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Earn Money Online Without Investment

Earn Money Online Without Investment (Latest Updated 14-05-2019)

I will tell the ways of how to earn money online without investment. I have been working since 2015 in the field of Content Marketing, Digital Marketing, and Website Designing.

It has been not merely working but every new day I learn new things, new tools, tactics, and strategies.

Earn money online without investment is a learning process through you can invent new things as a means of earning. So it is your dedication, efforts, and perseverance that can bring you the desired results.

To earn money online without investment is not magic and it’s not going to happen unless you put your efforts in it.

Why you have to Earn Money Online without Investment?

Every person needs Money for his own living and expenses.

With the growing inflation rate, you cannot beat the high prices of regular Goods of our daily needs. It is now become important to earn extra income from some outside source to curb these things.

And if you can build the passive income source then you do not have to worry about your daily expenses also.

In our earlier days, it was rarely possible to have a side hustle to earn extra income.

But now due to the advancement of the internet, it is possible that you can earn money online without investment. There has been a huge rise in online jobs without investment opportunities.

You work too hard to earn your living.

But do you think that you earn enough? Does your earning give you satisfaction and freedom to choose life what you want to live for?

I think most of you will answer “NO”!

This is where online jobs come to our help.

How to Build Online jobs with scalable passive income ideas?

I have been working in the IT industry as a consultant. I saw so many people who work hard to earn a decent income while scarifying their time, family, health, wish & desire to leave life freely.

They want to earn but they got bind to their regular jobs.

In this blog article, I have explained every opportunity that will earn money online without investment for you.

But beware of online jobs scammers and frauds, they are scams and you will only lose money by investing in these scams.

An online job is a learning process, you have to learn and start an online business.

Merely your time and efforts are required. This blog will give you free education on how to start a Business and earn money online without investment.

To earn extra income, working on the internet is the best online job opportunity available.

You have to spend 3-4 hours daily on the internet to earn extra income.

Let’s learn something that can give you extra income in the long run. The only way to earn extra income is by investing in you, invest in learning new things.

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So now you are excited to know about what are the proven ways to earn money online without investment.

Best Ways to Make Money Online

#1. Work as A Freelancer

With the advancement of internet lot of companies are providing and outsourcing their high volume jobs to freelancers.

You can earn income as a Freelancer if you can do the jobs in Accounting, Data Entry, Graphic Design, Video, Animation Design, Programming, Tele-calling, Marketing, Personal Assistance, etc.

You have to register on online sites like Freelancer, UpWork, Fiver, etc. to get new clients.

I have written a more detailed article on how to earn extra income as a freelancer here.

#2. Micro Tasks

You can earn money online without investment by doing small jobs or micro-tasks. These jobs can be done in small time from a day or in hours.

You can find micro-tasks or small jobs in a number of websites like Mechanical Turk, Fiver, Freelancer, etc.

#3. Digital Marketing Consultant

If you are having good expertise in Digital Marketing Services, then you can work as a consultant for Companies to offer your digital Marketing Services to prospective clients.

There are a huge number of opportunities in the area of Digital Marketing and Content Marketing. And they are on the rise every day.

Once you establish yourself as the best service provider in digital marketing, then you can gain customers only by word of mouth from one customer to another.

There are a number of services or micro niches in digital marketing like Email marketing, Search Engine Optimization, Paid Ads Marketing, Social Media Management, Online Brand Management, Online PR, etc.

You can read the complete article on Digital Marketing Services to provide for Businesses and Types of Digital Marketing Services You Can Offer to your clients.

You can earn a pretty good income from Rs.50,000 to Rs.1,00,000 by just offering your expert advice as a Digital Marketing Services Consultant.

But you have to learn a lot of skills before jumping into the Services Jobs.

Learn Digital Marketing Course Free Here.

#4. Work As A Blogger

If you have something interesting skill or any expertise that you can write on your website, the Blog. Then you can earn thousands of money online with your blog in various ways.

You can earn money with your blog through advertising someone’s products or services, Google Adsense, Affiliate Marketing or your own products like online training or online digital products.

Here you have to keep in mind when you have to sell some other company’s products then you have to take efforts to tie up with the companies.

You can do it by contacting the Marketing team of the company or another way is to simply register with Advertising companies like Media.Net, Adsense, ShareASale, ClickBank, etc.

These companies have a number of advertisers who want to sell their products.

This is called as Affiliate marketing.

As a blogger, you have a choice to choose the products you want to advertise and monetize your blog.

But this will take time as you have to become an authority in your blog niche.

Learn How to Create Step By Step your First Blog Here.

#5. Start your own SAAS Product Company

You can start your own SAAS (Software As A Service) product company. To start a successful product company you have to keep in mind following things –

You know the pain points of the people.

You are the expert in the area or at least you can hire expert employees to build a product.

You know how to solve the problems and provide solutions with products.

You can manage all functions of your company from the ground up to marketing.

For SAAS Product Company initially you have to put efforts but, a SAAS Product Company is one of the best sources of passive income which can give you a stable source of income for life.

#6. Earn Money Online Without Investment For Students

How to earn money online without investment for students also?

Can you imagine? As a student, who has to focus on studies and college activities. But while doing studies you can do a part-time job by starting an online business.

Students who study at universities can earn money online.

And the most unavoidable part for you is to pay college or university fees, for which you have to depend on your parents. But you can do online jobs. Through which you can earn money online without investment.

A number of ways are available for students to earn money with online jobs or students can offer freelancing work without investment to earn extra income.

Maybe this can be a good experience to build your career in the future.

#7. Freelance writing jobs for Beginners

If you are looking to earn money online without investment for students, then I think freelance writing jobs is the best suitable jobs for students.

If you are a student and looking to earn from home then you can earn through academic and article writing. There are many websites online which provide freelance writing jobs for beginners like Freelancer, Fiverr, Upwork, Guru, etc.

You can earn per article starting from $5 to Few hundred for each article you write. Freelance writing job may include a virtual assistant job or data entry.

You can use an authenticated website to receive payments like Fiverr or Freelancer.

How do you get paid for your services or products? There are a number of websites which offer the online payment platform to send and receive payments nationally and internationally. You can get paid through PayUMoney, Instamojo, Stripe, Payoneer or Paypal for your freelance writing jobs.


#8. Earn money from Amazon online Jobs

Amazon affiliate program or Amazon Associates is one of the best ways to earn money online without investment for students. With Amazon associates, you can make a healthy income as a side business.

But you have to work hard and it requires perseverance. You can do Amazon Online Jobs without investment while continuing your career or studies also.

Now a lot of people are purchasing products online on websites like Amazon, Flipkart, Ebay, etc., are some of the examples.

You can create your own website or blog, promote the products of Amazon and earn money online.

But first of all, you need to have your own website in your niche.

Create the blog posts for relevant product reviews of Amazon products. After creating a website share the website on social media.

Do some niche related keyword research for Search engine optimization or Pay per Click Campaigns.

Visitors visiting on your website will purchase the products and you will earn the commission for each product you sold. Start Earning as an Amazon Associates.

#9. Buy and Sell Domain Names

Buy and Sell Domain Names is one the best side business in which you can earn thousands of dollars.

You know the domain name is a unique name given to your online business.

It is the name which identifies your online business. If the name is unique and relevant to the business then it can give you a pretty nice income by selling Domain Name.

You can book a domain and hold it for some days till your prospective buyer comes and purchase it from you.

As it is just like a physical property you purchase. You purchase a property for lesser cost and then sell it for higher after a few years to gain benefit.

Same as it is in a Domain Name. You can purchase a domain name as a cheaper cost from NameCheap, Godaddy, etc. And Sell it on Godaddy, Flippa, etc websites. You get a number of buyers who are searching for the relevant domain name for their online businesses of these websites.

#10. Earn Money With YouTube

You may be wondering how you can earn money on YouTube. How YouTube can be a good earning source? But as you know YouTube is the world’s largest platform to share Videos to the online communities.

There are hundreds of You Tubers who are earning in Millions Just by uploading quality content on YouTube.

You can read more in a detailed article on How to Earn Money From YouTube here.

You have to create quality videos in your niche or interest area. And upload the videos. As you get more and more views you can monetize your videos to show the YouTube advertisement.

You earn a commission for the YouTube advertisement. You have to register for Google Adsense Account to monetize your Videos.

Create your videos in your interest areas like Cooking Classes, Technical News, Training Tutorials, Interesting and Entertaining, Funny Videos, Music and Song videos, etc. Sign up to Youtube to start earning.

Time to Take Action Now

Friends, there are a number of online job ideas which can give you a better income source.

But you need to take action to start an online business. Select the business from the list of top 25 online Jobs here.

I can help you by providing information and articles about the businesses. But it will be of no use if you do not take action.

You can take your first step to Start your Website or Blog to Start Online Business for Free. And Scale up the website by learning Digital Marketing.

I hope you liked this article, share it for others whom you care.

And if you have new ideas on how to earn money online without investment, you can share in comments.

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Earn Money Online Without Investment


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