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Target Marketing-How to do market research

One of the most important things you can do if your running an online Business or you are just about to begin an online business is “Target Marketing”.  And I don’t say this lightly. Target Marketing is what keeps my business going with a continuous flow of new orders and new clients

So with the aid of this article I am going to explain exactly why you should be target marketing and how to do market research.

Why Target Market?

Well first off if you spend a bit of time working out who it is your looking to attract to your business and you build up a picture of what they want and where they are then several things will happen.

1) You will leap frog over 95% of all the people looking to make money online.

2) You will save a huge amount of time and money running your business

3) Your business will not be based on luck but rather on sound judgement.

In a nutshell you will know who you are looking to attract to your business, you will know what they want, you will know what to give them, you will know where to advertise and you will know how to word your adverts.

Can you now see how important it is to do your target marketing. Can you now see how you will save so much time and money and can you now see that your business will not be based on luck or random acts but on cold hard facts.

So lets now look at the steps required for target marketing

1) Who are You Looking to Attract?

Who exactly will be interested in your business. Now I know at first this might seem obvious. If you take my business for example. I help people make a living online and anyone interested in that is part of my target market.

But within that I have identified certain niche markets such as working parents, people moving abroad. And because I have done this I now have a clearer picture of who it is I am looking to attract.

So make sure you now get a clear idea of who you want to attract.

2) What are there Problems

Once you have an idea of your target market and exactly who they are you want to then start finding out what issues or problems these people have. Remember we are building up a complete picture here so that you can use this information to your benefit later.

One of the best ways to discover your target markets problems is to search online forums. Taking me as an example again, I know that one of my targets is working parents so in that case I would Google “working parents forums”.

Now I would see whats being said on these forums, remembering to take notes and slowly you will begin to see a common thread. You will discover what their issues and problems are which is all critical info we can use later.

3) Where do they Hang out

You now want to be asking yourself where do your target markets hang out either online or in the real world. One obvious answer here is they hang out on online forums, we know this because we have just been there.

But where else do they go. For me working parents might go to job sites or parenting websites. Just have a good think about where your target market likes to go.

Now What

OK so you know who your target market is, you know what their problems are and you know where they hang out. But what do you do with all this information.

Well if you now know there problems then you now know what products to offer them as a solution to their problems. You also now know what content they want to read that you can add to your website or blog.

If you also now know where they hang out then you know exactly where to place your adverts promoting your products or content. And when it comes to your adverts because you know lots of information about your target market then you will know exactly how to word your adverts.

You will be able to write a headline that really speaks to your audience and you will be able to fill the body of the ad with compelling words that 100% resonate with your target market.

Its a no Brainer

Can you now see how by spending a bit of time target marketing you can really take your business from just random sales or sign ups and on to calculated regular sales and sign ups.

And remember this article, “Target Marketing-How to do market research” and all its details can be applied to any market/business model you wish, its just a case of getting into action and doing your homework.



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Target Marketing-How to do market research


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