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Benefits of Labor Unions in the Workforce

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If you have kids, you probably transport them to and from soccer matches, watch them play with their friends, or watch Disney movies with them on the couch. If today were 1818 – or even 1918 – rather than 2018, your kids would probably be toiling away their youth in a factory, risking their lives instead of having fun. That’s the way America was before there were Labor Unions.

Labor Unions Put an End to Child Labor

The benefits of Labor unions include safe working conditions and fair labor. Thankfully, labor unions have put an end to child labor, wherein young kids were forced to work long hours in dangerous conditions rather than go to school. The labor unions of New England began lobbying for children’s rights in 1832, but it took more than a century before the federal government was on board and implemented labor laws restricting working hours and minimum age for workers.

The benefits of labor unions help enhance the quality of workers’ lives. But what if there were no labor unions? What would America be like without them? We already know that our children would be among the workforce. What else could we be missing out on?

Labor Union Benefits for Union Workers

Weekends & Holidays Are a Benefit of Labor Unions

A benefit of labor unions on family and personal life is the standard 40-hour work week. If labor unions didn’t exist, we probably wouldn’t be able to take a vacation (with or without pay), and we certainly wouldn’t be able to even consider a Saturday off. Because of union strikes in the early 20th century, the Fair Labor Standards Act of 1938 was instituted to regulate hours and ensure time off.

Labor Unions Help Ensure Fair Wages

A major benefit of labor unions for union workers and non-union employees includes fair wages. Without their perseverance, we might not have a minimum wage, overtime pay or paid sick leave. Just by having unions in the picture, Americans see benefits because they’re setting higher wage standards for all workers.

Unions Are Responsible for Fair Health Care Coverage

America may still not have this completely right, but during the 1930s and 1940s, it was the labor unions who fought for employee health care coverage. The benefits offered to millions of Americans by the Affordable Care Act are available because of the negotiations and initiatives of labor unions.

Labor Unions Are Responsible for Social Security & Unemployment Insurance Benefits

Social security is a vital benefit that is available because of labor unions. Union advocates in the early 20th century bargained for a way to protect elderly Americans and those who became unemployed through no fault of their own. Their efforts were crucial in getting the Social Security Act of 1935 to pass through Congress. By creating Social Security and establishing unemployment insurance for all American workers, the Act offers a large variety of benefits to keep keep people out of poverty.

Unions Fought For Safe Working Conditions

Other benefits of labor unions are workplace safety regulations and training programs for union workers in all industries. In addition, unions have been instrumental in putting workers’ compensation insurance in place.

Collective Bargaining Benefits Offered By Labor Unions

A cornerstone of union membership is collective bargaining. Because of it, employees have been able to negotiate for better pay, working conditions and benefits. When it comes to improving working and living standards across the country, collective bargaining is a crucial tool. Without resistance there would be no leverage.

Without labor unions, America would be a much different place – one that does not care about workers’ rights. Labor unions are good for all of us, but members reap the most benefits, from better insurance with lower costs to higher wages to guaranteed pensions.

To learn more about unions and the countless benefits they provide, contact Labor United.

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Benefits of Labor Unions in the Workforce


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