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Leadership And How It Effects Your Income

Most of you here reading this article today will be either in Business for yourself online or contemplating starting a business online. So with this in mind I think its important for me to write an article relating to the merits of leadership and how it effects your income when in business for yourself.

You see, particularly in the online home business market, it does not matter as much as you think as to what kind of product you are selling or what kind of company you are involved with.

Yes of course if the product you are offering is only fit for the bin or the company you represent is famous for treating its associates and customers badly then you are going struggle to do business.

I am talking about the majority of quality products or companies out there that you may be involved with or thinking of joining. And the reason why I say that it does not matter as much as you think is because people for the most part will only buy from someone they trust.

Let me repeat that again “People will only buy from someone they trust” .

A classic example of this is, you can have two people operating in the same business both offering the same quality product but only one of them is having any success. Why is this, yes that’s right, only one of them has gained the trust of the persons they are dealing with.

Who Do We Trust

There are two types of people in this world that we trust.

  • Someone in authority like a policeman or a teacher.
  • A friend.

People in general trust these two types of people and if you can become both, an authoritative friend then bingo, your cash tills will forever be ringing. You see once you have their trust then the barriers are down so that you can build a relationship with them so that they can become comfortable in paying you money. Once you crack this then the whole business of building online businesses and online incomes becomes a hell of a lot easier.

And how does someone gain this trust, how do you get to the point where people are only to happy to buy from you or join up with you “You Become The Leader”  you start to show leadership. Hence the title “Leadership And How It Effects Your Income”.

Becoming The Leader

To become the leader you want to start standing out from all the noise of all the other similar products or services that your competing against. Start offering a slightly different point of view that differentiates yourself from the same old messages that we always see. Remember they may well be offering something better than what you currently do. So going toe to toe in terms of products could well be a be a waste of time.

An example of great leadership is to have a vision that is bigger than the person you are dealing with. You want to make them see that you have a purpose that you have a destination. You have a goal that excites not only you but anyone you come in contact with.

How Does This Work

If your selling products and your vision relates to these products in some shape or form then your customer will see and feel this and realise that in order for them as well to have a great vision like that then they should purchase your products from you. This is a classic advertising strategy.

Another example of great leadership and something which I like to teach people is the 80/20 rule of marketing. You may have seen me talk about this in other articles or caught me relaying it through Facebook or Twitter.

The 80/20 rule in this case is all about you giving value to your customers rather than doing what most other marketers do online which is 80% of the time they try to sell something and if we are lucky 20% of the time they will assist people or give value.

You see this type of Internet Marketer everyday. All they do is bombard you with adverts or messages about how great the product is or how much money you can make with this or that business. The problem here is that people will get so bored of your constant selling to them that eventually they switch off. They lose interest in you and your products and your business. So even when they do give out some value to the customer its a waste of time because no one is listening.

So why not play the game the other way and be in the 1% who understand what it is people are looking for. Give them value 80% of the time and  20% of the time you can sell them something. I guarantee you that you will make more money this way.

What Value Should I Give

So what exactly do I mean by value.

What I am doing here right now is value, I hope. I am giving you quality information that you can use for the benefit of yourself.

There are no strings attached to the value I am giving you, no money is involved. You can do what you like with the information and the only thing it has cost is your time. Now of course my 20% section ( where I make my money) comes from you wanting to know more about me, perhaps reading this website a bit more and deciding you would like to get involved with me so you too can have online businesses.

Do you see where I am going with all this. Whatever line of business you are in or whatever type of service you offer, give your potential clients/customers value, something that relates to what you do and what they are interested in and give this with generosity.

Remember, a leader is not someone who barks orders all day just intimidating people, a leader is someone who can inspire people to greatness. A leader will show by example the way to do it and encourage others to do the same. When you do this you will then understand about leadership and how it effects your income.

This post first appeared on Work Life Balance-Flexible Working, please read the originial post: here

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Leadership And How It Effects Your Income


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