends and acquaintances, makeup, creams, perfumes, jewelry? If you have not thought about it, give it some attention now because with the direct sale of some products you have the possibility to earn a few euros more.

  1. Sweet and savory sale

Do you have a way for the kitchen? Does your candy disappear at a glance? Are salty foods often ordered by neighbors? What are you waiting for to monetize this gift with the Internet?

If you already have the recipes of success, just invest in one or another machine that will facilitate and accelerate the production of your delicacies and start selling in your area of ​​residence, for example. This is an activity that has a positive financial result, so go to the kitchen to prepare the patties, the chocolate cake, the chamois, the orange pie and the chicken breast.

  1. Do you own

any material? Do you have deep knowledge about an area? Take advantage of them to earn extra income by providing advice on the subject you master. Advertise your services on the Internet, including through a website or blog and prepare yourself why customers will show up!

  1. Create Digital Courses

Do you have the knowledge to create Digital Courses in any area? Then pack them and sell them.

Producing digital courses is a very smart way to make money since there is no need for stock and physical space. Courses are easily reproduced and delivery can (and should) be done by download.

  1. Advertise on YouTube videos

If you are aware that today the media works a lot with videos and knowledge in the area, explore this market. In the Youtube channel, for example, the video is the king. Take the hint to start recording your videos. If they have quality and originality they are very capable of achieving many visualizations and if they reach about 30 thousand views, you can receive money for it. Youtube offers to monitor the videos and gives the option to place ads in them through a system that generates the number of clicks and how much they yield. The money rendered is in dollars according to the number of clicks. Over time it is possible to have considerable profits.

What are you waiting for to create your channel?

  1. Take photos

We are all capable of taking a picture and even venturing into the wonderful world of selfishness but not all of us take a good photograph. If you have style, knowledge in the area and a good camera, make extra money on the web by selling your pictures in picture banks and receiving a portion of the sale.

  1. Create websites

Do you know how to develop a website? You have the key in hand! Although the competition is great, believe that there is room for one more, especially if you can meet the needs and expectations of your customers.

You can complement the offering with blogging and virtual store services and get your foot in the market for site creation, maintenance and customization.

  1. Test sites

Many website owners need help to spot navigational glitches on their site and are willing to pay for it. If you have the ability to test websites, get started in this business!

  1. Develop games for social networks

The gaming industry has grown dramatically, boosted by the large use of the Internet and social networking. Grow with it!

Take advantage of the proliferation of smartphones and tablets that allow anyone to access social networks anywhere, anytime, and create games for them.

If you have not chosen your business from among one of the proposed solutions, do not despair. There are countless ways to make money on the Internet, you just need to decide what you want to offer or what you have to do, search the web itself and move forward.

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20 Ideas to Make Extra Money on The Internet


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